Russians, gloomy and dark, vs cheery and bubbly Americans

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Russians, gloomy and dark, vs cheery and bubbly Americans

Post by ladislav »

Cold War propaganda from American movies: Dark, sullen Russians, uptight and humorless. Vs. an American, relaxed and swaggering. Always smiling.

Pot meet kettle.

Russians are about as dark and as any other nation on that latitude. Try New Yorkers. Always gloomy, always brooding, long-pissed off faces on buses, subways. Always sarcastic and negative. And if “happy”, it’s cynical happiness.

Pretty dark if you ask me.

However fake smiles are required in customer service. Or when meeting people on an official basis. Or one can see them walking around with a sardonic, smug smile on the face.

That is what makes Americans non-dark. Fake grins. Something that the Russians ( and also the Finns, the Swedes, the Norwegians) do not have.

Same in New England states, Michigan, etc. Mean, quiet, reserved faces. But fake smiles in customer service.

French Canada. Montreal. Quebec City. Again, sad, sullen faces on buses, subway, walking down the street. No smiles even in customer service.

Korea, Japan. Dark, upset, reserved faces. Mean mugs. But same fake grins if you need something as a customer.

But for some reason, it’s the Russians that are dark, and all these others are “ light”.

Russian writers are dark, supposedly. How about US writers and movies? Violence, horror, crime. Nothing different, really. Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, etc.

But for propaganda purposes, in the movies, a Russian is mean and pissed off, but an Americano is always bubbly and joking and so relaxed!

But an average American is just as mean and dark if he lives in the same climatic zone. Except that he puts on a fake smile, while a Russian does not.
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Re: Russians, gloomy and dark, vs cheery and bubbly Americans

Post by Formafist »

Quebec is part of America since when?

The American city of Canada is Toronto.

Toronto is where dreams are broken, there's nothing a man can do, except LEAVE.
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