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Winston (The LEGEND!),


Yes, you got that order exactly right.  No problem for me to wait, just send me the discs when you can.


I'm in the process of reading your Russian journal and I think it's just incredible.  Your great writing has made me live the whole experience vicariously.  Seriously, I feel like I have now lived through the heavenly highs and hellish lows of being engaged to Katya and I need to see her now.  I want to see that Yanis fuckhead who ripped me off and screwed my fiancee... I am going to kick his ass!


I consider myself a very well-read person and I have never encountered a writer who is so unflinching when it comes to putting his real self onto the page.  You just put it all out there, your very best and worst traits, the crazy situations you get yourself into, without any type of "spin" whatsoever.  I can't tell you how many times while reading your journal I am practically yelling out loud, "Winston, you idiot!  Get out of there?", "Winston, how could you be so stupid?!" or "Good going, Winston, this one is going to work out!"  This is basically the internal monologue that all of us have with ourselves, only you have the courage to put it into writing and create this amazing character named "Winston."


This really is the stuff of great writing and literature and I could see these journals condensed into a book.  The subject matter will repulse all of the idiots, but those people who are willing to look beyond the political incorrectness will encounter a fascinating story full of laugh-out-loud moments.


Your fan,



P.S.  I just moved back to my crappy hometown of Pittsburgh last December after living in Pattaya for seven years and making countless trips to Angeles City.  I envy you!



Dear Winston,

                    I have looked at your YouTube videos of your trips to Russia and meeting those beautiful girls, and I must say, WOW! To be honest, it didn't surprise me that Russian girls are this friendly and approachable. I have encountered some of them here in Houston, Texas, and socialising with them is nothing compared to even trying to get a word to an American girl. But your videos are a milestone and real proof that Russian girls are very approachable and friendly, and it has given me hope for girlfriends beyond the USA. Keep up good work and keep spreading the truth!






Hey Winston,


Yes, I was able to view the photojournals. And I think you did a good job on the videos, too. The two women were down-to-earth and approachable (which you were aiming for), and I think you successfully conveyed these qualities. I also viewed your other videos and I think you have good presentation skills. A video I found particularly funny was the one in which you attempted to greet strangers in America, but they just went about their business as though you didn't exist. I found it comical simply because I can personally relate to such an experience, as I'm sure many others. It really demonstrates just how cold, unapproachable, and self-absorbed women here are. Then towards the end, you offer hope while playing the soundtrack from the new Batman movies. Brilliant. You're doing a great job with the video promotions.


I did read some of the comments for some of the videos, and saw a lot of vitriol to go along with some praise. I interpreted the venom in these comments as jealosy and envy. Instead of these men appreciating the initiative you've taken to open doors for other men, they'd rather sit on their couches and attack. And the women are angry that they can no longer derive pleasure in rejecting people like you and me anymore as more men discover they can now have a great social/dating life overseas. Don't allow the bashing to stop you from continuing to spread a life-changing message for legions of men.


As for the quote, yes you can use it. In fact, you can use my real name - Jelani. I'm from NY.


Take care



I was looking at the pictures in your photojournal and book, and you're very right: you can literally see the difference between American/non-American in terms of openness and curiosity women in just their eyes. When I was looking at the non-American female pictures, I thought to myself that I could easily ask them out with confidence, whereas when I saw pictures of the American females, I felt just the opposite. It's not surprising that you can get bad vibes from American women just by seeing their picture!


Your book has exposed me to a paradigm shift with regard to dating. My collection of dating/seduction books is now merely a repository of rubbish.


Jelani from NY



Dear Winston,

I've seen pictures via your wonderful website of you making out w/ beautiful women before, BUT the videos you took which recorded their warm behavior around you was, to use a word, inspiring (to say the least).  Never in my most inclusive-dreams could I imagine a place where a guy could get a peck from a woman (or give one for that matter) in a completely friendly, even welcomed circumstance, much like what happened between all of you situated around that car in your video.  Those videos you shot captured the very essence of what it is to be human, and I for one am glad you had the courage to go Russia and return w/ actual proof of what women from other cultures have to offer!

My hat's off to you, sir.  Keep up the good work!

Most sincerely and respectfully,



Hey Winston,


Yes, I was able to view the photojournals. And I think you did a good job on the videos, too. The two women were down-to-earth and approachable (which you were aiming for), and I think you successfully conveyed these qualities. I also viewed your other videos and I think you have good presentation skills. A video I found particularly funny was the one in which you attempted to greet strangers in America, but they just went about their business as though you didn't exist. I found it comical simply because I can personally relate to such an experience, as I'm sure many others. It really demonstrates just how cold, unapproachable, and self-absorbed women here are. Then towards the end, you offer hope while playing the soundtrack from the new Batman movies. Brilliant. You're doing a great job with the video promotions.


