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HELP: Need Letter of Invitation for Russia

Discuss international visas, immigration and citizenship issues.

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Re: HELP: Letter of Invitation

Post by yick »

Winston wrote:
yick wrote:Have you thought of approaching a girls orphanage for a visa invitation you nasty paedophilic scrote.

The last thing Russia needs is you, not that I believe for one minute you have bought an airline ticket to Russia without knowing anything about getting a visa. No-one does that you f***ing dream merchant. :roll:
Yick please stop calling him the P word. He is tired of it and has reported your post. Please no more name calling. You will receive a warning for this on your account. Free speech does not mean that slanderous names are allowed. Thanks.

Voyager1 will also receive a warning too.
Sorry boss, I won't call tsar a paedophile anymore.

In other news, my sister sent away for one of those DNA kits on website and it came back as I am mostly of Irish, Spanish, Native American with strands of African and Chinese - I don't know where the Irish comes from, the old man was Welsh... :? I think African was at 6% so I do have some soul in there! :D

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Re: HELP: Need Letter of Invitation for Russia

Post by Tsar »

yick wrote:
Voyager1 wrote:That's a celebrity with a lot of money. You on the other hand have nothing except debt.
LOL is right. Doug Hutchinson doesn't have a lot of money. He has a best estimate of $3 million dollars. So if you think that's a lot of money and he married an American girl, and considering a good portion of most American's net worth are tied up in their homes then he's just average by American standards especially since they live in California or something. They could live out the rest of their lives on that but in the end their not elite and that's not a lot of money in the 21st Century. Go back to 1970 and it would be a good fortune but not anymore. Any American with a six-figure salary and the right investments could get $3,000,000 in ten years. Most people on Wall Street (Jews) earn that in five or six. So he's in his mid-fifties now and has $3,000,000. Not anything special. He was teaching acting classes over the internet which is how he met his teenage wife.

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Re: HELP: Need Letter of Invitation for Russia

Post by Kradmelder »

Winston wrote:Btw Tsar, please don't call anyone here a nigger either, not even a black person. It's derogatory. We have black members here and deserve to be treated with tact too. Be considerate of others too, especially if they are innocent.
You don't have any niggers on here. You just have contra and Iraq vet who are black. Neither one of them are niggers as both seem well educated with good jobs.

It seems you also have yick at 6% :lol: that makes 2.06 blacks.

Hope I haven't missed a nigger in the wood pile :lol:

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Re: HELP: Need Letter of Invitation for Russia

Post by chomommablack »

I think it's hilarious you need an invitation letter to go to a country in which has virtually no tourism apart from the former Soviet bloc????

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