How to Cook Ramen

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How to Cook Ramen

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For single expat males who travel to Asia, ramen noodle can be very helpful. I've been to a grocery store in China and seen stacks of seaweed and stuff I did not know how to prepare. Usually, there are some familiar foods, but ramen noodles are fast and easy for the bachelor who does not cook much.

When I first went to work in South Korea as an English teacher in my early 20's, I had a split shift with really early classes and classes that started in the afternoon and went until late at night. I might have had 7 hours between the last class and the first class in the morning. So I wanted to eat dinner fast and sleep. I'd go out for lunch. At night, I'd eat bread and a Danish brand of sliced cheese. Sometimes I'd put imitation crab sticks on it. I might eat a packet of Jajangmyun, or ramen noodles. In the US, I'd just boil the noodles and put the powder in and eat it, but I found out from Koreans and a former serviceman how to make noodles.

Koreans crack an egg and put them in the noodles, usually. That gives your meal a little nutritian. They also put in kimchi and whatever vegetables they have. One trick I learned from a former US soldier is to dump in a can of tuna. They sold tuna at the corner store there. It just absorbs the flavor of the noodles. You can also put lettuce in the soup before it goes bad.

A packet of ramen noodles is not very filling and does not have much nutrition, but with an egg, a can of tuna fish, and some vegetables, you can make a meal of it.

A healthier noodle is a Japanese buckwheat noodle. I think it's samen. Anyway, you boil it, strain it and run cool water over it (to keep it from becoming a sticky mess.) Then there is a sauce you can pour in it. You can eat it with a bit of seaweed and, if you want, a boiled egg on the side.

What do you guys do to your ramen noodles? What are some other easy and fast foods you can eat when it is hard to find instant low-prep foods in your local grocery story?
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