I did read some of the comments for some of the videos, and saw a lot of vitriol to go along with some praise. I interpreted the venom in these comments as jealosy and envy. Instead of these men appreciating the initiative you've taken to open doors for other men, they'd rather sit on their couches and attack. And the women are angry that they can no longer derive pleasure in rejecting people like you and me anymore as more men discover they can now have a great social/dating life overseas. Don't allow the bashing to stop you from continuing to spread a life-changing message for legions of men.


As for the quote, yes you can use it. In fact, you can use my real name - Jelani. I'm from NY.


Take care



man - you are the man - i have looked through very briefly on your site - but i want to walk in your footsteps man - i'm depressed here in the U.S - no action - absolutely no satisfaction - i see some of your fotos - all of the girls look hot to me.


i don't even have any chances with the ugly girls here in the U.S - sucks.




Hi Winston,

Thank you for allowing us to see the rest of your photojournals. They are really inspiring, as in the amazing women, places, and courage you showed in the Russian territory. If I had been mugged as you were, I really couldn't say that I would have stayed there or even made future trips back. I probably would have been on the first plane out of the country, running home to mom lol. I looked up your friend's book, Kinga Freespirit. It was shocking to learn that she passed away almost a few years ago. It's a real wake up call to how short a persons life may be, and really kicks the "travel and see the world" motivation in  gear- before you never get the chance.

I had a Russian girlfriend for two years. I didn't have to go to Russia, I was lucky enough to meet her here in the states. Unfortunately things didn't work out between us, but after my experience with her I don't feel that I can go back to dating American women. The food she used to make was excellent, she forbid me to clean anything, and sex was amazing. In my wildest fantasies I can't imagine an American woman forbidding me to clean lol. I'm a decent looking guy and haven't really had any problems getting women. But after my experience with my Russian ex, I really am not attracted to American girls anymore.

I could talk about this for hours but I know you're a busy guy and I don't want to ramble too much. In the future I plan to definetely purchase some of your travel DVDs. For the eye candy and also practical advice in how to travel. I've never left the country before and I have no clue how to travel wisely or practically. If there are any books that you can recommend, that would be greatly appreciated.

Also if it's alright for me to ask, I found Alina from Yoshkar Ola really appealing. She greatly reminds me of my ex. As my ex was from a small town too and held many talents as well. Would you happen to still be in touch with her? Maybe still have her email address? With my luck she is probably married to some lucky guy and has children by now, but it never hurts to ask.

I want to wish you good luck with Diane, you always seem to have your hands full. Not only with her, but also her family- which is ten times worse in my opinion. But if you look at the bright side you're gaining valuable experience with eluding major hassles and creatively solving problems. ;)

Happy Trails,


Hi Winston,

I just had a look through your free photo journals and the sights were amazing! As well as the girls!!! I recently broke up with my Russian fiance and I really don't see myself with another American girl again. The only reason that we split is because she didn't want to leave Santa Fe and I didn't want to live there. She was from Birsk in southern Russia. A sweet Tatar girl, though very impulsive and naive, I really wish she would stick to our original plan and come live with me in Florida, but it doesn't seem likely. Anyway I plan to order some of your videos in the somewhat near future just to get a better idea of what to expect on my trip there. I wanted to thank you for all of the very important inside information to Russia. I also wanted to ask if you still have "Natasha from Tula's" email address? She seems like a very sweet genuine girl, exactly what I am looking for. Again thank you for this site.



Hello Winston Wu,

I saw your website and read most of your articles and watched your photos. Looks like you fit in Russia pretty well, unless I was wrong or you faked it out. I am just wondering, did you pay all the girls you met in Russia? I would assume so, since you love to belittle Asian guys and making us seem like there's no hope for love and sex with beautiful blondies all over the world. So you think being taller really makes a big difference in meeting women? Hey, Winston, I'd love to talk to you. If you have Skype or Google Talk, please let me know, if you are interested. I am an Taiwanese guy, 26 and I love white girls. In fact, I prefer white girls over Asian girls any time, and I would love to hear your advice and experience with them.

Sorry my email was not working, but now it is working! Thank you for your time to read this message.


Steve OY

Hey Winston, Me and a few mates from Australia were lucky enough to stumble across your shared photos from your trip to Russia. Hope you dont mind us viewing them but they are a hit :-) . Your photo collection is fantastic and we were very impressed



Subject: Polish girls


Hello there,

I found your website address on some forum. I read few pages and I

 found it very interesting, I'll read all of it as soon as I can.

