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HAPPIER ABROAD  Why You Will Have A Better Love and Life Beyond America




Happier Abroad Grand Ebook


Table of Contents


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"What I also love about this ebook is Winston's philosophical view of the world. I have never in my life seen an Asian guy with such a brilliant, philosphical mind. There have been times when I thought I was crazy thinking the way I was thinking, especially as it pertains to America and its awful, non-inclusive culture. However, after reading Winston's words, I totally feel relieved and vindicated, knowing full and well it's society that is crazy, not me!" - Steve Hoca, Radio Host on Men's Issues, in his Review



Front Cover

Back Cover

Foreword by Ladislav, Chief Advisor of Happier Abroad

Preface and Acknowledgements

Table of Contents

Photo Collage of My Dating Life Abroad

- Russia and Ukraine

- Eastern Europe

- The Philippines

Quotes and Praises of Winston Wu from Fans, Friends and Advisors


- About me

- Objectives

- How I was “saved abroad” once before

- Why we can’t look to the US media for truth about a better life abroad

Preliminary notes

A BIG SECRET I want to share with you!

- What about money?

Why people leave America: The REAL reasons

- Four major things in America that drove me overseas
- Why dating abroad is not for losers


Social culture and people      

·        Highlights of general differences

·        Why America is bad for Social Life, Dating and Mental Health

·        What America is good for and what it isn’t

·        Bland cookie cutter architecture vs. rich stimulating one        

·        Meeting people - clique restrictions vs. free-flowing

·        Isolation/exclusive vs. Communal/inclusive atmosphere 

·        Talking to strangers - North America vs. Most Countries 

·        “Breaking the ice” – Proof that Americans are uncomfortable talking to strangers

·        In America: going out alone = staying alone   

·        The big social Catch-22 in America 

·        Why I am incompatible with the American social environment 

- Social skills with the flow vs. against the flow

·        New! Closed cliquish business cultures vs. Open passionate social cultures

·        Americans by their actions love being lonely workaholics

              - Study shows that more money = less social

·        Documented proof of anti-sociality in America in one of the worst places

- Visual proof of isolationist social environment on ferry ride vs. the opposite

·        Identity determined by cliques vs. who you are            

·        Friendships - US vs. most countries

·        Interconnectedness vs. Separateness: Why Americans overinflate themselves and try to "fit in"

Why Americans tend to overinflate their ego/confidence/attitude

The conflicting oxymoron of trying to "fit in"

- Some offshoot effects of “separateness” in America

·        New! Fragmentation vs. Wholeness: Why you feel alone and insecure in America

·        Family harmony vs. Fight for control

·        Artificial smiles/greetings vs. sincere ones

      - Study shows that fake smiles/greetings can lead to bad health

      - "How are you?" - How Americans reinforce fake optimism with each other

·        Social communication style - artificial/plastic front vs. natural/relaxed

·        American laughter - constrained/inhibited vs. Foreign laughter – flowing/uninhibited

·        Lack of intellectual curiosity in America 

·        Cultured Foreigners vs. Uncultured Americans (specific examples) 

  - Cultured soulful eyes vs. empty soulless eyes

·        Intellectuals young and old         

·        Persecution of geeks and nerds – America’s unwholesome quirk

·        Being different or a misfit = alienation in America 

·        Blacks and Asians - Inferiority complex vs. wholesome integration

·         Rich inner life vs. total emphasis on outer        

·        Letters from typical American vs. European youngsters (See for yourself)

·        Young people - empty bags of air vs. depth 

·        Nightlife: America vs. Europe, Russia, Latin America 

·         American Culture/Life = Hype + Consumerism 

·        Propaganda vs. Real Life in America

- The life of the typical married American man

·        The Industrial Culture and Automaton Populace of America (Understanding the European perspective of America)

·        New! Debunking the Myth of Freedom and Democracy in America (with Facts and Overseas Experiences)

            - Democracy debunked

            - Freedom debunked
- Hypocrisy of freedom of speech

            - Wars and your patriotic duty to support them

·        New! The Big Lie: Why America is all about Control and Conformity, not Truth or Freedom

·        New! Four Catch-22’s in America you’re not supposed to see

·        Why immigrants don’t assimilate well in America 

            - The biggest culture shock: Americans in the movies vs. real life

·        Updated! What immigrants and foreigners say about America that you never hear in the US media

            - 10 Surprises for foreigners who think America is "open, wild and free" 

·        The US media’s misportrayal of other countries vs. Reality

·        Careers and the workaholic mentality in America

            - Attitude toward work: American/Oriental vs. European/Australian/Latin

- Parable of The Fisherman and The Investment Banker

- How YOU can live in freedom and pleasure abroad - the simple SECRET!

·        New! The True Purpose of Education in America: Indoctrination, Buffer Class, Dumbing Down

·        New! Will you be a Robot or Bum? Is there a Third Alternative?

            - Here's a quick way out of the system

·        Updated! Why American pop culture is dumb and our Education system is so bad

·        Film and Media: Entertainment vs. Art

·        Inverse between social atmosphere and paid friendliness       

·        Fragile/high strung egos vs. thick skin/carefree attitude 

·        Bragging and competitiveness of male ego vs. brotherly camaraderie           

·        Pseudo-confidence and paranoia - 2 elements of American personality

·        Studies that show America to be the most dysfunctional in the industrialized world

- Highest prison population in the world
- Highest incidence of rape                                -
- Higher homicide rates than other industrialized nations

- Increase in wealth failed to increase happiness for Americans

- Poorer countries having happier people than America

- Highest rates of mental illness in the world

- Studies show loneliness and isolation to be national epidemics in America

- Biggest obesity crisis in the history of the world

- The most unhealthy and sick population among industrialized nations

- US slips down development index

- Implications

·        Comparing quality of life: America vs. Europe (research and statistics) 

            - Ideas about freedom and security: America vs. Europe 

·        Europe safer for lone female travelers than America

·        The rigid compartmentalization of American life - Is it freedom?

