Feminist Myths and Fictitious Terms

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Feminist Myths and Fictitious Terms

Post by Winston »

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Feminist Myths and Fictitious Terms

The American Feminist Movement is oppressive, destructive and deceptive. It is not about equality, but about female domination, male submission, hatred of men, political correctness and censorship, and destruction of the gender lines. "Equality" is merely the deceptive front mask they use to hide their destructive agenda, and try to trick innocent women into joining. This heinous movement has created false myths and fictitious terms that serve as straw mans used to shame and vilify anyone who doesn't comply with or fit into their domination agenda. Here are some examples of them:

Feminism - First, the term "feminism" itself is incorrect and a form of deceptive reverse logic. The feminist movement basically teaches women to be independent, not need men, and view them as fools, creeps and predators. It begins by masquerading as a movement of liberation to women, but eventually turns them into man-hating beasts that are anything but beautiful or feminine. In fact, the most ardent feminists usually cut their hair short like a man's.

Essentially, feminism "masculinizes" women and takes them as far away from femininity as possible - while emasculating men in the process by making them subservient to feminists and political correctness, and inhibiting their nature masculine nature. So why call it "feminism" then, when its effect is the extreme opposite?

Obviously, the conspirators behind this movement knew something about neurolinguistic programming - that calling yourself the opposite of what you are will help trick people into accepting it. In this case, women who think they are feminine can be tricked into buying into this movement, and the notion that being feminine means becoming independent, liberated (from needing men), and man-hating - when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

Obviously, feminism can't be a good thing because:

1) Studies show that women are less happy today than they were in the past. Liberation, independence and dominance obviously did not make women happy.
2) If all women became feminists and viewed men as unnecessary, and viewed flirtation and charm as something repulsive and evil, then male-female relationships would come to an end, and so would the human race. That can't be good obviously. Furthermore, men would be deprived of love, sex and romance. Making half the population suffer would not be a good thing either.
3) It has destroyed relationships, broken up families and couples, and left men unhappy. If women don't need men, then men can't be happy because they will be deprived of love, romance, passion, sex, intimacy, and quality female companionship. If a movement makes half the population (males) unhappy, then that obviously can't be a good thing.
4) It encourages hatred of men, blaming them for the oppression of females, and stereotypes them as fools, creeps and predators. Obviously something that conditions one gender to hate the other can't be a good thing. Hate divides, which leads to the downfall and segregation of society, as well as artificial barriers to relationships.
5) It encourages women to hate their own femininity as well, and view it as oppressive - in effect hating what they are. How can hating what you are be a good thing?! By hating their femininity, these feminists resort to trying to look masculine, by cutting their hair very short and losing the mark of their femininity, and dressing in an unfeminine and unattractive manner - in effect turning them into beasts who view flirtation, charm and romance as repulsive, when in fact they are the ones who have become repulsive by destroying their femininity and going into their own world. Obviously, if feminism makes women ugly and not attractive, then it can't be a good thing. Not surprisingly, when foreign women come to America and wear skirts and high heels to flaunt their femininity, they report that many American women view them as threats and give them nasty stares. What these feminists and "strong women" don't understand is that you aren't going to make a man more masculine by becoming masculine yourself. To bring out the masculinity in a man, you have to become FEMININE.
6) It encourages sexist attitudes, namely against men, as well as double standards. It allows society to discriminate against men, but not against women. If you discriminate against women, you are called a "sexist", but not if you discriminate against men. As long as you give preferential treatment to women, it is socially acceptable, even if it's unfair.

Misogynist - Anyone, particularly males, who says anything against feminist domination and does not comply with male submission, is automatically labeled a "misogynist" - a hater of women, regardless of the truth and logic in their points. This is obviously a nasty mind control technique used to vilify dissenters who expose their BS or call them out on it. This is why men in the Men's Rights Movements often use the term "feminazi" to describe the feminism movement, because it does not tolerate dissent or exposure.

In reality though, I do not know of any man who "hates women" in general. Thus this is a myth. But there are many men who hate the ACTIONS and BEHAVIORS of feminists and the bad attitudes of American women. There is nothing wrong with hating something that is bad and destructive to men, women and relationships as well. That is totally justified and merely "calling a spade a spade". These men want FEMININE women, not masculine hateful women. Hating masculine women and liking feminine women is not misogyny, it's merely preferring natural women over unnatural women.

It is also fallacious to use this term on guys who date overseas or do the global dating route, since they obviously do not hate all women, just the American ones. This term is therefore inaccurate, and again, merely a shaming tactic against dissenters who pose a threat to feminist power.

Male Chauvinist - This fictitious term is used to shame and belittle any male who wants to still be a man the old fashioned way or clings to healthy traditional gender roles or tries to dominate women. It is used to make him look foolish and immature, like he hasn't grown up yet (to feminists, a man "grows up" by accepting women as superior and obeying them and always admitting that you are wrong if you argue with them). However, no man considers himself a "chauvinist" or calls himself that. It's a pseudo-term and put down used only by feminists who wish to dominate men and make them submissive.

Sexist - This term is a double standard used by feminists to attack any guy who discriminates against women, even in a justified manner. However, discriminating against men is perfectly acceptable. This is a silent double standard that you aren't allowed to complain about, but merely accept, because America is a matriarchy and it is "normal" to give women preferential treatment. Women get free benefits all the time - they get free rides, free room and board, free dinners, free help, and get let off the Titanic first before the men do. Yet feminists never complain about these preferential treatments over men. That's because they are not about truth, but about female domination, male submission, masculinization of women, and destruction of the natural genders. Moreover, they are hateful, angry and unpleasant to be around - like walking on eggshells.