I've noticed your comments in photojournal from Poland that Polish

 girls are not as approachable as Russian or Lithuanian girls. There are two

 explanation of that fact - first thing is that some part of Polish

 become less approachable in last one or two decades; second thing is this

 strange fascination of many Polish people in "Western culture" in

 general and particularly in "American culture", they assimilate everything,

 even most stupid things. That's a pity some (you can't tell how many)

 girls start to behave more like American girls, loosing their true

 nature, even more pity it applies mostly to so-called "hotties".


By the way, I also noticed your interest in short skirt/long legs/boots

 combination and pink color so popular in Russia and/or Lithuania and

 less popular in Poland. Actually, wearing this kind of color/outfit

 combination by non-Polish girls is considered in Poland as a mark of former

 soviet republic girls and their rather strange taste of fashion. Well,

 I know that might sound strange, rude and disrciminative - belive me

 it isn't. Actually it's much worse if Polish girl wears that because

 that's not just "strange taste" - many people will automatically suspect

 her to be airheaded, shallow, slutty etc., she will be called "Barbie

 doll" or "Smurfette" behind her back. And in many cases that's not far

 from truth...






Subject: Winston MY HERO - Question?


Hi Winston,

I've been reading you posts now probably for  about 4 years.  You are a hero for the underdog, proving that with balls and determination you can find fun, sex, love, and happiness in this sexless world.  I actually went to Ukraine after reading and seeing your Russian videos.  Keep up the great work! 


I also agree with you, that it is not that much about changing yourself, but about changing where you live and play.  I moved to Atlanta when it was good (now it is not) and went overseas looking too.


I have a serious question about the Philippines:

Is it safe for a white/caucasian guy?  Are there many white guys there?  I had read that Philippines can be dangerous for kidnappings.  What do you know?   Any other crime.  Thank you for your help.  







Winston --

I really enjoyed the photos you provided. They were great. You did a great job of narration also. I visited Moscow, Kazan and Yoshkar-Ola in 2004. Incredible isn't it?


I will visit Simferopol in April and May of 2007 with possible stop in Odessa.


Thanks again,

Tim (Ky)



:) that's a nice video :) could win the MTV awards :)



My Dear Friend Winston,

We are sitting here listening to your video. You rocked our socks off! We freakin love you Winston. The highlight of your video was you in that sexy striped shirt. You looked like a jail bird. Hot with a captial H.

I would love to receive a call from you.




What's up, Winston?!?!?
Remember, me?  David Chen.  We met here in San Jose, CA.  Remember?  I
went to the Denny's together and I treated you pancakes.
Man, you rock!!
You are so famous!
Everyone knows you!
The music video rock, man!    I watched it many times, and it was
hilarious!  I love it, man.
Hey, I have a great idea.  You can compose a movie out of it and play it
in the movie theaters, name it something like:  "The adventure of Winston
Wu".  I honestly think this will work great, and you can potentially make
millions out of it.  Really, I'm not kidding you, Winston.  Although your
videos may not show the best of you, but it is what people want to see. 
Have you heard of Jackass, the movie?  They made millions out of being
stupid.   Also, there's a Chinese guy (I forgot his name, but I think his
last name is "Chang") from Stanford university.  His voice was so
terrible, but he made some music and it was so bad that a lot of people
bought it to get a good laugh.   People will buy weird things, so to cash
in you just have to be the first one.
I do know that the music video from website portrays you
as being kind of silly.  But sometimes that's what consumers want.  The
movie Jackass and the songs from "Chang" are some of the real-life
Think about it, Winston.  I think it's really a great business opportunity
if you could get your movies (about your journeys to Russia) to the
cinema.  But of course you have to make it very funny like what did to your music video.
Let me know what you think.  Thanks! wrote: 
> Dear all, 
> You won't believe this, but there is a site now called > that has me featured on it, though still under construction. They > emailed me first for permission to feature me though, which was nice > of them. But what they have so far is pretty neat. I can't believe > there are people out there who invest a lot of personal time to > feature me on their site. lol 
> > First, here is a strange drawing they did of me. I don't know why > they puffed up my cheeks like that. I'm not that fat! 
> > 
> > Next, here is a section where you can see some funny video clips of me > taken from my own Russia trip videos (they ordered a copy of them from > me before, but I don't remember them). They include clips of me > dancing, pick up attempts on girls, getting brushed off, and a few > clips of me kissing girls too. It's a pretty funny series of preview > clips all rolled into one. Check it out. Here's the link: 
> > .html 

Hi Winston! 
The video clip is really excellent and funny. Is there a hight definition version? 
Celebrity is achieved when people start copying you and doing parody. 
You are a celebrity now! 
Best regards, 



Hi! My name is Kevin. I'm from the Philippines. I spent the last two days reading ( or rather looking ) at your pictures. It was a like movie!!!! ( thought your ending isn't that happy :< ) I really learned a lot from your site.


