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Best martial art to learn?

Discuss personal development, self-improvement and motivational psychology.

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Mr S
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Re: Best martial art to learn?

Post by Mr S »

"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and stoic philosopher, 121-180 A.D.

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Re: Best martial art to learn?

Post by Rock »

There is a French guy I know in the Philippines who told me that the training at that gym (the Makati branch is walking distance to where I live) is not very useful. Of course, this guy is a long term Krav Maga instructor himself so perhaps it's in his interest to steer people away from the competition.

But this guy is really very good according to what several people told me. Also, I tried out a session with him a month ago and it became apparent in about 5 minutes that if he wanted to, he could have killed me in 100 time in 30 seconds flat. He's 6'1" and built. But what really makes him dangerous is all the tricks he knows instinctually and the speed of his reflexes. And he told me 85% of his students here are women (mostly Filipinas) who wanna protect themselves from street assaults. The session I did with him was pretty intimidating lol.

The problem with the training is that it's really not possible to spar full on cus the moves taught are made to incapacitate, break joints and bones, or even kill. You can't give someone a full speed chop to back of neck without hurting them seriously.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, this guy charges 700 pesos per hour if you go to his area in BGC (the Fort) or he will come to you within reasonable distance for an extra 100. He offers significant discounts for 10 sessions packages and can also incorporate circuit training programs at his condo gym.

I think he's visiting France for the holidays and will be back maybe second week of January 2017 or so.

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Re: Best martial art to learn?

Post by starchild5 »

What a freaking SCAM....Really, 700 PHP for an hour...GTFOH...

No wonder this Martial Art is from the Jews :D


The street assaults robbery faced by Filipina women would be less than 700 pesos than this day light robbery scam from a french guy.

Common..Asia never need a new Martial Art..We are the land of Martial Arts for like ever...unless, these Filipinas wanna show off in BGC learning what's new BUZZ in town...

These Filipinas just want to show off facebook selfies to there friends that they are learning the New HIP and COOL Krav Maga...


Whom are we kidding...

Women are weak...No matter, how much you learn martial arts...on the rough streets of Manila or anywhere in the world...when two guys attack you with one watching over with guns and knife...YOU HAVE NO CHOICE... Be real sister...

Just give the freaking BAG away or better not walk alone....

Women are NOT suppose to walk ALONE AT NIGHT or go to rough parts of town...Its called Common Sense...

New Age - Love, Light, and Peace with Feminist equality is the cause for women been assaulted...You are SUPPOSE TO STAY HOME Women...Not wander willy, nilly without Manly Protection.

Don't be feminist..You really need a man to protect you...

Have we not learned anything...Women will get assaulted whenever low life men find a chance...have we not learned anything for like 10,000 years...


I'm betting right now 7000 Pesos ..his 10 sessions without any discount to show me...How his Girls can protect themselves in real life scenario in Tondo....One of the roughest place in Manila...

I pick the two Filipinos ( That's how Filipinos attack... in packs..usually three but I'm picking only two) ....You Pick the girl...We waiver the rights....If she wins...She gets to keep the money plus facebook selfies and praise, and I will take the training from you.

.....If she loses...gets killed by the weapons and raped by the two guys, yeah....Its fight to the finish as it happens in REAL LIFE except here all rights are wavered.... You will admit being a scammer and never come back to The Philippines ever again. :D

Lets put your BS to real test and ohh yeah...The women should know that if she loses, she would be RAPED by three Filipinos and then killed.....because generally in real life scenario when women defends or shows martial art get even more agitated and their EGO takes over...
..lets see...How many Filipinas even dare to take this challenge... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

As I said...GTFOH french guy... :D

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Re: Best martial art to learn?

Post by snede »

The best martial art to learn depends on your goals. Judo, Kendo, Aikido, etc. all end in "do". They are all a "way" or a discipline. Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Ninjitsu, BJJ are all fighting styles, with less philosophical underpinnings. Where are you going?

In my personal experience, I recommend everyone take a year or so of Judo. The fact that breakfalls are now hardwired into my reflexes from Judo that I took over 45 years ago has saved me from serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, ladder collapse and numerous slips on snow and ice.

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