Submissive Foreign Women - Any man who is tired of women's BS in America and goes overseas to find a feminine foreign woman who looks and acts like a real woman, is seen by feminists as a "man who can't handle strong women and needs to seek submissive foreign women".

But in truth though, none of these men say that they want "submissive women". They never use that term. Instead, they use terms like "sweet, feminine, lady-like, wonderful, pleasing, natural, down to earth, genuine, affectionate, good values" etc. Such feminine qualities are what a man is looking for. Not all men are dominating. They just want a lady to act like a real lady, not like a man. That is not too much to ask for. Women in most countries around the world are still feminine, thank goodness. No honest genuine man is attracted to a masculine woman. All men prefer women who are feminine with long hair, who blush, are sweet and caring, have good values, and treat them good. Any honest man will attest to that, except those "manginas" who live to appease feminists and are indoctrinated by their uncompromising liberal political correctness.

Unfortunately, most American women do not have such feminine qualities. So rather than dealing with that, these women resort to shaming the men, rather than looking at the true source of the problem, which is them.

Furthermore, foreign women are not necessarily more "submissive". They are just sweeter, more feminine, more natural, and more kind and caring. There is nothing wrong with that. Women have always been that way throughout history. These dominating bitchy anti-male American women are the anomaly, not the natural feminine foreign women. Just because foreign women have not become angry man-hating women who don't need men, does not mean that they are "submissive". Geez. I guess it's a matter of perspective, since a non-dominating woman may appear "submissive" to an overly dominating woman. However, when you look at women in the rest of the world, and at world history, you find that these independent masculine American women are the abnormal freaks of nature out of tune with nature and femininity. Therefore, from the big picture perspective, these masculine Western women are the abnormal ones, while the feminine sweet foreign women in the rest of the world are the normal ones.

Moreover, Chinese women are not known to be submissive at all. They have a reputation for being bossy and demanding to their partners. However, in spite of that, they are still a million times more feminine than American women, both physically and mentally. They look feminine, dress feminine, act feminine, and are proud of it. Feminists are totally PWNED by such graceful feminine women, and have no defense or comeback, except by further shaming males even more. It's totally sick and dysfunctional.

So you see, these feminists NEVER win on logic or reason, because their movement is not a rational one at all, but a hateful emotional one that uses shaming tactics rather than reason. Overall, it is destructive and deceptive to both men and women. Worst of all, it destroys and suppresses the most beautiful thing in the world - the feminine beauty and soul.
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Post by The_Hero_of_Men »

"When one gender wins, we ALL lose."

Do you agree with this? I saw it somewhere, but I forget where.
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Post by chileanueva »

Men are no angels either. We're more aggressive, violent, and we start most of the wars. Nobody wins in war.

Women are more cold-hearted and calculating, but it's no different than a sociopath.

Isn't modern-day feminism a revenge movement for the long history of patriarchal oppression of women?
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Post by Cyrus »

It does seem like a revenge movement. Although:

Feminism was important in the 1950s. This is because women were treated as 3rd class citizens, one step above blacks. And if you were a black woman, just forget it.

Feminism needed to be hardcore up until the 80s. Gender equality was achieved, thank god.

The problem is that sometimes in the process of countering something, an opposition group may turn to the other side of the coin which is just as bad.

This came in the form of: female superiority, gender dominance, etc.

Now, it's turned so far to the "other side", that we went from men suppressing women throughout history until the 60s, to women suppressing men through sexual control, and even dominance in other areas as well. Try going to a work-place dominated by women, and expressing any type of masculine behavior--I've seen this type of reverse sexism in office environments. Or be a single man who does not buy women drinks and will not tolerate being walked-over in a relationship.

This has led to a sort of sexual crisis in the 21st century. Career women are often single, unhappy, and sexless, and they don't know why. They follow feminist advice because they think it's the progressive way to be, but it doesn't help them. Men are also single, sexless, and unhappy because they cannot connect with masculine women.

I don't think every woman in the U.S. is feminized and masculine. In a state like AZ, the majority ARE feminine. But, there's still issues. Many feminine women still belong to down-home roots. Many I meet are deeply religious and are visiting the big city temporarily, but came from a small town or the Midwest. Therefore, many have serious issues with sex from a conservative American point of view, and if you hook up with them they'll want to settle down with you and start having babies, which is OK for some people but not my cup of tea--since I'm a secular and left-leaning non-religious type of guy.

The perfect women I meet combine real feminist equality (they call the shots in a workplace, are independent, etc) but are also outright in their attraction toward men, are open-minded to meet new men, express feminine characteristics that Wu mentioned (nurturing, supportive, etc) and are not afraid to dress and present themselves in a feminine way. I also meet these type of women in other countries most predominantly, although they're not extinct in the U.S. I met a woman just the other day who I modeled in her lingerie who was pretty much the perfect example :) Oddly enough, I also encounter these types of women who work in higher-end gentlemen's clubs. Women who really are in touch with their sexuality must understand their feminine nature.

Finally, I need to point out that there are aspects of modern feminism that actually supports all of these examples. Some feminists firmly disagree with masculine female roles and they see this problem for what it is. I'll talk about this some more in a follow up post or a new thread. ~ CK
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