My father is slated to get a fiancee visa in the US, and after a year, or so ( when he's a US citizen ) he might petition me. ( I'm 29 btw - kinda late ) After reading your views on the dating scene there, and the character of the folks over there, it behooves me to ponder on the wisdom of relocating there ( if ever!!! ).


Anyway I hope they make a movie out of your life one day!!!!



Hey Winston. Thanks so much for the contacts and the
collages. You sure are a ladies man, both in the
Western world and the Eastern. Canadian girls are
great, well most of them. Yes, go ahead and post my
comments. I want my views to be shared. By the way, do
you know which cities are better to travel to
Tula/Ryazan/Volgograd or Ishevsk/Kazan/Ekaterinburg? I
really want to avoid any WHITE Americans while I am
there, just have to much bitterness toward them. By
the way, can you tell me of which are good agencies to
get profiles from? If you have any questions, just let
me know. Appreciate it.

Take care,



Hey Winston. Thanks for the help of your emails. Did
you have a list of some people and their emails? The
collages were fantastic. Loved every girl shown. I
went through your photo album 2003 and I must say you
were like a different person out you were
possessed by Anyways, how did you plan
that trip to meet so many women there? It seemed that
every town you went, you had somebody waiting for you
there. I could not understand this...were they penpals
or were they mail-order women you contacted? I am
writing to some penpals to help show me around so
hopefully some girls reply. I especially liked the
beauty pageant girls and the Katya Bombshell you met
as well. At those agencies like Virginia or
Afirstlove, were you allowed to date women directly? I
dont know anything about this. One thing that still
bewilders the hell out of me is the ease and
confidence of how you met women in any public place. I
hope things are still the same way in Russia nowadays,
3 years since your last trip. I want to meet some
gorgeous women but with character as well. I surely
will head to Tula/Volgograd and
Ishevsk/Ekaterinburg(if time permits) since the small
city women will be more genuine/less like to scam...In
your opinion, which city combination will be better
for meeting more beautiful/genuine women? There are so
many blondes in Russia I could faint if I saw so
many!! Getting horny there is also a problem, I
suppose, because sleeping with them seems phenomenally
easy. Your pictures are probably going to keep me up
all night, cause of those damn beautiful exotic
creatures I saw in the photo album (especially that
blonde haircutter from Ismailovsky park and Katya). I
wonder why I wasted my so much time here when so many
nice women would be willing to meet me half way around
the world. It just doesn't make much sense...does it?
And no one told me about the opportunity to meet women
until last year!!! Let me know about answers to these
questions. Surely appreciate it.

Take care,



Hey Winston,

Hi there Winston, I'm just writing to let you know that I've just received
the DVDs today. So far I've finished the 1st disc and am in the process of
checking the out the 2nd disc. I must say that you have exquisite taste in
women as almost all of the girls that I've seen have been gorgeous. Anyway
after looking over your photojournal once again, I'm now interested in
purchasing the disc for your first trip to russia/ukraine in 2002 so look
out for a paypal payment from me sometime in the very near future. BTW I was
curious about your love life post-Russia. Do you still feel the same about
the dating scene in the US now after all your experiences in these other
countries? And are you seeing anyone currently? Once again it's been a
pleasure and hope to hear from you soon.




Yes, I saw all nine of them.  Very good!!  The photos for the second trip I had already seen before but looked through again.  This time I got to see all the photos.  I had seen those when you had it up before back in January before I ordered the trip 3 videos.  After seeing them again and the photos from your first trip, I can't wait to see the actual videos.
I kept getting so upset when seeing the photos of Katya & Julia and I kept thinking - Winston, why can't you see through her.  And I remembered from the trip 1 photos when you first met Katya, that according to what you wrote, she said that she was interested in marrying a foreign man, preferably a RICH one.  And I'm thinking - bells should be going off in your head over that statement.  But then I remember that I am looking at this knowing what eventually would happen whereas you did not at the time.  And even then, we guys tend to sometimes think with other areas of our bodies other then our heads, don't we.:)
Well, that's all for now.  Again, the photos were great and I can't wait to see the videos of trips 1 & 2.;action=display;num=1131368826;start=15


Re: Photo collage of 100's of girls I dated in Rus

« Reply #17 on: Feb 11th, 2006, 2:06am »  Quote  Modify 


Hey folks, even the "top" Asian PUAs (who claim to be the antithesis of WW - by relying upon "game" and self-defined realities) live in the EU (or moved there).  WW bagged all these babes in Russia.  And even if some of them were gold-diggas - look at him - there's no way in hell he could even come close to getting any gold-diggas like that in the USA!  So, obviously, the bell curve is vastly shifted over in favor of AMs in the EU!  Face the facts and give this guy some credit, people!


