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the american media is full of shit and hypocracy

Posted: September 18th, 2009, 10:35 pm
by firethrower1000
the only thing i can say is just take a look at shows on mtv or vh1 like "the hills"which is stupid and american girls just act nice on the cameras for good impression and what about shows like "megan wants a millionaire, or "i love money".....all they care about is Money and Fame....

Posted: September 18th, 2009, 11:25 pm
by Boner_Jones
So when you say it's easy to get laid in Belgium, are you saying it's easy for YOU or easy for guys in general? I believe you when you say Belgian girls look rich in culture and life compared to American girls, but I'm not sure that European girls are exactly easy lays either...

yes its easier

Posted: September 19th, 2009, 7:11 pm
by firethrower1000
Although i would say that is is easier than America yes for sure but compared to other european countries or south asia and africa i cant really say...all i can tell you is that here girls are very very feminine and smarter than most american girls...and here you can sense that its natural for a men and a woman to be attracted to men are aloud to look and be masculin without having to p***y up to them like the so called american princesses expects you to...everytime i leave my house i keep witnessing Winston's truthfull words...the best aspect here is that since Belgium is 2 hours away from France it is in poeples nature to be very very Romantic to one another when it comes to relationships for example in the street you can see couples kissing and hugging and cuddling anywere they want to unlike in america were that kind of behavior has absolutelly no value at all...abroad you get to experience real love and sex...and the conversation tips they give in america ere full of crap...Here its all about relaxing listening and full eye contacts since the eyes are the windows to the soul like Winston said.... to your question Belgian girls are sweet and relaxing and they usually get laid only after having passed kissing and cuddling stage....ALTOUGH there are plenty of prostitutes too for the ones that are in a hurry....LOL

Posted: September 21st, 2009, 8:00 am
by Winston
Wow that's interesting. I didn't know Belgium was like that, more open and natural. How are Belgium girls toward Asian men? Are they generally willing to date them, or only white men?

I've noticed that some Euro and Russian women will SAY they are not racist in dating, but then all their actions indicate that they only date white men, though they won't admit it directly. And of course, actions speak louder than words.

How did you find this site by the way?

reply to Vinstonas

Posted: September 21st, 2009, 6:09 pm
by firethrower1000
yes i have seen white and asian couples of both genders probably wont believe it but unlike the black girls in america i have seen about 65 percent of white males willing to date black women but i think that is because they are classy and from africa unlike those ghetto black american girls the way didnt i arleady told you how i found this has gotten to a point were american girls are really not feminine to me....America has also a growing number of tomboys and lesbians to make it worse....i really dont think american men are having as much fun as they pretend to be having....they just lie to hide Americas incompetence thats all....YOU WOULDNT IMAGINE HOW PITTYFUL IT IS, how low they are willing to stand to p***y up in the hopes of at least getting a number in America.....lets face it abroad people live to live because life is to be lived and when you go to bed and you realise that if you fall asleep and that you will not wake up the next day you will realise that all the plastic and materialistic stuff you have are the least important thigs on your to do list before dying, you will realise that Americas materialistic stuff and behavior has prevented you from living life to the fullest and as a matter of fact you will begin to love life you you are given a second chance and not die in your sleep...the majority of Americans never even travel so they end up stuck in this plastic reality that unatural and too unbalanced for my are you supposed to live life to the fullest when all you think about is always MONEY,MONEY, conclusion nobody wants to day lonely like some Americans....

Posted: September 27th, 2009, 5:01 pm
by Winston
So you've seen white female/asian male couples in Belgium? How often? Can you ask your Belgian female friends or relatives about interracial dating there?

So you found this site through a search engine? What did you type?

About the US media, yeah I despise them too. They are full of lies and most of their stories are designed to keep you living in fear and paranoia. They also spread this myth that all a person needs to be happy is to work and consume and have their privacy. If that was true then why are most Americans fat, grumpy, and irritable? Obviously it's a lie, designed to bolster the economy, at the expense of the people.

Have you noticed that?

What is the media in Belgium like? Does it focus on disasters, psychos, murderers, terrorism, and economic problems too?

All that shit is fear-mongering.

I've also noticed that people in America have this thick wall around them and are very private. It feels awkward meeting them. But in Europe, people usually talk to you like they already know you, natural and relaxed.

Did you also notice how different Americans are in the movies compared to real life? In the movies, they are very talkative, outgoing, expressive, open, warm and communicative. But in real life there's a thick wall around them, with big egos, very private and reserved and only talk to you if it's business related. It's a contrast greater than you can imagine.

