Angry tranny beats up guy who wont' pay

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Angry tranny beats up guy who wont' pay

Post by Banano »

Woke up at 8am this morning just in time to hear this happening outside my bedroom window. Missed filming the first 30 seconds or so. The taxi pulled up right after it began ( I think the passenger from the taxi in the Falcons hoodie thought it was a chick getting beaten up at first). After this, his/her customer tried to get money from the ATM but obviously had none, so the tranny took off with his phone. The police cruised by a few minutes later, but everyone had gone by then.
Don't know where it started, haven't seen any hookers up this end of town before. A very entertaining start to the day!
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Post by anamericaninbangkok »

This guy fighting the tranny was a p***y, plain and simple. He's got the thing standing in front of him, with his hands down, and he didn't throw a bomb to KO it's ass. Unreal.
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