My good reasons to leave France or avoid going there

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Re: My good reasons to leave France or avoid going there

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OutcastedPhilosopher wrote:
June 4th, 2022, 7:27 am
WanderingProtagonist wrote:
June 4th, 2022, 7:06 am
OutcastedPhilosopher wrote:
June 3rd, 2022, 3:56 pm
Mew6ix wrote:
June 3rd, 2022, 11:51 am
Americanization is taking over the globe. Those French chicks weren't like this ten years ago. They have gotten far worse.
The French chicks in the USA that I meant were rather disgusting and really bought into the American way. I know one that got married to a POS guy that I knew. She was a mudshark which was quite disgusting really.
You know me being black myself and everything, I can never mess around with White Americans or even European women. They do all that mudsharking stuff for fetish reasons. But I can guarantee you that if white males disappeared entirely and they were left with nothing but black males. They would be crying about it. Black men will only f**k them, but they aren't going to build society in a way to make it comfortable and easy for their asses. They won't even do that for black women instead they abandon them so they get stuck on their own. Some will stick around but for the most part 89% of the black men in this world don't care about making life easy or comfortable for anyone, not even for themselves. That's why you have entire places like Chicago with black Mayors and the blacks outnumbering everyone else.

Yet they still live like hell. If you took them and put them in suburban neighborhoods where they can live in nicer communities they will simply bring the hood right to the suburbs and transform it into another ghetto. Especially if you brought a bunch of them into one area and housed them there. All those low income neighborhoods in the U.S. weren't always shitty looking, they became that way because a lot of the people created those conditions within their communities. You have to wonder why in a country like America why are there so many gangs of all ethicities including Asian ones. Asians don't need gangs, but when they move here to the States, some of those young men form gangs just because they see everybody else doing it. The difference however, the Latino and Black gangs are going to make life hell for your ass since they outnumber everyone else.
Well, you said it better than I could and you are black lol. You must be a rare breed to be able to say that because most of the time all I hear is how everybody is holding the black man down and being racist and stuff.

Yeah, it seems like there is a minority of white women that are just straight up mudsharks and ghetto for whatever reason....the ones I have met are typically not right in the mind, fatties, or they just get run through by everyone and don't care who bangs them out. I do know a few in particular that it seemed to just be a fetish thing but these were trashy types with tats and a very promiscuous demeanor in that they would screw any dude who had something going for him like having a car lol. In a lot of cases it seems no white guy wants them and so they go with the black dudes or if the black dude is an athlete with a lot of money that attracts the most vicious white women who will later on divorce them once they get injured or the career is over and the money isn't coming in. A lot of these dudes get played out by these women which is sad on one hand but on the other hand they think they won and hold it over on everyone else that they got a white chick only to later on get massively screwed. I think Michael Strahans wife divorced him and she gets like 50,000 a month or something ridiculous and this guy has to work as an announcer on NFL Fox LOL.....a lot of these guys have to declare bankruptcy and everything. I think one of the biggest ones was Tiger Woods and his wife the nordic model....I think she got a settlement of like 100 million dollars. I think Terrell Owens had to declare bankruptcy because he had like 4 kids with 4 women and couldn't afford the child support payments lol. Imagine making millions of dollars and having it gobbled up by all these women. These guys really aren't all that bright.
I will never understand black male celebrities....Eddie Murphy also had a lot of kids I think, so did Easy Z...All of them tend to have a lot of them. Some are careful enough but they still have made other garbage decisions like Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, etc. Crazy.
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