The real meaning of Matthew 5:32's exception clause.

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The real meaning of Matthew 5:32's exception clause.

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Anyone who has read the Sermon on the Mount which is described in the book of Matthew has, I am sure, saw where Jesus said; "But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife except for fornication/sexual immorality causes her to become an adulteress, and anyone who marries the divorced woman commits adultery."

Basically what Jesus meant is; if you marry a woman and later on, you learn that she is divorced from another man who was never previously married, and she was never previously married before marrying the previous man, then you can divorce her. To put it more simple, a man who has never been previously married before who marries a woman who was also never previously married before, they form what I will call an original marriage. So in other words, if your spouse or whom you are married to by the law of the land is divorced from another person and the previous marriage was an original marriage, only then is divorce permissible. This goes for men who are divorced from an original marriage. A man can also marry someone else after a divorce if the woman who is divorcing him was in a previous marriage which was an original marriage, but he was not. Basically, if this was the first marriage for the man, but the second marriage for the woman and the woman's previous marriage was original (aka before that marriage, she was never married before and the husband she divorced was also never married before), then the man (the second man she married and then divorced) can marry someone else after the divorce.

But for all couples, if you are married and your marriage is an original marriage (aka either both the man and the woman have never been previously married before, or any previous marriage for one or both spouses was one in which the other spouse was divorced from an original marriage), divorcing and marrying someone else is adultery.
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