The Dangers Of Dating A Chinese Girl

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The Dangers Of Dating A Chinese Girl

Post by Taco »

Chinese/western relationships are reported to have a lower long term success rate.

The Dangers Of Dating A Chinese Girl

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Post by kai1275 »

Um your sentence is misleading.... The video is about an American guy that was dating a Chinese girl, whose father was some high ranking Chinese Communist Party Official involved with Aerospace.... he was lucky he got out of that bad situation without getting killed. Like the top rated comment on that video link says, "NEVER date the daughters or women ranked high in the CCP!!!" Even some Chinese men would not have dated that girl unless they were CCP party members. That is just asking for really bad trouble. In fact I bet that if he tried to marry her with a K1 visa, the US embassy probably would have looked at her father's position as a possible issue.

There is a huge difference between a regular CCP member that is forced to join to party just for work reasons, like being a police officer, or other low level bureaucrat office worker, and being a full blown CCP member with high rankings.

It's pretty rare to run into a woman like this, but I will put this information in my guide as well.
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