Look at Rick for god's sakes - most of his "partners" are all from the EU AS WELL!  Face it folks, EU = man-loving AM HEAVEN!  USA = man-hating AM HELL!  No way around that one...the evidence is just overwhelming.




You are my hero. When will you have another trip to
Russia? I will go with you. Maybe you could organize a
group for Russia girls.



Winston, I am amazed at your ability to attract women
that are much more attractive than yourself.  I wish I
had more of your magic.  I consider myself much more
attractive than you, but you seem to do better with
the ladies.  What is your secret?



Hi Winston


not sure how i got your website but its fantastic


i have been travelling around europe for the past 5 months and have a photo gallery of my own.... but the photos are pretty tame, i left my camera at home on most occassions when i was with girls but you my friend are a legend when it comes to that!!!!


my website is and i have commentary on emails if you are interested.


yes add me to your mailing list pls






I just finished viewing your 2005 photojournals.
With all those pictures, I feel like I was there too.
Wow, what an adventure!
Can you tell the group what is happening with you currently...





Thanks for sharing your photos.    I like what you said about Russian women treat Asian better than the Americans.   You have encouraged me to visit Russia.  


My friend's co-worker is married to a beautiful Russian woman.  She's 30 and he's in his late 40's or early 50's.   She knows where all the places to meet women.  She said that if we don't make a move on Russian ladies while on a date with them, they would be insulted or think we don't like them!  That's awesome!  Here in American, you're most likely get rejected or at best get a good night kiss or hug at the end of the night after spending so much money on them.

If you like, I'll be happy to share my story on what are the great places to pick up beatiful Russian Ladies when I go with my friend's co-worker and his wife to visit Russia next year!


What are the reputable Russian Singles websites that would you recommend?  I'd like to start corresponding with those Russian ladies before visiting Russia.  


Thanks!  I appreciate you advise.





Hey Winston,

Yes, I got all of your emails.  I really envy your happy times and travels
through Europe.  Wish my life could be that exciting.  Sorry I couldn't
reply you earlier.  I had so many changes in my life: quit my first real
job, found a new one, got sick, sold my condo, finally moving in to my new
townhome in Ontario.  My sister also just got married this past weekend.

I read your biography.  It was really amazing to see you recover from those
bad emotional experience.  Anyway, I couldn't go through all your photos,
but I got through some of them.  I must admit some of the Russian chicks
were quite hot.

Ok, gotta go now.  KIT.

David C.



Dear Winston,

Thanks a lot for going out of your way to see if Alina
was interested.  It sounds as if I might have a good
friend to show me around the place when I get there.
That will be greatly appreciated.  Just based on what
she wrote you, she sounds extremely smart! 

So, by the way, have you found any other appealing
women after Katya?  I mean, are there any you'd really
consider marrying?  By the way, I saw your other photo
album that you sent me with respect to your six-week
ordeal in Moscow; VERY IMPRESSIVE. 

Also, I find the articles on your web page very
interesting.  They definitely entice one to think.




Hi Winston
I have been very impressed with your special missions
in dealing with Russian women. You have the skills and
tact to deal with these Russian women on their terms
on their own turf. Many of these guys on the list seem
to miss this very important fact.

From your posts you clearly turned the tables on
quite a few of them and you clearly proved with your
photos. Photos prove everything they backup the talk.
You walk the talk so to speak and very few of these
other men on these Blogging site can ever claim this
not even the agency owners whom many are scamming many

I would like to meet with you in the near future to
discuss a idea I have and your knowledge of Russia
would make this a valuable asset.
Look forward to hearing from you
Best Regards



Dear Winston,

I hope I'm not being a bother, but I saw your pictures
in Russia and I'm very impressed.  Damn, you had a lot
of beautiful women at your hands.  Although I'm going
to Russia to fulfill my foreign language requirements
in college, I don't think it'd be a bad idea to hit on
all the hot women that everyone's talking about.  My
Russian professor here tells me that the women will be
all over me in Saint Petersburg. 

What was your experience like in St. Petersburg with
respect to the women?  I know your pictures reveal
some women in St. Petersburg, but I'm sure that's only
half the story.  So, I take it that European women are
more open than ones in the U.S.?  I don't find Western
women that bad other than the fact that they have
become quite materialistic and unwelcoming to
approaching strangers. 





