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Discuss immigrating overseas, and the visa and residency issues that go with it.
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A 100% Loophole into the EU

Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:22 am

Turkish Nationals seem to unknowingly have full access to the EU via the Ankara Agreement made in 1963 with the European Economic Community (EEC) now known as the EU.

Individual rights under the Agreement ...

Turkish nationals legally employed in any Member States for certain periods gain rights to remain or switch employment in that state.

Turkish nationals legally employed by the same employer for one year has the right to permission from the Member States to remain in that employment

Turkish nationals legally employed for three years in a particular area of work has the right to permission from the Member States to take employment with any employer in that area.

Turkish national legally employed for four years has the right to permission from the Member State to take employment with any employer.

Turkish national who works legally as an au pair or while a student can count as a worker.

The agreement also indicates that they have the right to do business big or small.

I wonder how many other countries have old Agreements & Treaties that are over looked between or among eachother... ??

It's legit & a loophole into the EU. I had my lawyer friend Sergei read the whole treaty. Now I know how there were so many Turks well settled in the UK. When I lived there in 2004 Haringey was full of turks all doing well with businesses etc. I always wondered how they were there so comfortabe and well settled. Most of them not even speaking english & all the stores were written up in turkish, like the hairdressers place said Kaufor' not hairdresser and so on. I think Germany has a whole lot of Turks too, same situation. That's how they got there legally. What I do find shady is that this treaty has been tucked away & now they're tell this country that you will have access once you become an EU member state LOL

Essentially one can be self employed & pay his own tax & take up any job or do business. I will be eligible to apply for citizenship next year because I lived here in the past in 2009. I registered a realty but never really sold anything but it did cause me to be eligble, that's how I stumbled upon this treaty, I was wondering if it was worth it to apply.

The member states have access to Turkey too, so it's not only the Turks that are out of the loop, the other member states like Belgium & Germany etc, all have the right to free movement inside of Turkey as workers, to do business, provide services & free movment of goods via customs.

Re: A 100% Loophole into the EU

Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:25 am

My evidence & findings > :geek:

A legal case of a Turk worker who was denied a visa sued & wone because of the Treaty with the ECC / EU ... isa/95900/
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