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Discuss working abroad and ways of making a living overseas.
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The Raw food sisters

Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:44 pm

Two sisters, Julie and Katrin, are Raw Vegans. Born in Sweden but with origins from Norway and Finland, have spent the last years living in Italy, Germany & the Netherlands, & are now making Ghana their next home. They are setting up a production of delicious sundried mango there.

When I lived & worked in the UK I earned a high income but my rent & bills were high. Food bills too were high. One can't eat healthy in the UK without $pending. There are affordable foods but not healthy. Here in Turkey I earn less but SAVE MORE! I also have more time that is mine. Here the coast of living is less. Low rent, large space, real organic produce in abundance.

Sometimes everything that Gliters isn't Gold, ... why does everyone run to the UK & the US? To earn more' but sadly this is not the case & only few will realise it. :ugeek:

Re: The Raw food sisters

Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:52 pm

I have such mixed feelings about the whole raw foods thing... I know that high temperature cooking breaks a lot of the nutrients down, but it seems like... I'm not sure, like it would be less healthy somehow. I know that probably sounds daft... I think it's probably my predisposition to cooked foods that is interfering with my better judgement :D

Also, if anyone is running to the US to earn more, they will be extremely disappointed when they get here LOL

I would much rather work a job I enjoyed while making less money and fitting my lifestyle around that fact, than to work a job I hated making more. But hey! If I can find both a job I love and a fair amount of money that would be great too! But enjoyment trumps payment every time for me.

Re: The Raw food sisters

Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:21 am


That makes sense to locate a country to fit your lifestyle or the lifestyle you desire. I'm a health fanatic so here is ok for now, but it can get pretty dull at times. I miss all the action & friends I had in the UK. The array of cosmopolitan people too. Here everyone's like robots they all eat the same, do the same things, it's so routine. Here is great for healthy organic food & it's a great tourist destination, but not where I want to live. I've got my eyes on Venezuela.
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