The first CD did not play any scene of Marta.  I will
look again, but as I told you, it skips.  If you don't
mine, I would like to have the Sony DVD as it may work
better.  My DVD player is an advanced Sony system, so
perhaps they will be more compatitable. 

Katya's photos were OK.  I mean she did not look as
good as she used to.  I have seen many other girls
from the Ukraine in similiar photos and they looked
alot better.  Don't get me wrong, I would fuck the
hell out of Katya if I had the chance, but it would
not be a big deal.  But the way, her mom looked old
and beaten-up and I was thinking that Katya will look
exactly like her mom soon.  Poor guy who ends up with

By the way, her friend with the baby (I can't recall
her name) her apartment was very nice.  I thought the
guy she married was poor and yet, she seams to have
money.  Where did all those nice things come from?

Alina and her family were nice, don't get me wrong.
There was something about her that just didn't seam
normal.  After all, you did have problems with the way
she treated you, correct?  I guess that's why you did
not marry her.  I guess what I did not like about her
was that seamed immature, which is very normal for a
19 year old. 

What's the story with Lyuba?  I thought you once wrote
that she was writing to a guy in Florida and they were
very much in love, but could not meet due to financial
reasons.  Why don't you think she's hot?  The video
and pictures didn't really show a good shot of her
entire body.  Did I miss something like no ass? 

Winston, I will probably order the rest of the DVD's,
however, not now.  Next week I will be in Canada for a
week long conference.  I return for a couple of days
and then I will be visiting customers in the
Caribbean.  Afterwards, I will take my two week long
vacation in Russia perhaps?  I sincerely don't know if
I will go on vacation, as I may buy a new car and
motorycycle ( I want some new toys - if you know what
I mean) and will  have no money left over.  The
earliest I would order the DVD's to watch would be
sometime in December.

Winston, as I was watching your adventures, I was
thinking what a lucky person you are to have
experienced so many things - regardless if they were
positive or negative.  You did this on your own, and
you should be proud of yourself.  Most of your enemies
simply sit and write behind a computer, but you have
lived it - which means a lot more.  Think of how many
men in the US will never have the chance to do what
you have done.  I guess what I admire most about you
is that you been willing to share your experiences
with the rest of the world to enjoy, and I am happy to
have come across your site 3 years ago, as I feel I
have gotten to know more about Russia via you.



W:  Lithuania is my favorite.  Did you see the last part before with Marina, the last girl I met in Yoshkar-Ola?  I think so was that at the race one that you went around with talked about ant hill. You just arrived in Warsaw when I stoped last night. I am really starting to enjoy your Travel. I see you evolve as it where. From Pussy straight hound sniffin around  to more relaxed soaking in the experience of Travel.  


I can't get over how Modernized all the facilites are like mall in Moscow & Restaurants compared to Western Ukriane.


 You mean I don't look fat like Buddha? You don't look like a round Budda

I would say in that clip your are as Handsome as any other man


Did you see the kiddy jacket that Alina's family gave me?  I regret wearing it now, but I had no choice. No I did not see it may have been lost in Glitching 



W:  So which part of disc 2 could you not see? I started with Sochi  very bad & Alena Meeting her playign guitar was glitchy & of family   Is that the only disc that's unplayable?


Is your brother still watching?  If he's a devout Christian, he may be repulsed by it.  \He may be saved by lord still is  a man


Also, when I get to Kaunas, Lithuania, I start video taping lots of perfect looking legs and asses. Saw the Legs & ass you are very bold  You might want to keep your brother away during that!!!!!!! Where your hooker in Vyborg saw the infamose boat & room


But I think it may be you sleeves. Remember DVD Information is Microscopic & they can take the littlest scratch or mar. If you a solid box they may hold up better. The ones I use I got at frys they are double case $8 for 20 cases that will hold 40 DVD better deal then disc savers those cd plastic cases

W:  The sleeves have a protective cover.  It shouldn't do that. It the fact they make contact with written surface slding them in & out. I rent Disc from Vidoe store they get glitches similar from little mars & scratches   That is strange.  How often did it freeze up? A small glitch every 5-10 minutes on the disc that played. I know you are pulling your hair out about now with the techincla troubles. Years ago I distrubted 700 CD's with Video for marketing many would not play even though they palyed when I tested thoug.


|I bought some disc at Fredy Myer that worked very well for me they are Everyday Livng Brand. Kind of Generic but got great results. Another hins is stay with 8X compatiablew writtign speed 16x are nothing but troubles. I have some Memeorex from office Depot would not write at all even after I upgraded Firmware they work in DVD recorder at 1x but wont copy in computer



|I don't know if i told you I just ordered ticket & leaving Novmeber 3rd again for Ukriane will stay till Febuary. Since tickets over 3 months stay  go up Dramaticly





Told my friend you where writer he want to start writing free lance sounded interested in contacting you


W:  Does he write for a living? No he wants to very Intelligent Man  Can he offer me work?




