Why Asian women get mad at Asian/Half Asian males dating

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Why Asian women get mad at Asian/Half Asian males dating

Post by zboy1 »

Why Asian women get so mad at Asian / Half Asian males dating out


Tima Talks Ep 3: I Made an Asian Girl Mad


I got the same negative reaction from Asian woman when I dated a White girl in High School. Even in China, when I briefly dated a Black chick, Chinese woman would often glare at me, but Asian woman 'date out' the most out of all the races, so I find it ironic.

Have any of you Asian guys who dated interracially, received similar reactions as in the videos? I'd like to know.

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Re: Why Asian women get mad at Asian/Half Asian males dating

Post by chanta76 »

Never really dated inter-racial but I knew Asian guys who did but they don't care what Asian women think. They just do their own thing.

But I do remember one time I was in a club years ago. My friend wanted to approach this attractive Spanish girl. I had to wing him and talk to her friend who was also Spanish. I remember vividly there was a group of Asian girls near by. They notice us talking to the spanish girls and gave us dirty looks. It's like "you suppose talk to us not them."
It is ironic because Asian women will tell Asian men that Asian men are not entitled to Asian women so therefore Asian female can date whoever they want but if there was equal level of Asian men dating out ..there be an outcry.

It comes down to being selfish and ego..people just want their cake too.
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