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10 Ways Hitler Could Have Won World War II

If you're a history buff, love to talk about history and watch the History Channel, this is the board for that.

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10 Ways Hitler Could Have Won World War II

Post by jamesbond »

Interesting video showing the ten ways Germany could of won world war II.

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Re: 10 Ways Hitler Could Have Won World War II

Post by MrPeabody »

I read a book on this. The bottom line of the book was that Hilter would have won if he had let his generals run the war. They had a solid plan to win. But Hitler was convinced he was a great military strategist and that his generals were incompetent. But he was trained as a corporal and way over his head. Ironically, Hitler made one correct decision in the very beginning of the war, the blitzkrieg into France. Most of the generals were against it. The fact that it turned out to be a success convinced him that he was a military genius and he never listened to his generals again. But Hitler took credit for a plan that was created by Erich von Manstein and convinced himself it was his own idea. After that, Hitler never made another good military decision.
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Re: 10 Ways Hitler Could Have Won World War II

Post by Moretorque »

They could not of won the war,

Albert Pike explains they need 3 wars to do their plan for world domination and we are at 3.
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Re: 10 Ways Hitler Could Have Won World War II

Post by droid »

Typical, predictable rubbish! :lol: :lol:

At the end of the day, they just had a fraction of the resources the allies had, It's actually surprising they got as far as they did.
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