Hawaii, the good, bad and ugly

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Hawaii, the good, bad and ugly

Post by cheesesweat »

Hawaii-the good the bad and the ugly. For those that haven't been to Hawaii or have only vacationed there it is probably a little different than you would imagine. For starters, Hawaii may be a state; but many people here, mostly non-white, do not really think of it things that way. Hawaii was basically taken by the United States under force and against the will of the Hawaiian people(so they claim). I happen to agree with this version of history, although some do not. It didn't take much, 30 or so marines, to get the island nation under the control of the U.S. Now from what I've heard, although I'm not old enough to have been there at the time, rich white business men, plantation owners, and others basically dominated the Hawaiians and imposed their culture, language etc. on the Hawaiians. Hawaiians were basically second class citizens, not quite slaves but on the bottom of the totem pole, the Asians immigrants who came to work in the plantations were higher up on the food chain but not much. Hawaiian language and Hula were banned as well as other things. I do think this tends to to be pretty accurate. Fast forward to the 90s and early 2000s Hawaiians still had a shitload of resentment.

Now I do partly understand and partly do not not because it was long before I was born that things were like that. Anyway, back then if you were white you got the "F**king haole" treatment quite a bit. Some got it bad, others really bad, and some not so much. A lot of it depended on the area you lived in and where you went to school. For those that don't know, "haole" is basically the N word for whites. It basically means "no soul" or "without breath." If you were white back you almost definitely got discriminated against. Usually it was with hate vibes and sometimes words and violence. Hawaiians are DAMN pros at sending out the hate vibes. Go to a local Hawaiian establishment, and the stares and hate emanating off of them tells you everything you need to know about how they fell about you. Lots of white kids in public school got bullied BAD and beat up regularly. It was pretty shitty back then for a lot of whites. Still the 90s was the best time in my life though.

Now fast forward to 2019 and the past several years, and things have improved DRAMATICALLY believe it or not. I would say most Hawaiians are pretty chill now towards whites, and many are even super friendly and fantastic to be around. It certainly is not all of them. There's still PLENTY of the butthurt ones that teach their kids to hate whitey. But most of those kinds of guys keep it to themselves now. Things in Hawaii have become very business oriented and work oriented and for those that don't like to work, pot and surfing oriented.

Since I've already slammed my own race(Caucasian) in my last post I have no problem with criticizing some of the things I don't like about Hawaiians. But first I'm going to say what I do like about them.
Pros-Hawaiians are a lot more genuine than white people when greeting and chatting. Usually if a Braddah gives you a smile he means it. Whereas a smile from white Americans usually doesn't mean jack shit.
-Hawaiians are way more down to earth than white people. Having a nice Bar B Que with Hawaiians can be super chill.(if they accept you) Not hyper analytical and judgmental and fake like many white Americans can be.
-They can be pretty funny sometimes. At least I think so. They definitely have a different kind of humor than most Americans.
-They can be generous and damn good neighbors. Lots of fun if they accept you and chill, down to earth. They'll come outside their house with a belly hanging out, no t-shirt, slippers(flip flops) and give you a nice warm greeting.

