What are your colored people stories?

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What are your colored people stories?

Post by drealm »

I have two. One before elections and one after.


*at a gas station (a week before election)

*black mercedes drives up

colored: hey bro waz up? can you help me with something?

me: Do you need directions?

colored: nah man i've been stuck here two hours! peoples roun' here are hella mean! no one's willing to help me.

me: I won't be able to help you either.

*colored stares a long time

colored: why?

me: Because I don't want to.

colored: in my 40 years i ain' never done heard that.

me: Well I'm a very honest person. You're a stranger who's asking me for money and I politely declined.

colored: I AINT ASKING YOU FOR MONEY! I'm asking you for DIRECTIONS!

me: Don't bullshit me you just said you don't need directions and that you were stuck here for two hours and people are hella mean.

colored: why you raising your voice?

me: Because you lied.

colored: why you raising your voice?

me: Because you're a liar.

colored: i drive a mercedes! i don't need no money!

*colored goes off to ask asian for money



*at a supermarket (a week after election)

*standing in line behind a colored lady who's moving left and right to find a faster line.

*colored lady exits line and moves to another line, which turns out to be slower.

*I haven't moved forward to take her spot because I know full well she'll accuse me of cutting in spite of having left the line... but that doesn't spare me anyways.

colored: there's so many lines here and your trying to CUT in front of me!

me: How can I cut in front of your if I'm standing behind you?

colored: save your voice for someone else!

me: I most certainly will.

*colored keeps wondering around for a faster line.

*In the meantime I'm already having my groceries scanned.

colored: i'm going away from you!


Has anyone else had interactions with colored folk before/after election? Any difference?

I think they're getting skiddish.

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Re: What are your colored people stories?

Post by Kradmelder »

I have to interact with them regularly. It is lamost always negative. If I had to list things I would be typing for the rest of my life. They never fail to disappoint. And that is the only reliable thing about them.
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Re: What are your colored people stories?

Post by HappyGuy »

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Re: What are your colored people stories?

Post by Moretorque »

Thats what happens when you f**k with female black man.
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