The Angry Black Woman: Myth or Reality?--Jesse Lee Peterson

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The Angry Black Woman: Myth or Reality?--Jesse Lee Peterson

Post by zboy1 »
Anslem and Starrene Rocque, "The Lovers Rocque" Blog on - TOPIC: Dealing with an angry black woman. Anslem and Starr take time out of their one-year wedding anniversary to reflect on coping with anger and building patience in relationships
Jesse Lee Peterson Show

Hilarious to listen to....

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Post by E_Irizarry »

What a fcukin' he is! Dude claims he's six years older than she, and yet he claims that he wants everything equal across the board.

He should man up and utilize that six-years extra experience that she can pump her breaks to.

I like Jesse because he knows how to play devil's advo in this radio wonder Black people think he's a Carlton Banks. people. The majority of Blacks

make the real African displaced diaspora, which is outside of the continent of Africa of course, look very bad.

She said she becomes easily angry (and she's a Black American woman), and her rebuttals towards JL Peterson were strong (e.g.

"Do you know what a stereotype is?") with intonation of fervor. She is becoming mad easily like typical Black American woman.

Dude sounds moist. He's standing up for how upset she's becoming instead of saying, "Hey honey. I got this. You are becoming mad.

The man is asking questions; that's all." He sounds like he needs Ken Kenniff from Connecticut to duke him up the a.rse. man.gina

husband he is! More to comment bwerrie soon.... Oh yeah her vocal intonations suck....she not feminine enough.

Furthermore, the first caller who had called in mentioning how the married couple were trying to filibuster Jesse and she almost tried to shut him down by saying

"Can you hurry up and get to your point because....?". Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhat. Okay: she's not an angry Black woman, she's a diehard feminist that's what she

has proven herself to be based on her reactions on this broadcast!!!

They moved from NYS (The feminist epicenter of the world) to C/hicago where I think Ebony is based out of? Right? Hmmm mmmm.

And when asked by "Black Conservative" caller how are they spiritually alive, she said that's personal. What a putrid, vile piece of s.hit she is. We all know whom

wears the pantalones in that relationship.

OMFG at 28:02, she deflects Jesse's question by saying "Let's move on " without answering the pending question. That Anslem dude just might as well go into the kitchen

with an apron on bellowing out to Starr, "Hey hun. How much sugar would you like me to put in the cookie batch, babe? I want to make sure that these cookies are made

to your satisfaction.".

Those callers were all male, and they torn a new one out of that couple. That's good that not all men are simps nor man.ginas. Nice. :-)
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Post by ILoveBlackAmericanWomen »

Black women are no angrier than anyone else and if we were we have a reason to be.Look how we are dehumanized and everyone thinks they are better than us when they are not everyone is equal. Everyone picks us apart when there kind is guilty of the same things they judge us about. Instead of looking at their own flaws they point the finger at us.

All I know is don't break into this woman's house or you will see an angry Black woman who is justified in being angry. The white man that broke into her house got it bad.

To be white or black - is to not be a human, but a living definition and label. To be a slave to definition, to fashion, to the industries that market us like cattle, emptying our pockets like the udders of the cow, being paid to cut our bodies for cosmetics, benefiting off of putting harsh chemicals on our heads, making money off of us choosing to live and participate in the reality they created. Don't be "black", don't be "white", don''t be "Asian", don't be "Latin." Destroy the illusion, become human.
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Re: The Angry Black Woman: Myth or Reality?--Jesse Lee Peterson

Post by HappyGuy »

Some funny responses to black women

"Happier abroad"? Only true men find happiness
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