Too be honestly with you Winston, I think almost all of the girls you
hit on (and many of them
you scored) are all very hot.  This makes me wonder how you did it,
especially the fact that
you're an oriental.  I know some guys who has a lot more than you, but
they can't do
anywhere near what you did (in terms of girls of course).

I think I now equate Winston Wu as expert in picking up hot chicks. 





There is pussy all around don't give that whimpering I am asian & white chicks  don't dig asian dick.


Your like Jacki Chan & James Bond Rolled into one fighting off muggers & getting pussy


Hey I sent off today by US mail 4 DVD for you of my times in Ukraine winter & summer look forward to seeing your collection.







Just want to tell you that you've done an excellent job in keeping your readers informed on what your life is like while you are in Russia. You are a great writer in that you give very very detailed description about the people you've met, your surroundings that I feel like I'm traveling right with you. And the photos that you share with us brought everything even more closer for the reader. You have me mesmerized to your emails and I look forward everday to receiving your updates!


your friend,




Hi Winston;


I went through all the photos and articles. Nice work. Glad you are sharing

with others. I have been to CIS over half dozen times and also got married

to one lady almost for 7 years now.


Keep up the good job. You need to pull your site out of Geocities since they

don't let you view it due to bandwidth restriction- just after one visit!


It would be nice to see the video too.







Hi !


I'm sorry I didn't write you after I read your story.  I was so frightened

that you had something bad happen to you.  You are lucky that it was only



I wasn't suprised that they pulled something like that on you.  When I saw

that picture of Katia, I also fell instantly in love with her, and everyone

I had shown it to also did.  I would have married her and when she turned

sour for you, I felt sick to my stomach, because I would have done the same

thing.  It's too bad she was so money hungry.  I can tell her friend

(julia?) was giving her the advice.


I knew she was f*cked up in the head when I saw how she died her hair pink.


Thank you for sending me the updates today.  It's sad to know her life is

doomed now.



Dear Winston,

I want to thank your for your interesting and educational picture galleries

on your trips to Russia. I enjoyed browsing through all those pics. I also

enjoyed looking at all those beautiful russian women.

I still can't believe you were there so long and your 6 month trip there

must have been a learning experience.

If possible, I would love to talk to you about your trips and russian women

in general. I myself want to marry a russian woman.

Have you found your russian princess yet?

Oh, I'm sorry for what that one woman did to you...the one that scammed you.

She was a knockout though.

Anyway, if you have the time and want to help out a humble engineer, you can

email me a phone number so that I can call you.

I live in San Diego, California, USA.





Winston, I just finished your Photo Journals


All I can say is "WOW"


I need to leave my work (4 people asked me to send the link; a success!, but

I want to ask you before I shut the computer down:


1. Do you own


2. How much did you spend on your 6 week and 6 month trip to Russia?


3. what exactly happened with Katya, and the "condom" scam.  Where is the

"journal" that has details?


I'm going to think about all this and absorb it. Am I going to Russia now? 

Should I have learned Russian instead of Chinese?  It looks like you did

better in Russia than I did in TW by far!


More later


Your new FAN!









I  wanted to say I enjoyed viewing all the wonderful pictures on your journey through Russia.  Seems like it was definitely an adventure of a lifetime.

You did a great job photographing, and narrating with your captions.


I could tell just by the pictures and captions you were giving that Katya was big time trouble.  Be thankful that situation didn't end up worse than it could have been.

You must always try to keep your guard up with women, and if something seems even a bit off, it usually is, trusting your instincts is key.


I plan on making a trip to the Ukraine sometime in the next year or two, and have done quite a bit of research on varius sites and agree with you that the negative opinion most Americans have on Russia, fed to them by the media is just inaccurate.


A friend of mine just completed his third trip to the Ukraine, and plans on marrying a beautiful, intelligent girl he met through an agency who he has visited twice. 

They have applied for a fiance visa, It takes approximately six months to be approved. That is part of the reason that got me interested in the process of seeking a foreign women.


My friend has spent over $20,000 during these three visits (for everything...air fare/lodging etc.) and this is the only reason why I haven't gone yet.  I'm getting my finances in order as I don't like to be in any sort of debt, so I want to save up before hand.


If you don't mind me asking, how was someone so young as yourself able to afford 6 months (plus 6 weeks prior) abroad?  I don't know how old you are but you certainly don't look a day over 25 and I'm guessing your a year or two younger than that.