The negatives-A lot of Hawaiians are honestly just low lives. Hawaiian areas are notorious for crime, drugs, domestic violence and usually dumpy looking neighborhoods.
Hawaiians have a big drug problem. They love ice(crystal meth), pot and probably other drugs but crystal meth is the biggest problem.
Lots of Hawaiians have an unnecessary victim complex, and can be pretty big whiners about America and their lot in life. Now, they are getting squeezed out as tons of people from the mainland Asia and other pacific islands are the dominant population by far so it is kind of understandable.
-Many are anti-American and want their sovereignty back. I actually don't have a problem with that, but they probably don't know what they are asking for. Hawaii would probably become more poor than Micronesia if they ever got their sovereignty back , and I I doubt they would like it as much as they think they would.
-Hawaiians are pretty good at over inflating their culture. The Truth is that under the Kapu system(Basically Hawaiian law under their pagan and superstitious beliefs) things weren't some kind of utopia. A woman could have her eyeballs scooped out for eating forbidden fruits. People were sacrificed to Pele(Hawaiian volcano god) and people could be killed for even walking in the shadow of the chief. They had cities of refuge where if someone offended the chief or broke some kind of dumb superstitious law the chief would run chase them all over the damn island until they found this city of refuge.
Hawaiians still maintain a lot of these dumb superstitions. One being that you'll get cursed of driving the Pali Highway with pork in you car. Or that Kim Kardashians is going to get cursed for naming her lotion "Pele's Curse." They also whine about her culturally appropriating.(Something the white libtards taught them.)
Hawaiians are pretty die hard demotards. This state is deep blue, and that's why downtown looks like another demotard run craphole.
-Many Hawaiians are willingly ignorant. And I do mean WILLINGLY ignorant. For whites or even non whites that wish to speak on world history, philosophy or anything deeper than cars, football, surfing, work etc.. You'll be shit out of luck 99% of the time. Speaking like you are an intelligent person is basically laughed at and rejected by Hawaiians. That's "Haole talk" even though that's not the case if you've ever been to Asia.

If you think that I hate Hawaiian people judging by these negative comments I've made that's not the case. The over whelming majority of the time I have no issues and life is basically just work, pay the bills etc.. and things are fine. So no need to get pissy if you're Hawaiian and happen to read this one day. Take it as constructive criticism.

The other races? I should have made this distinction before, but every island is different in terms of its racial make up. Oahu is a the main island with the most people.(The one I live on) Honolulu is the capital. Maui is about the same size and populated mostly with whites and secondly Hawaiians. Molokai has hardly anybody but probably mostly Hawaiians. Lanai is also very sparsely populated and is probably a bit of a mix. The "big island" has a bigger population than Molokai and Lanai, but is still pretty small. It's the largest Island and has the volcano. The population is probably mostly Hawaiians and whites. I think the Hawaiians there are probably more Mokey (Moke basically is a large, gruff white hating Hawaiian/Polynesian) than most of the other islands. "Tita" is the female version.

Kahoolawe is an uninhabited, very small island that was used for bombing runs conducted by the military. There is too much unexploded ordinance for it to be inhabited. The island of Kauai has mostly white people and some Hawaiians.

Oahu has primarily Japanese, then other Asians(Chinese, Korean, Filipinos, and even Thai and Vietnamese. There are also a ton of other Pacific Islanders, especially Micronesians, Samoans and Tongans. Plenty of Hawaiians also. Whites come after the Asians, and Asians probably run most of the local government, especially the Japanese. One thing I almost forget is that there are TONS of mixed people here. So if you are Hapa you will fit RIGHT IN. You got guys that are Hawaiian, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Chinese and white with all kinds of other different mixes.

Another little tidbit also, lots of the others races would join in with the Hawaiians on the F whitey thing, but that would mostly be in attitude and sometimes verbal. Most of that is gone though, but the Japanese sometimes, can be pretty butt buddy with the Hawaiians in their anti-American anti white sentiment.

Micronesians are a pretty recent immigrant wave coming to Hawaii on the regular. I have never had any problem with a Micronesian. In fact I've met some really friendly ones. So I don't really like saying this; but they can be ghetto as hell. And they usually prefer stick together. There are quite a few Hawaiians that do not like the Micronesians. I guess you could say they are on the bottom of the socioeconomic totem pole in Hawaii. Whites moved up the chain a bit.