            - Why I experience truer freedom in the third world – A touching rant from the heart

·        Disadvantageous American quirks not shared in other cultures

            - Advantageous qualities of America not shared in other cultures

·         Why hippie counter-culture groups aren’t the answer to my ostracization in America

·        Fattening processed food vs. wholesome natural food

            - A simple way to lose weight that the US media is oblivious to

·        Public transportation - USA vs. Europe

·        Healthcare in America – The most expensive and unaffordable in the world


      Women and dating

·         Why Global Dating works for any average decent male   

            - 7 Useless cliches given to dateless men in America

·        New! Why PUA doesn’t really work but Global Dating does

·         New! Upper vs. Lower Tiers: Different dating markets for men

- Mr. Local vs. Mr. Global

·        Meeting and dating women

·        Single men outnumber single women in America (research and statistics) 

- Women have it much easier in America's social and dating scene

·        Why America has the worst dating scene for men

·        The sad lonely life of a typical single man in the USA  

·         Holding conversations with women        

·        European/Russian women have a better combination of qualities 

·        6 Major advantages of European/Russian women over American women 

- Approachability/Sociability

- Weight

- Dress style

- Intellectual/Inner life

- Variety of interests

- Femininity

·         Fear of rejection becoming unnecessary

·        Surplus vs. shortage of attractive mentally healthy single women 

·        Beauty and brains common vs. rare 

·         Personal ads and New Age groups – US vs. Abroad 

- Why personal ads in the USA don’t usually work

Dating profiles comparison: American vs. Foreign women (with examples)

·        Admiration vs. hatred for men   

·        The “men are creeps” attitude of American women  

            - Weird paranoid fantasies about stalkers? 

·        US Feminism = female dominance, male bashing, double standards

·        Updated! Negative media portrayal of men in America 

            - A fantastic politically incorrect revealing discussion about women

·        New! How Feminism Destroys the Femininity in Women and Love

·        American women have become too narcissistic and paranoid 

·        Why American women don’t make good wives - narcissistic and sociopathic

            - Divorce rates: American vs. Foreign women

            - American women initiate the majority of divorces

·        Lions and hyenas = Me and American women?

·        Updated! Approachable Faces of Foreign Women (Visual Proof)

Photo Gallery

- What guys don’t understand about the fear of approaching women

·         Reaction from women: Hatred and Antisociality vs. Enthusiasm and Attraction

·        Public eating places - Europe vs. USA (not about the food)

·        Hypocritical arousal and restraint of desires in our society

- The myth of sexual freedom in America

·        Great news for dateless frustrated men about Asia, Philippines and Thailand

·        My perpetual ecstasy in the Philippines!

·        Why I like Filipinas the best - as lover, playmates and best friends

How a Filipina transformed this man's life and self-worth

- The pros and cons of Filipino characteristics

·        How a normal guy can have a lifestyle like Hugh Heffner (and I mean in REAL LIFE not in theory)

·        Asian men perceived as asexual and undesirable in America

            - Why USA is the worst place for Asian men who like white women

            - The two choices that Asian American men face (by an Asian American in Europe)

            - Elated responses from Asian American men

·        The best solution to the Asian American man’s dating dilemma (by my Expat Advisor)

·        8 reasons why Asian men have a better social life in Russia than America (by my Expat Advisor)

·        Great news for Asian and Black men about Europe

·        Dating advice from a mono-national who thinks inside the American box vs. mine

- Response from my Expat Advisor to the mono-national advice

- Response from Asian American in Europe

·        Never in the game vs. always in the game            

·        10 Reasons why I’m forced to look for love beyond America

- Logical reasons why my standards are not too high in America

·        Updated!  Aren’t foreign women just after your money and a green card?

            - 12 Reasons why Russian women are not desperate to leave their country

·        Far less risk abroad for men marrying women half their age

·        Updated! Testimonials that dating is all about location, location, location!

·        Why many American men now prefer foreign women (other perspectives)


Personal psychological issues

·        Feeling good about yourself and being wanted

·        The social status factor for me

·        The metaphysical influence of the collective will on social status

·        Having the life of a popular person

From little fish in big pond to big fish in small pond

·         Confidence and psychological maturity accelerated overseas

·         The reverse culture shock of knowing that you had it better abroad

Students and Backpackers in Reverse Culture Shock

·        Synergy vs. stagnation with the people and environment

- Why “fitting in” makes you more attractive to others

·        Default loneliness and isolation vs. Perpetual connection and bond

- Forced loneliness vs. never having to be lonely

 ·        My response to those with a “victim-blaming” mentality

- Am I too negative or hateful about America?

            The sad truth about my negativity and deep resentment

            - Am I a loser? Is this site for losers?

·        The alternative to going abroad – Why it’s inferior

·       Updated!  FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions and Objections

·        I’m not alone - Letters from fans and supporters

·        Concrete visual proof of my claims from thousands of photos and videos (with electrified responses from viewers)

·        Disadvantages of being outside the US (to be fair) to consider



·        Wrapping it up

            The bottom line

            - A final warning

            What I hope to accomplish with this

·        Reader Responses

·        Register and Participate in the Happier Abroad Discussion Forum

·        Learn from my Expat Advisor – Visit his Blog

·        Suggestions for relocating and working overseas

Dealing with the pitfalls of being an expat

·         International Dating Sites and Links

·        Travel / Expat Links and Resources

·         Addendum: Excerpts from “The European Dream" by Jeremy Rifkin 




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