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Jester wrote:LOL American Blacks may be due some reparations...
But 300-400 years? No. Being enslaved was no doubt an awful experience. But living as a slave for decades or a century does not add up to 400 years.

And at some point - not right away - at some point, Blacks were indeed better off as Cornfed said. That has to be taken nto account. Check out info on Mt. Vernon. Washington's slaves had houses, skills, side businesses, etc. Bad, but not genocidal. Kind of like Soviet Union I suppose. Decades of hardship, but not as bad from 1970's on.

And reparations from whom? Blacks were ensleved by Arabs and Black Africans, transported by Spaniards, Portugese and English. Why not ask reparations from Nigeria and Ghana?

It's a tough issue. IMO Blacks have suffered unjustly more due to misplaced Southern anger at "Reconstruction", and at decay of Black businesses and families due to "integration" and due to "Great Society". Before these things, Blacks had more business owners, and decent neighborhoods. No? Ask some old folks.

No other Western Hemisphere country has had all this race drama. I'm not saying nothing is due. I'm saying that White-blaming is shallow.

Cornfed I think is referring to compensation for crime committted by Blacks. That's another topic.

He was referring to crimes committed by Blacks which are tiny compared to crimes being still committed by financial elites (16 Trillion and counting).

I am fully aware of the society and community we had to make ourselves because we were not allowed to be apart of the mainstream community. Slavery in America does not go beyond 300 years you are correct but I am not mad at Brazil or Colombia I don't live in this countries and they have their own demons to deal with and started slavery before America, total time is closer to 500 from the Africa to the "new world".

Its not a hard subject, its only a hard subject to make Whites understand that they do have some responsibility for cities burned (Black Wall St), the wealth stolen, land stolen (of my great grandfather), the delusion of the gene pool which resulted mostly from rape and the continued blinders on believing they are victims of racism.

This is why the Government has to do this and not be left to the "people" to decide because if it was up to most of America Slavery would still be legal in some states. Just as after Slavery ended, Jim Crow was installed. After Jim Crow the signs were removed but largely the infrastructure has been in place since 1957 and not removed.

I never said Black America does not have its own issues to deal with, that is paltry compared to the crimes committed constantly against Black males especially by law enforcement.

As I said these subjects comes out of ignorance, lack of understanding and complete indifference by most Whites.
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