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Turkey - Acquiring Residency/Citizenship

Discuss immigrating overseas, and the visa and residency issues that go with it.

Turkey - Acquiring Residency/Citizenship

Postby Renata » Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:16 am

Acquiring Residency in Turkey is very easy. If you meet their requirements you can get residency once you are in the country on a visitors visa or any Turkish visa. Requirements are ..: Valid reason for wanting to stay, eg. I want to Teach english here & will find a school to help process my Work Permit :P + Bank Fund$

Here's the link for Antalya, Turkey ... icle&id=45

When I came into Turkey I got a leave to remain stamp for 3 months. Found a job & then tried to get a work permit. When I went to apply for it with just a company letter in hand plus the application requirements; the immigration officer was so kind. He suggested that I apply for residency. It was not my intention but I did and I got it

With Turkish residency you can process a work permit via a company, live, buy property, do or open business.

The best part is the immigration officer said before my residency expires come back & he'll give me a 5 year extension, then Citizenship. Shocking but great'. One can get 3 months residency or a year to start off with. I think once you have a purpose to be in this country that's all it takes.
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Re: Turkey - Acquiring Residency/Citizenship

Postby Renata » Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:21 am

Why Turkey?

Turkey is good for business. 95% of the food is organic food & affordable. The processed foods, canned foods & genetically modified foods are more expensive. I like this. Lifestyle choices here are healthy.

Although I find that everyone smokes cigarettes here, including women which is a negative for me. I can't go anywhere without smelling someone's smoke, yuck. :evil:

For a Muslim country it's quite liberal. I see couples snuggling in the streets. I assume istanbul is the most liberal.

You want to meet people from all over Europe, it's Antalya. As it's easy for them to find work & live etc.

Rent is cheap, food is cheap, public transport is cheap.

When I was in izmir, my friend's mom took me to the hillside to pick wild spinach; she came back with full baskets plus wild mushrooms, & fruits.

Turkey has a rich culture, history & lots of places to visit, is quite cosmopolitan which surprised me when I came back here. This is my 2nd visit.

There's a huge expat community too.

It's the only country in the world bordering Europe, Asia, & the Middle east.
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