Why people would want to move to Russia

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Why people would want to move to Russia

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This was my answer to this question on Quora:

( I remember once Obama was saying that millions want to come to America, but apparently, no people want to move to Russia. This was false as Russia is ( or was)one of the biggest recipients of immigrants in the world, arguably second after the US. The nuance here was that most such immigrants were workers from Central Asia- Tajiks, Uzbeks, Turkmen, as well as Caucasus people, such as Armenians, Azeris, etc. But then, if you look at who the bulk of who US immigrants are, it will be the same thing: mainly workers from Mexico and Central America. So, six of one, half a dozen of the other)

So, my answer was basically like this:

Now, it is not a good time with Putin in power and the country at war with Ukraine, with the FSB arresting anybody they suspect and Russia having been placed under severe sanctions by the West. As a foreigner, one is not %100 safe there now. Plus, their economy is being crippled and there are fewer and fewer opportunities for business, more corruption and just more chaos coming.

However, when the situation was stable ( and hopefully will become stable) and Russia was semi democratic ( and hopefully will be democratic again) the reasons were as many as there were people to go there. Everyone who went there thought it would give them something their own country was not giving. But the major reasons were these:

Many workers from Central Asian countries went there to make money in construction and other blue collar jobs.
Western people were moving there for more traditional values, better food and to run away from the politically correct multiculturalism of the West. Some even went there to escape racism, believe it or not. Black Americans and Black Brazilians often found that Russia was less racist ( particularly outside of big cities) than their own countries and that they were being treated better by the locals and had a higher status than back home. They also found less government interference in their daily lives ( as long as they did not do anything political or religion-wise, such as promotion of Jehova Witnesses or homosexuality). Usually, there are fewer regulations on just normal daily activities.
Many men went there to find better looking and more loving potential wives and\ or traditional romance.
Many also went there because international companies offered positions there or there was some business that they could do there. Some found that the real estate was cheaper.
Some went there as students because Russia has lower tuition than other countries and it has some excellent majors to study.
And some were just aficionados of the Russian culture, literature, etc. and they just liked living in that culture.

But all of this is on hold, and one would be a fool to go there now. This might not improve for decades. Also, your wife will have problems traveling with a Russian passport and be treated as a leper in many countries and at embassies.

f you like Russia as a culture, you might tweak your plans and go to a ´´similar´´ country, such as Ukraine ( after the war is over), the Baltics or Kazakhstan. Belarus is too much of a Russian ally for there to be safe for you. You may even go to the Transcarpathian Ukraine where there are no bombs ( yet) and where you can easily cross the border into the EU. And the Baltics are already in the EU and almost half the population speaks Russian. You can also get similar food and a ´´somewhat´´ similar culture.
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Re: Why people would want to move to Russia

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With America's HIMARS and other weapons putting Russians into body bags, I could definitely a lot of resentment there against Americans. I for one got out of St. Pete not long after the war started.
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