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Post by davewe »

In2dadark wrote:
davewe wrote: 3. I know more expats living in PI that I can count and just as many guys here married to Filipinas. In most cases the girls are smarter than the guys and in nearly all cases the women adjusted better to life in a foreign country (USA) than the guys did to life in PI. Now that doesn't mean that the girls would do better in a special recognition test.
Hopefully I won't get flamed for not posting enough; but I don't see how someone moving from a 3rd world country to the U.S. (still first world but falling) can be compared w/ someone going in the opposite direction (or used as any measure). I think it's normal for it to be an uncomfortable challenge for many. Were the women going in the other direction (first to third, for some unmet emotional or other need) there would likely be much more complaining.
I wasn't referring to who does or does not complain. But certainly a form of intelligence is flexibility. 10 million Filipinos live abroad. I know many Filipinas who moved to the US and very successfully adjusted. I also know a bunch of cranky old American coots who moved to the Philippines and have haven't made the transition at all. Flexibility/changeability is a sign of intelligence - at least of a sort. It's just an interesting factoid when we compare cultures and smarts.

And yes, while it's not a scientific survey, I still maintain that most of the girls I know are brighter (though not as intellectual) than the husbands.

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Post by C.J. »

I'd say westerners and filipinas use just about the same amount of brainpower, with filipinas leaning towards lower intelligence. Then again, this is debatable as westerners have been infinitely stupid since the 70s. No wonder westerners and filipinas mix so well together!

Adjusting to a foreign culture is not a good indicator of IQ or anything associated with intelligence IMO... I'd say that's more to do with our natural ability to adapt to just about anything, which many animals cannot do.

If I give filipinos credit for one thing, it's that they still keep many traditional values most of the world has thrown away, and they do take many with them abroad. But that doesn't mean much when your country collectively bows to satanic values as well.

I don't date or bother with filipinas anymore. They're much too stupid(on a fundamental level), they lie too damn much(I can spot liars pretty quick, but I don't even try with filipinas as they aren't even GOOD AT LYING!), and they change their minds much too quickly. On the other hand, their supernatural stubbornness on irrelevant issues and their simple-mindedness and lack of actual proficiency in normal things got was more tolerable, but still on my nerves. Like they have some permanent retardia, birth defect or something. I suppose race-mixing could do that. They sure are good at f***ing everybody, in one way or another! :lol:
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Post by bladed11 »

what turns me off most about them is all their profiles usually say catholic. wtf why are most catholics. Catholic is such a horrible religion. Maybe you can convince them to leave that church though.
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Post by Raja »

bladed11 wrote:what turns me off most about them is all their profiles usually say catholic. wtf why are most catholics. Catholic is such a horrible religion. Maybe you can convince them to leave that church though.
Even those who no longer self identify as catholic are officially Catholic in government paperwork because of their infant baptism
It is a legacy of Spain being the colonial conqueror and suppressing Islam. And Chinese immigrants converted in mass to be part of their new community and smooth the way with the local women. While there are micro minority of various Protestant sects the other large religious group is Ingelsia ni Cristo and if you have a problem with the Catholic church wait to you get an example of them. Because they are localized to Filipinos only they don't get much press but in action, like not being able to attend a friend's wedding or funeral (even those who did not disobey their parent church as is Catholic doctrine) they are like Jehovah Witnesses.

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Post by Dash »

ChampionKaji wrote:Filipinas are ugly as f**k. I don't see the appeal in them, especially since being white is a ticket to poon in places where there are good-looking girls like China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. If I were not Black I'd be headed to those countries.
This is just pure ignorance. Plenty of attractive women in the Philippines like most countries. And as someone who is white and has lived in South Korea for 2 years there is no ticket to poon. Being a foreigner (even white) is a negative in the eyes of most Korean girls. Ever heard of the term xenophobic? To be honest black guys can get laid easier in the clubs in Korea than white men. Those hip hop Korean girls look on another level slutty.
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Post by Jester »

C.J. wrote:
I don't date or bother with filipinas anymore.
Where are you thinking about these days?
"Well actually, she's not REALLY my daughter. But she does like to call me Daddy... at certain moments..."
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