Bored in Canada

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Re: Bored in Canada

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Hi, name withheld!
Thanx for starting a very interesting topic! Found out lots of new things about Canada ) have never been to this country but have some friends there. Didn't think that Canada has that kind of drawbacks (( I'm in Southampton now. Can't say that it is as "soul-destroying" as Toronto but don't feel joy here iether. Maybe because of some traits of my character or maybe coz I have a different definition of friendship, don't know... Didn't you think about moving to another country which would meet your standards? Say, Spain, for example ) better drinking laws, less Asians in the streets. If you like Europian women I can say that Spanish ones are really beautiful. Currently I'm digging the topic of moving to this country from the UK. Thought about France too but they have really bad tax laws. The only thing that keeps me away from moving to Spain is buying property as it's pretty expensive. Looked through the most comprehensive Spanish real estate catalogue of and found myself thinking that if I don't sell my apartment for a reasonable price I'll have to say goodbye to the thought of moving to Spain. Prices are quite high. That's why I'm searching for a proper estate by the sea further from Madrid as the cost of real estate gets lower in that case.
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Re: Bored in Canada

Post by Mercury »

Didn't think Canada's long, wicked cold, dark, and brutal winters wouldn't be the only reason to not want to live there. The general area around Hudson Bay is mostly tundra. The deep freeze in the tundra, with no trees to slow the wind down, is easily outright torment. And to think that the tundra often sees snow in June and August, sometimes even in July, only hard core Eskimos would live in that kind of climate.

And now we are learning that Canadian women are as toxic as, if not worse than, American women. And what a coincidence that it is said that people in mid and high latitudes that have long, cold, and brutal winters are socially disconnected, toxic, selfish, and want nothing to do with anyone else. In other words, where there is a lot of ice and snow, there is a social desert, and you better look for palm trees if you want to find a social paradise.
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Re: Bored in Canada

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I almost married a Brazilian-Canadian BBW pear-shape woman although she looked like a fair-skin Puerto Rican. The p.ussy almost made me put a ring on it. Good thing my MGTOW spidey senses had kicked in beforehand. The only time we got along was literally in the bedroom. She argued about the dumbest fckery YET had the audacity to denounce me calling her a feminist.
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