That brings me to the next Hawaii topic. Multiculturalism isn't all that and a bag of chips. Hawaii is supposed to be a successful melting pot, but it really isn't. Now, neighbors and communities of vastly different racial make ups can get along fine and conduct business NO problem. But the truth is people self segregate like crazy. On Oahu, Kailua is where the whites live. Kaneohe is where Hawaiians live. Manoa is where Japanese and Chinese live. Kalihi is where Filipinos live. Liliha/Chinatown is where Chinese live. Waianae is where Hawaiians live. Waimanalo is where Hawaiians live. Makiki is very mixed because low income people don't have a choice but to mix. But you'll find that people still form their own little communities oftentimes. Micronesian for example seem to hang out only with other Micronesians, even in Makiki. To say that all the races love each other and are on board as patriotic loving Americans is joke. Because of the multitude of different racial, cultural, language backgrounds people are definitely not on the same page and interaction can be very limited. To say Waianae is unified with Kailua and have the same culture, goals, and things of importance on their mind would be a joke.

What about Honolulu the most populated city in the islands? Well Honolulu is kind of a dump actually. There's a huge homeless problem in Hawaii these days. A lot of the people have serious drug problems and mental problems. A lot of them steal to get dope, booze and smokes. Probably not much different form the homeless in San Fran, although San Fran is probably a thousand times worse as far as tent cities and dope.

What really kills me about living here though is the extreme emptiness that you feel while in Hawaii. There is a deep deep emptiness here, as well as in the rest of mainland America. It's fairly easy to make friends in Hawaii, in my opinion, but that emptiness will nag you day in and day out.

Trying to buy a house here is insane. It's not as bad as San Francisco or New York but an average, even tear down house could cost a million bucks in a decent area. Rent is also very expensive, easily 1500 a month for a one bed room apartment. The big island is still cheap but you'll be living near a volcano and there are not many job opportunities there.

Traffic is really bad on Oahu and getting bad on Maui and Kauai. Streets seem to be getting more and more clogged up with traffic every day. The H1 freeway coming from the west side of Oahu is where tons of people live but don't work. They work in downtown Honolulu where their job/jobs are at. So every day the freeway is jam packed with cars during rush hour traffic. Because of over development, most cities and towns are getting more and more clogged up with traffic. To mitigate this the state is working on a rail system, which almost everybody hates. To fund this they are making everybody pay a very high car registration fee every year, which goes by weight. Almost four hundred bucks for an average car. Can thank the demotards for that.

Couple of other things. If you've been to East Asia or Southeast Asia and fell in love with the country, culture and people, well, it's not AT ALL the same here. For example there's plenty of Koreans here but going to Korea is RADICALLY different. Now some people like that Hawaii has lots of Japanese, so if you want to meet Japanese people while living in America, Hawaii is probably your only option. I gotta hand it to quite a few of the Japanese business owners here. They are pretty damn good at creating professional, dependable businesses and neighborhoods, like Manoa, but their demotard politicians are utter crap. Mazie Hirono, LOL

Lastly, I got to criticize some of the whites here. Usually, if someone is gonna bitch about something in Hawaii, be it a customer, or guy on the bus or a neighbor it's usually the white person. In Waikiki, the super touristy area that most vacationers go to, there's tons of whites from the mainland mostly. In my opinion, many can be obnoxious. Honestly, the Japanese tourists are hands down the best as far as politeness and respect. So sometimes, white people's attitude about things can contribute to negative stereotypes. And if you live in Kailua(where the whites live) you can forget about "Community" although Kailua is probably one of the nicest places on the island.

Last point. For many white libtards that love to hate on themselves and claim you can't be racist to white people because of system oppression and blah blah blah. I've seen libtards gripe about how much they hate being discriminated against here. Bottom line, they don't like it. Oh, and Hawaiians don't give a flying shit that you are a self-hating white libtard. You won't get brownie points. So instead of crapping on your own race, and intentionally trying to become a minority in America. Maybe you should appreciate being the majority for once. I do not want to over-inflate the racial problems here as it isn't that bad anymore. Some will say they never even had a single problem. But it does need to be addressed for a REAL look at Hawaii.

I want to wrap this up without droning on anymore. But I'll try to sum up Hawaii good and bad.