I'm 33 now, and would never be able to afford 6 months over there.

It appeared that most girls you met were around the ages of say 18-23, were the older girls that I would be going after (25-33) as gorgeous as the younger ones factoring in the age thing?






Oh ya, check out    a very, very informative forum where men get together and talk about their experiences in pursuing Russian women.



Hi Winston,


I totally concur with your view, without Katya and

Julia, your trip would definitely not been as

interesting as both of these girls are not boring.

Like I said, I enjoyed watching them very much.  Its

strange that there is something to them that's hard to

explain, except that they keep you off balance at

times and that is what "Hooks" us men.  I guess I can

compare it to a drug that give you highs and lows and

your really don't know what to expect.  This however,

is very dangerous behavior and should be avoided at

all cost, as its not healthy for you.  I can guarantee

that their future men will end up in a mental hospital

if they are not careful, as these girls love you one

minute and hate you the next and finally tell you that

the strange one is YOU.


The first video tape was excellent and the second

acceptable, but not as cleared.  Did you use a

different camera?


Winston, I heard you mentioned that you were bored of

Russia and headed back to Riga to get a renewed visa.

What did you mean you were "bored" of Russia?   (you

were in the bus and I did not catch it all)  Please



I think the worst part was coming back home to the

U.S. and not being around those beautiful girls and

not being in magical Russia.  I can really feel for

you as I have, at times, felt the same way.  Its like

Dances with Wolves, where Lt. Dunbar realizes that the

Indian way of life was better than the society he

belonged to.  He said that "Never met a people more

eager to laugh, dedicated to each other and devoted to

family"  Do you feel the same way and miss Mother

Russia?  Perhaps you are a Russian deep inside,

especially now that you are back in our

"Materialistic" society of fake people.


I course I want to on your list of writings and views.

I enjoy reading your stuff as you are a talented



Finally, yes the tapes did keep me glued to the TV and

I am still watching them as I can't get enough -

ironically, I would like to meet Julia and Katya and

can only guess that they are "famous" among your



Keep me updated.


Your friend,





I received the tapes this past Saturday and saw them

over the weekend.  They are great and I really enjoyed

watching them both.  Since I had read your travel

notes and saw all your pictures, there were easy to

follow.  I even anticipated some scenes as I

remembered the sequence of pictures well. 


I was surprised to find that most of Russia is very

modern.  I sincerely don’t know why I expected to see

a third-world country, when it fact, it was a modern

as many Western countries.  The girls were incredible

and were more beautiful on video than in pictures. 


Julia and Katya were fun to watch and are stunning,

however, they are sincerely dysfunctional and need of

some serious “Electric Shock” therapy.  They were not

worth the effort of visiting (as there were plenty of

good women around) and are only good for nothing but

sex.  I have met girls like these and they like to be

treated badly and can’t appreciate a stable

relationship as they enjoy the “crazy” life.

Ironically, the worst you treat them & make they do

specific things in return for your money (like sex),

the more they will like you.  At least you were able

to nail Katya, and that was definitely worth the



I think that you missed a great opportunity with

Marsha (the girl who had the 5 kittens).  She will

definitely make a good wife and perhaps you should

consider her for marriage.


Watching the airplane trying to land on your second

trip was scary and it brought back many memories as I

have been in this situation many times.  It still

scares the hell out of me and I know you were

frightened.  The good thing is that Lufthansa has some

really good pilots and they know their routes. 


I will continue to watch the tapes over again and will

make further comments.  I also wanted to thank you for

sharing your experiences with me as it has taught me a

lot about visiting Russia.  I do plan to make my visit

to Belarus later this year and will let you know.  In

the meantime, keep me updated on your upcoming trip

and put me on your list of people who want to buy the

tapes of your next visit.  I also look forward to

reading your notes and seeing your pictures.  Keep in



Best Regards,    



Hello Winston,                                           

                                                         Today I had the

opportunity to veiw the many pictures of your trip to Russia. They were

interesting and I found your writings on the people and country very

insiteful. I just received my tesl certificate and was considering the

Russian experience as an option... the women and culture seem too good to

pass up!  I am a 37 year old Canadian male and have tired of the North

American woman... a real woman awaits somewhere, and Russia may be just the

place.                                                     Have you had the

opportunity to teach in Russia?  If so what schools would you recommend and

where are they located? Your input is greatly appreciated, Yours Truely

Stuart Nabe                   Ps. Have you been back to Russia since you

took the pictures... If so have you found the lady of your dreams? To bad

about Katya... she was pretty hot! Too bad she wasn't one of the old

fashioned Russian ladies that we read about, sigh


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