Why do Chinamen cheat so much?

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Why do Chinamen cheat so much?

Post by MatureDJ »

https://www.reuters.com/investigates/sp ... ting-iowa/
The University of Iowa suspects at least 30 Chinese students of having used ringers to take their exams. The case offers a look inside a thriving underground economy of cheating services aimed at the hundreds of thousands of Chinese kids applying to and attending foreign colleges.
Perhaps the overwhelming number of people living there has made the culture a nasty & brutish Malthusian horror story?

Of course, not ALL Chinamen are like this. Look at how allergic to striving Winston is, aside from chasing bar girls! :D

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Re: Why do Chinamen cheat so much?

Post by zboy1 »

I am an Asian living in China, so I can answer your question, MatureDJ.

It's because Chinese society puts an emphasis on cheating and taking the easy way out, rather than on personal effort and hard work. Chinese society is run by money, and everything revolves around it. The feeling is, as long as I can get rich, I don't care who I hurt or stomp over to get ahead. Sadly, this selfishness has taken over China over the past few decades.

That is the mentality of Chinese people, which is a shame, too, because there are good Chinese people in the world, but they are pushed to do illicit and immoral things for 'family, country or society.'
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Re: Why do Chinamen cheat so much?

Post by HappyGuy »

I thought this was going to be about Asians more readily cheating in relationships
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