Orwellian Aspects of this World

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Orwellian Aspects of this World

Post by TheLight954 »

The world seems Orwellian in many aspects. Economics tell people that inflation is a good thing,yet everyone wants lower prices. Politicians tell people that more jobs are a good thing, yet a majority of the people hate their jobs. People are told that public education is a good thing, yet most children hate school. People are told that war in the middle east is necessary to preserve peace, which is completely backwards.

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Re: Orwellian Aspects of this World

Post by MrMan »

In the novel 1984, the Party used Newspeak, something like what we now call 'politically correct' terminology.

So, for example, nowadays, promoting a legal right for an unnatural union of sodomites is called 'marriage equality.' Legalization of murdering babies in the womb is called 'pro-choice' or 'a woman's right to choose.'
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