Ridiculously expensive cost of living
Statewide illegal drug problem
Homeless problem
Feeling of Deep emptiness, apathy
So multicultural that there is no unifying culture
Racial tension(although it's improving)
Many people love ignorance here, and I mean that literally
Total demotard run state, and it shows.
Crime, including violent crime, is increasing, but still not NEARLY as bad as most mainland ghettos

For Asians they will finally feel like a majority, on Oahu at least.
People are probably more down to earth and genuine than mainlanders although not necessarily more friendly.
Culture is very laid back and slow, compared to mainland rat race, stress culture.
Nature is beautiful.
Lots of jobs

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Re: Hawaii, the good, bad and ugly

Post by Moretorque »

All I know is when I went to Hawaii a person told me not to mouth off to the islanders because they will kill you and now that I have studied real history on the net I can understand why. They lost their island paradise to a bunch of thieves.....
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Re: Hawaii, the good, bad and ugly

Post by flowerthief00 »

Nice writeup! Didn't see anything I disagree with.

A question we could delve into is where the feeling of deep emptiness comes from. Is it really a Hawaii thing? Could it not be a wider problem? Could it come from living on a small island that eventually grows boring after you've seen all there is to see on it with no easy way to jump in a car and get to someplace else?
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Re: Hawaii, the good, bad and ugly

Post by Contrarian Expatriate »

Nice write up. I always wanted to visit Hawaii and perhaps one day I will during a stopover from Japan. However, the treatment of Christopher Deedy (off-duty federal agent who shot a drunk, aggressive, local assailant) opened up a window to the anti-American attitudes there. Instead of the legal/non-legal shoot question, it was blown into a colonizer against the oppressed issue.
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Re: Hawaii, the good, bad and ugly

Post by cheesesweat »

flowerthief00 wrote:
August 19th, 2019, 6:32 pm
Nice writeup! Didn't see anything I disagree with.

A question we could delve into is where the feeling of deep emptiness comes from. Is it really a Hawaii thing? Could it not be a wider problem? Could it come from living on a small island that eventually grows boring after you've seen all there is to see on it with no easy way to jump in a car and get to someplace else?
No, it's not because it's a small island. It's because it's a godless, secular libtard craphole now. See, Winston has part of that hyper intuitive/spiritual sense that I have, but he is only partially right about the cause of the deep emptiness, loneliness, apathy, self hate etc... that you feel in America/Hawaii. It is primarily because this country and my state kicked God out. They kicked God out of their minds, hearts, and soul and of course with their immoral deeds. Now, so many of them are depressed as hell but they're too damn stupid to know that they did it to themselves. This is why I love Korea. I can literally be sitting in my apartment, or in a chair at a cafe, with zero social interaction; and I feel like a million bucks. This has literally nothing to do with the fact that I'm on vacation. This is 100% spiritual. My soul heals; my mind heals; I feel peace; love and contentment. It's like a little teeny tiny slice of heaven. I could take a two week vacation in Hawaii RIGHT NOW, go to a cafe, go to the beach, relax in bed and feel like crap the whoooole time. EMPTINESS.

