Why are black guys so down-to-earth and open/passionate about red pill truths?

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jamesbond wrote:
September 5th, 2014, 4:03 am
Winston wrote:How else can you explain it? Black people definitely don't have the cold fakeness and artificial personalities that white Americans have, or the cold roboticness that Asians have. There is a definite general difference.
I have noticed black women are MUCH more friendly towards me and easy to talk to than stoic, unfriendly white American women.

White American women are the most unfriendly, anti social and paranoid women on the face of the earth! :shock:

The only women in the US that flirt with me are black, Hispanic and Asian women. I am completely invisible to white women even though I am a white male.

I have had black women start conversations with me at bars and other public places. Never had any white women do that.
For their faults, at least black women know that they are at the bottom of the barrel, and so if they can upgrade their racial stock, they will try to do so. Even though white women consider you to be a loser, black women will look upon you as a prize. It's like with Filipinas, but on steroids.

I get the same kind of friendly flirting from the employees at the local fried chicken place in my Deep South hamlet. :shock:
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