Being abroad for three years, my only exposure to America was on TV and in the movies, and I got this impression that everyone there was very communicative and articulate. But I didn't see how big of a contrast it had with reality until now.

reply to vistonas

Posted: October 3rd, 2009, 1:40 am
by firethrower1000
lol believe me i often see white and asian interratial couples almost everyday even as teenagers its pretty natural here its not like in america where asians are classified as low standards thing that is a sertenty is that white europeans are a different race compared to white americans if you wnt a real white girl its best in europe because here they are pure america they mixed so much that they arent full white anymore...

unforunately i dont really remember what i typed to find this site its been too long....

NOOOO the belgium media is very informative and show what happens around the world, you actually get to learn something when you turn the tv on and not what stupid shows that focuses on money and plasic artificial stuff...

The thing is when i first went to Dallas Texas in 2004 i was so blinded by everything around me that at some point i even wished i was born in America but i realised it had its disadvantages as well...and something i remember very well is...hang on you are going to laugh at this but its important you hear it: as i complained about not being able to score with woman easily because of the culture differences and my bad english i was surprisingly told that" its far easier to get girls in America than where i came from" which is untrue and even you proved it...You see the thin is since i grew up in europe and left when i was 14 as i arrived in america and stayed there until i was 19 (i matured in my teenage years thinking that as i grew older i began to lack pickup techniques with woman) i didnt realise that the Location i migrated to was the problem and not me...WHICH IS A RELIEF IN THE END
You must have had such a hard time growing up in north America i cant even imagine the constant pressures being put on you when you are so young...specially since in america they dont believe in stuff like socially helping on another for a better quality of life...One thing i know is that its nearly impossible for a true human being to find complete happiness in america....
I read in your essay you said:Some Americans even consider me "weak" and "timid"...i know what you mean they do that alot...Altough i noticed people especially white punks often picked on my korean friend form Guam for no reason think that all asians ar nurds etc...i find it odd that the only friends i had in america were all foreing and foreign student in highschool tend to stick together in otrder to survive their school years now...Texas was so boring that all i did after school is usually go jogging or go to my koreans friends house or we usually went to the pool OH about the pool did you know that ameicans then to consider you gay if you go swimming with a guy friend or go to the movies with him or considered a loser if you go alone...and what they show on american movies is hypocritical averyone in america knows this by now believe me its just like you said its taboo and we cant talk about it if we wantto be seen as normal...BELIVE ME WINSTON even you havent seen nothing yet about what a contrast it is...The camaraderie like culture we have in europe ,africa and Asia is GREAT and HEALTHY too for some reason...i think the the HILLS is a hippocritical show as well and no matter how good they try too act you can still sense that wall of glass vibe...THE BEAUTY of being in europe specially FRANCE, Belgium and spain is that woman want you to approach them its like an inner need they have which is part of life in my opinion...I am currently saving money because i am going to the filipines with some friends next year...BY THE WAY they somehow showed a video on youtube showing Russia's Racism did you know about it???

Posted: October 3rd, 2009, 9:45 am
by Winston
Well I'm back in the US and I definitely feel it now.

There is SOMETHING in the air, vibe or atmosphere here in the US that makes you feel EMPTY, incomplete, like you're not good enough, etc. It makes you feel insecure and unworthy too. It's like your ego is fragmented. I think its a combination of the energy emanating from the people as well as the culture. It could be metaphysical too, you know what I mean? You believe in that too right? Energies and vibes are real. But some guys are not sensitive to them.

You must have a lot of guts and willpower to be able to come out and tell the truth about this even though it's totally TABOO to say these kind of things. The US is like an insane asylum, where the only people who are sane are those who are condemned.

Yes you are right, growing up in California was a nightmare and dysfunction beyond words. I felt like I wanted to die. Everyday I'd have to face this totally fake high school scene and try to fit in. If I can't, then I'm published and persecuted as a nerd and loser! It's like I am expected to do the impossible and punished if I can't. It was totally unfair and destroyed my self esteem and positive view of the world that Walt Disney gave me!

It made me insane too. At times I felt so empty that I wanted to die and wished death over the pain.

Only my deep resolve and willpower pulled me through. It was like a "Holocaust" experience for me, psychologically speaking. And so I want to bring exposure to it.

Some think I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but when you are a sensitive person, it affects you the worst.

