Fanatical Zionist to head US cybersecurity

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Fanatical Zionist to head US cybersecurity

Post by Cornfed »

This is insane. You let a member of a hostile foreign tribe whose professed loyalty is to a hostile foreign state lead your cybersecurity because what could possibly go wrong? It would be like importing a bunch of Japanese during WWII, giving them them citizenship, appointing them to key positions in the military and never thinking for a moment that some of them might side with their Japanese homeland because such a thought would be racist.

Why aren’t the Jews just expelled from Western countries anyway? It shouldn’t even be an issue. They’ve been expelled from over 300 territories. It would be as if you were the doorman at a nightclub and you thought “Oh here comes that guy who has been barred from over 300 nightclubs - no problem here”. ... py-agency/

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Re: Fanatical Zionist to head US cybersecurity

Post by Moretorque »

Your lucky Gods choosen do not eat pigs because you would be a burnt offering long ago.....
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