Wayne Dyer Exposed - A Critical Perspective on him

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Re: Wayne Dyer Exposed - A Critical Perspective on him

Post by Tiffanyauman »

This thread is ridiculous. If you practiced the concepts that Wayne teaches, you will understand the WHY to many of your complaints. I am 9 years on my journey, & still going. I've come a long way, but not enlightened yet.

We are on Earth, & are HUMAN, which means we are imperfect. That is the way it is meant to be for the unfolding of our lives to contribute to the evolution of our souls. Marriage isn't meant to be forever, and Jesus wasn't anything more than a man who figured and practiced the concepts that Wayne teaches -but Jesus perfected it, that's the difference.

& if you have nothing better to do than sit around and complain about a man who has positively impacted MILLIONS of people's lives -that's your proof for where you are on the evolutionary skill (here's a clue -somewhere more evolved that religious bigots, but far below spiritual teachers & leaders). Here's an idea -examine your own life and look at everyone and everything around you as clues to the reflection in the mirror. The whole world, your partner, your friends, your career -it's all showing you something about yourself.
And your complaints about Wayne Dyer clearly show me that you are all disatisfied with yourselves and your lives, thus you turn to picking apart a man who has everything you wish you had.
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Re: Wayne Dyer Exposed - A Critical Perspective on him

Post by axis_mundi »

I met Wayne at one of his last conventions in Hawaii. The entire experience was a disappointment on many levels. I was able to witness up front and personal who Wayne wanted people to see, and who he really was. I wasn't surprised by his insecurity and highbrow empty messages he touted as his own and were blatantly lifted from others. I was disgusted by his need and actions in controlling the entire convention, almost down to the minute, with who spoke, when they spoke, and worse, what they spoke about. He spoke empty words 75% of the time, and the others spoke only a Total of 20%, the other 5% was his kid singing and for meditation.

The convention, through Hay House, was advertised as the main speaker being Anita Moorjani. She was only a side show for Wayne, along with the other "main speaker, "Immaculee Ilibagiza." It was a waste of my time, four days travel, and money, over $5,000. I sat through Wayne talking non-stop about HIMSELF, and HIS LIFE, money, travel, sick name dropping and what OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING. He had zero self to share, except his "story" of finding love through accepting his dad leaving him and his family. He never healed from this trauma as evident in how he treated people disrespecting them, wanting to shock and humiliate strangers who had to serve him in restaurants!

Wayne laughed heartedly telling story after story of these poor people, waiters and waitresses, and how they would turn bright red, stammer and be humiliated... because when asking diners if they wanted coffee, Wayne would say yes, up his ass! Laughing because he bragged he did coffee enemas for pain relief. (A legitimate health aide that works, I know first hand the pain relief offered.) But strangers had no clue what he was talking about and would of course be put off, and even rightly embarrassed. Usually young adults or teens. This is in no way enlightened. It is abusive and purposely wanting to lower another person's energy in order to appear higher. The actions of someone in pain and insecure.

And his entire SHOW was peppered with gross, insulting SEX TALK and REFERENCES. I would believe he was in the closet, and his divorce was a way for him to remain hetero, and also free to indulge on the down low. I know a few men like this. His language and need to speak in derogatory terms regarding sex is indicative of deep issues, especially against women. Nasty, juvenile behaviour especially spoken in what should have been a safe, spiritual uplifting PROFESSIONAL environment. It was none of those.

So many things about Wayne were evident of his insecurities, and anger. He wasn't kind, or nice. He was exploitive, using his children and others to give substance and credence to what he was selling.... a feeling. Nothing other than "I have something to offer you that MAY work, but it sounds good, so it must be good." He found his niche, as the salesman selling his body of work (book) he took from others, from the trunk of his car, to selling from the trunk of the tv.... He made a profit selling feelings and dreams.

And as far as how Chopra has been successful. He has the entire Indian-born Americans AND Indian born people's ready to break free from conventional teachings. He hit his own cash cow system. This is how commerce works, finding a need in the masses, and meeting the need, especially if you don't really have everything invested Morally.
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Re: Wayne Dyer Exposed - A Critical Perspective on him

Post by jamesbond »

Wayne Dyer has been selling his books and CD's on TV for decades and made millions of dollars doing so. He died in 2015 at the age of 75 of a heart attack. He talks about the importance of marriage and how divorce is almost never a good idea and yet he was married and divorced 3 times. His third marriage lasted 20 years, he had 5 kids with his third wife and one child with his first wife.
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Re: Wayne Dyer Exposed - A Critical Perspective on him

Post by Winston »

@Tiffanyauman , @Roady , @Postup70 , @axis_mundi

Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike Wayne Dyer. He was what he was. Sure he was a likable man with a charming personality and inspiring voice who spoke very well, and packaged new age ideas well too. And I liked some of his sayings and teachings.

But he spoke some obvious BS too. And he takes a lot of quotes out of context when he's citing great mystics or sages. That's a bit dishonest.

For example, when he cites Buddha or Lao Tzu, he makes it sound as if they support the new age law of attraction, aka "the secret", which is not true at all. Buddha never said that thoughts have unlimited power and that the universe is a cosmic vending machine where you can manifest whatever you want as though you were god yourself. Neither did Lao Tzu say that. To misquote them is dishonest. Yet Dr. Dyer did that frequently. Watch his lectures and you will see that. He doesn't understand Eastern religion that well, not like Deepak Chopra does, that's why Chopra didn't misquote Eastern mystics the way that Dyer did sloppily.

Why can't we point such errors out? Every man, no matter how good he is, has false beliefs and is wrong about something. There's nothing wrong with point that out. No one is perfect. Just because you follow someone or are a fan of someone doesn't mean you have to agree with everything they say. That's a fallacy, that if one follows a guru then he must agree with him on everything. Not so. I follow some spiritual teachers too, but I don't always agree with everything they said.

You gotta understand that new age is NOT total truth that is unassailable. Like Christianity, it is a mix of truth and lies and contains many exaggerations which could be dangerous if taken too literally. Like religion, most of new age should be taken metaphorically, not literally and not to the extreme.

So no, new age is not some perfect belief system that makes sense and contains no lies or BS. It certainly does. And the sad thing is that you new agers lack any critical thinking ability and never apply any critical thinking at all to your own beliefs. In that sense, you are no better than Christians and Atheists who never apply critical thinking to their own beliefs either. All three of you groups are like that, very hive minded, never applying any skepticism to the doctrines of your movement

That's my beef with you guys, even though I agree with some New Age teachings. Sure it has some value, but so does religion. But it contains a lot of things that are easily disproven with basic logic. Yet new agers are too blind to see this.
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