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Preface and Acknowledgements



It is not easy to write a book like this that goes against the grain and transgresses many taboos. To do so requires passion, vision and a fervent dedication to truth and a higher purpose. But when one follows the path of truth and conviction, one often receives help along the way.


And that has been the case here as well. The more I wrote for and championed my cause, the more others contributed with their experiences, observations and testimonies. Together we validated and supported each other so that we knew we were not alone. This book wouldn?t have been possible without the help and support of many others. So I am deeply grateful and thankful to all my Advisors, Fans, Readers and Forum Posters for their contributions and quotes. Together we make a difference.


I am proud to present this mega compilation of intellectual essays, compelling arguments, reasons, facts, photos, comparisons, testimonials and quotes from people all over the world that testify to a real hope and solution for lonely frustrated single men all across America for a better love, life and truer freedom overseas. It is a reality that has transformed lives and spirits.


Many tales and observations from expats and perpetual travelers are presented who have experienced richer and more soulful cultures beyond the US Matrix. Though nothing beats personal experience, this collection is sure to be the next best thing.


It is sure to inspire alienated and isolated misfits in America to pursue a richer and more fulfilling international lifestyle in saner cultures that have not yet befallen to the narcissism and segregation of America's culture and lifestyle.


Deep down, everyone in this movement has lived by the motto of "The truth shall set you free" while speaking unprecedented truths that have not even been accepted in the alternative media genre yet. For that they should be commensurated as pioneers.


So it is my hope that this collection will be a source of inspiration, hope and validation to you all in your quest for truth, happiness and an authentic joyful existence.


In closing, I would like to again thank all who were a part of this work, either directly or indirectly. I give special thanks to my Expat Advisor Ladislav for his many contributions of wisdom and experience throughout this book which has greatly elevated the content to a higher perspective that I could not have achieved myself. I also thank my other Advisors for their help, and my Fans, Readers and Forum Posters for their participation and contributions as well.


And I thank you the Reader for your interest and courage in learning about the life-changing truths and discoveries presented here as part of your own journey. May the spirit of freedom, authenticity and shared happiness always follow you as I wish a safe and pleasant journey through life.



Winston Wu

Founder of



Foreword?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Table of Contents