Charles Barkley supports acquittal and calls Ferguson rioter

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Charles Barkley supports acquittal and calls Ferguson rioter

Post by steve55 »

'Those aren't black people, those are scumbags': Charles Barkley reveals what he thinks of Ferguson rioters as he reveals support for grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson

Read more: ... z3Kkh6MTed

PS- many Famous blacks agree with Sir Charles and say they are embarrassed to see the media mix the rioters in with all blacks in general. It's nice to see many blacks looking at the grand jury evidence rather than jumping to slanted points of views. And day after day I'm seeing more authoritative black commentators kind of turning on the black community saying there is a trend of blacks destroying their own communities becuase of this protesting and rioting and not only in the ferguson case.

How foolish does all this "hands up" bullshit make the Rams' players look? There never was a hands up moment. Yet you still have all this nonsense protests across the country, and for what? I think there's HUGE discontent among the black poor who are economically frustrated just looking for a reason to protest or riot.

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Re: Charles Barkley supports acquittal and calls Ferguson ri

Post by MarcosZeitola »

Pharell Williams made a similar statement regarding Ferguson. I am glad to see not all blacks operate as one hivemind with a mob mentality and there's still a few prominent ones who not only think for themselves but also have the balls to come forward and speak their minds. Well done, Mr. Barkley!
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Re: Charles Barkley supports acquittal and calls Ferguson ri

Post by The »

I absolutely agree with Barkley for speaking his mind.....
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