Korea is a Christian country and you can literally FEEL that it is. Families are a thousand times more normal and loving and it doesn't take long to notice this. I was in the army and stationed in Korea for over 3 years. Let me explain it like this. Camp Humphreys is just like Hawaii/America now, godless, filled with scum and immorality but much worse. When you go outside the Camp Humphreys gate the spirtitual environment changes IMMEDIATELY. It is brighter, more cheerful, more loving and more peaceful. When you've been outside the gate doing your thing in Korea and you go back inside the gate it becomes darker, gloomier, more evil. This is also 100% evident with their behavior. So many soldiers are absolute scum, and I make no apologies saying that. To paint a clearer picture, a typical Korea family conversation will be something along the lines of, "Son, you need to get your PhD so that you can buy a nice house in Gangnam." "Yes, Dad." "I love you son; here's a million won for your vacation to Singapore." Here's a conversation at Humphreys, "So glad my wife is back In the states. I need some pu**y". I f***ed 5 bitches yesterday, one's gonna be a momma; and that bitch at the club gives me head for free." "Before I get back to my family I'm getting as much pu**y at the club as possible." Sergeant Joe responds, "Sounds good; have a great time." "Oh yeah, I can't wait to get dirt on so and so to throw him under the bus. He thinks we're friends, but I f***ed his bitch. Let's get wasted before I f**k his bitch again." Etc... rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat rinse and repeat. This is why many of the scumbags at Humphreys were supremely disrespectful and oftentimes bigoted against the Koreans, they are dark, scumbag individuals, so they react VERY negatively to the light. They friggin HATE IT. That's why the worst comes out of them when they are in a place like Korea, I saw some of the nicest Korean people get disrespected constantly for NO REASON other than soldiers were scum, hated the positive spiritual environment and some were bigoted. This was coming from both the whites and the blacks. That's why I never went on any BOSS trips, which had very cheap affordable travel packages because the scum in the army were so disrespectful and profane that I would literally be embarrassed the whole time. Perhaps if you went to a museum on part of the tour, and it was beautiful, clean, quiet and professionally run, soldiers on the tour at such place would probably start dry humping a statue of one of Korea's Kings or Queens. That's the kind of crap I'm talking about. And anybody that says other wise is 100% full of shit. I'm not anti-military either. It was probably one of the best decisions I made joining. Not everybody is a sack of crap, but MOST are.

So I know your question is about Hawaii and the deep emptiness. But I'm writing all of this to explain the spiritual difference, which I can feel so plainly, obviously, and clearly that it is as obvious as the sun on a clear day. That's why Humphreys is a perfect example. You can literally walk right outside of the gate and the environment changes immediately. It's like they created a mini hell. There's a lot more that I could add to this whole thing because it's complex. But I'm gonna stop there for now.

I havn't been on the mainland in 10 years, so I don't know if the emptiness there is the same as Hawaii, better or worse. Last time I was on the mainland the place I was at was pretty dark and gloomy as well. I think there are certain places in the country that are not as bad as others. But I can say Hawaii sucks now because of the emptiness and all the other problems it has. See I think the Hawaiians are noticing this empty, misery feeling as well, but they have NO CLUE what it is. They think it's because they are tied to America, which they are partially right about of course. That's why they're probably making the strongest push they have for sovereignty before. They're flying upside down state flags all over their trucks and cars. Part of that is they are protesting a telescope being built on Mauna Kea, but it's a lot of the Sovereignty movement mixed in. The truth is they created a lot of their own misery as well though. They are mostly godless, have a big problem with crystal meth, vote for demotards and live a low mentality life oftentimes. But it wasn't like this in the 90s in Hawaii. Going to beach was an absolute blast. Doing almost anything was a blast. I doubt they even wanted sovereignty that much back then because things were so awesome. The people here ruined it, and yeah, for sure being attached to America no doubt affects that. Anyway, that's why I don't like it here. Oddly enough Maui feels even more empty even though it's cleaner, more organized, and not overdeveloped. Bunch of godless, empty souls that live there I think. I wish the godless scum of society could create their own mini hell and I wouldn't have to be affected by it. But no, you feel the same spiritual forces and emptiness that the people in a society make. One more random thought. In Korea, Itaewon is where many foreigners run business and shops. Just being there the spiritual environment changes and not in a good way. Not that much but noticeably. One more example. If you've ever walked into a really seedy bar, if you're like me you'll notice a spiritual change. You can also get them walking into one of those hookah, glass pipe stores. The spiritual environment changes. I think many people can notice this but don't really think about it that much. Anyway, that's why Hawaii SUCKS now. I don't know why people move here so much, but then again more people are leaving than coming every year now.
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Re: Hawaii, the good, bad and ugly

Post by Johnny1975 »

Your posts are interesting but man, your paragraphs are huge. Why not break them up more.
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