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An internet problem

Discuss personal development, self-improvement and motivational psychology.

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An internet problem

Post by Eric »

I've noticed I have a definite problem which I believe is exacerbated, if not caused by the internet itself. I overthink's a problem of uninhibited thinking, which internet allows and flourishes. It's easy to understand. I start thinking about things...then I search the net, it feeds my mind for the next hours.

then I think some more, pretty soon - my whole day's turned into this monster of thinking. There's nothing wrong with thinking deeply, it is actually quite healthy, the problem comes in the "uninhibitedness" of it. It takes up all my time. Like anything, it's lacking self control and I can see it's a big problem. I think I should just not do that. Like any addiction, I have to just stop checking.
If I think something, then I can think on it by myself - it's the checking of internet which feeds my thoughts and cause this out of control-ness in me.

It also has other problems, like excessive or any internet porn use.

This is just bad. I had this (thinking) problem for my whole life, but refused somehow to admit it was an internet problem...or my problem. I couldn't give up internet from my life. Now I realize, I have to. It's a serious destabilizing issue for a lot of people I might think. Net pulls your life in, sucks your life away. I need to get "off" the net.
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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Re: An internet problem

Post by Kradmelder »

Sounds like an addiction. Like Booze. Some people if they have booze in the house they must drink it. I have a fully stocked bar but no urge to drink all of it and stop after 2-3 beers, or a bottle of wine. Some people if they have internet, the have to go on it. Not me. Can go days without it. Some people have to go totally without or behave addicted. They cant seem to control themselves.

It is easier when you have other interests and hobbies. You split your time amongst many things.

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Re: An internet problem

Post by mand38 »

Sounds like an addiction, but I think this is easy to solve: schedule for example 5 hours to "Internet research" daily, in meantime write down all thing you have on mind, and everyday use those 5 hours to "investigate" topics you are interested in.

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