Even out of high school, the society still has a "dysfunctional" vibe that's hard to describe. But you know what I mean. Those infested with it seem different, very unwholesome, like their soul or sense of self has been "fragmented". You know what I mean?

Oh yeah and I hate it when people say it's easy to get girls, but show zero proof and can't produce shit when asked to prove what they say. It's all talk and bullshit and denial. I hate that.

I didn't know girls in France were approachable. How come some say that they are snobby?

Loris, check out my new comparison chart. I added a lot more things to it. Do you agree with all the comparisons?

I'm glad you found this site. It's very unique and one-of-a-kind huh?

If you go to Philippines, let me know, and we can try to meet up. No I didn't hear about the Russian racism video. Feel free to share it here if you find it.

reply to vistonas

Posted: October 3rd, 2009, 2:19 pm
by firethrower1000
oooohhhh yes i do believe in energies and vibes and my worst year in America was in 2006 When i went to Highschool in Atlanta Georgia....when you arrive in Georgia the first vibe you get is the vibe of slavery there was before....And it sure doesnt make you comfortable thats for sure...but in school i experienced alot of pretty bad things one thing i remember experiencing was "survival" the highschool was 85 percent black and 15 percent white...and i am altough i am african i am 1/4 ITALIAN and 1/4 belgian so i looked stange to the eyes of black americans and most of them are more violent in nature than i was....i also hated theyre ignorance some of them ask dump questions like: do you sleep on trees in africa or, did you eat a lion or, do your dad carry a spear around the house...its true that most conversations are shildish in America...the foods they eat at school are mostly honeybuns,hamburgers,fries,pizzas, chips,cookies, and milk with artificial stuff added inside...eating it everyday and resultin in them being overweight ,some are even handicap phyically and mentally its a side sight to seem to have realised that the air is alot fresher outside the box...since you are asian you probably realised how americans lack nutrition variety in their foods...Fast foods are just nasty...even baked goods in america can have consequences on ones physical apperarence believe me...but i personaly think you would have had it worse in the south since in texas you need a car everywere you go...most of my friends always act chocked when they realised i left america thinking i should have stayed in this so called sure was no paradise with me having been banned from having sex for 3 whole years and when you realise that your friends back in europe are having it anytime they want it really suck...Actually america sees women as toys instead of human beings calling women bitches on theyre rap videos...Well its partly true that women dont act like true being for my taste i wont denie that...But i think what causes mental ilness is the combination of loneliness ,porn movies, lack of human contact,not being yourself etc...all those fusing together can have a major negative impact on the human american movies and porns can be very treaturous making you think that you must be doing something wrong because it works on the media...its all just an act...You probably remember how it looks as if people act as if their sociall life is so good and how it looks as if everybody is happy...when actually everybody is emprisonned by america's classical patterns on society...ITS SICKENING...always showing us boring stuff like which store paris hilton went this weekend etc...its always all about the people with money and high status...if PARIS HILTON call a sex tape a real status of course... when you look closely and pay good attention to what happens in america you will become very discusted...Not just because of americas bad health care but because of the way they operate...Meaning the health organic foods cost alot of money and fast foods, processed foods,baked goods,refined flour etc are other words to make it short: the rich get the best foods and the poor can die for all they care....That statement is a true fact that makes me want to pyuk and other countries everybody gets to eat fresh foods of earth the way humans were supposed to...even nip tuck wich is a good show shows how plastic people are in america...WHEN you talk to a white american girl annyone will notice the wall of disfunctional vibe unless they never really left america...Me coming from europe it was the first thing i picked up on girls...It made them unnatural to my tast and i hate the fact that they are masculing, trry to act tougher than men etc...America also has a large number of (tomboys,lesbians and gays)...THESE THREE categories prove that there is someting wrong with the social life of us citizens and its not helping the problem either in fact its making it worse....French girls snobby???NO THAT WOULD BE GENERALISING some can be at times because of the fact that some people want to immitate america thinking it cool etc...the comparison chart is true i as true as it gets but dont forget to add the fact that in america (only people who make good money can eat organic healthy foods and the poor well they are left to eat the processed junk and die for all they care) its a fact that is very true believe me...YEAH this site is not only unique but for a good cause, some poeple actually kill themselves because of whats happening thats how serious this is....

The Russia Racism video comes from the account of Journeymanpictures who has plenty of interesting videos about other coutries here is the Russia Racism video that kind of made me think twice about going to Russia one day you tell me what you think of the video? the link is