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The Failure Of Feminism 2.0

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The Failure Of Feminism 2.0

Post by djfourmoney » April 10th, 2011, 5:58 pm

I was watching this -

Its To The Contrary, a political show about Women's issues.

I rather pay attention to what Women are saying than what Conservatives say because its predictable for one thing and while they don't see their own reality the rest of us do, see the current battle over the Federal Budget.

Is the shutdown of Government worth the 1/3 of Federal Funding goes to Planned Parenthood??? Of course not, but as I have said several times, this is vacuum created when both political parties DO NOTHING but expand WAR and move us closer to Fascism.

Both parties weather they claim Conservatism or Liberalism are both LYING at the very least.

Anyway getting back to the point of the post...

Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker were featured on towards the end of the show and said that Feminism has gone awry and is mainly a battle between idea logs on one side and elites on the other. Its the same MO the Conservatives use. Excite the grassroots with the Fringe movement with women like this - and the Elites which are mostly powerful Politicians.

Just watch it and it totally hits home.

What is wrong with most women, putting aside the mental/personality issue?

They have TIME MANAGEMENT issues.

Phyllis Schlafly has been saying this for 40 years (of course most don't know it), she got her degree and her master's degree in 1950's, she said "What's the problem?"

Here niece helped her with the book; The Flipside of Feminism

But then Manna happen and Dana White a Conservative Commentator on the show said she had very little prospects for a husband. She wanted to be married and have children. Now of course most Conservative women feel like this, but then Bonnie the host of the show does what all too often shows do, which is bring up the extreme saying that if Dana had opted to stay home and not get her degrees, work for Congress, work for the WSJ as a reporter in Asia that she would have more Men to choose from?

Of course that's not what she was saying.

What she was saying is that D.C is no different than NYC, in that successful women often pursue family in their early to mid 30's. That is too late for most men who want to date younger women, as young as possible in most cases and don't deny that, all this talk of women in their 20's abroad clearly signals that. She also doesn't consider men less accomplished than her. Men of equal accomplishment have plenty of dates... So the truth is, if she had just stopped at high school, statistics prove that women with only high school education marry sooner and have children in their 20's.... While educated women with degrees don't pursue children and marriage until late 20's, early 30's.

When information like this is available you see that our problems with him here are not just related to the decay of our society (See Jersey Shore) but pursuing Feminism the wrong way which serves in most cases to demonize grown men but also young boys will be our downfall if we don't stand up and make the corrections needed.

Granted at my age I need to go overseas to find a woman that in here 20's so we can have children, but I want to come back to America and fix its problems. They are easily solved if we get out of the dogma phase our society is in.


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Post by aozora13 » April 10th, 2011, 8:03 pm

I would say that feminism is the basic all people are equal but some people (women) are more equal than other (men). I believe that there was discrimination with women prior to the 1960s. Mainly that there was no push for any type of strong career. However, has anything improved since the 1960s with women? No, none. Also with most being entitlement queens you can see the problems that have surfaced since the 1960s.

Government related:
Beyond the social programs introduced in the 1930s and were expanded upon:
Social Security, Medicare (Medicaid - poor/lower income families)

1960s: Great Society Program - Johnson
Late 1960s/early 1970s introduction of the idea of 'no fault' divorce
also subsequently, later decades, horrible divorce proceedings where men are screwed out of their pay when the women does nothing. False accusations of abuse which can ruin a man's life.

Now with the cover story of the Government Shutdown:

Honestly, the US Govt has problems more deep than having regular funding. Yes, the problems of running daily operations is bad if it does not receive a cash flow. The problem is more to the point of high unemployment, being a high debtor nation to several countries some of which are not exactly 'friendly' to America.

The women not understanding how we are in debt want money to go to abortion programs which is seriously not an issue any rational person should care about. However, many women are not rational and thus the discussion of Planned Parenthood has come to the surface. I would believe that there is much more at stake here than a few arguments over minor issue.

The country should try to introduce internal infrastructure projects, the government can actually have real 'renewable' energy projects and not just crap spewing from Obama's mouth about it. Actually 'cutting' certain programs and to do a major change to our financial systems.

#1: Do not save Banks/Financial institution with our future productive growth
#2: Do not create money out of debt. This means every dollar that the Federal Reserve gives to us, we have to pay it back and it would be better that the US government to create its own money (will never happen though).
#3 Holding the banksers responsible and penalize people who work in the company that deserved that.

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Post by Grunt » April 11th, 2011, 2:18 pm

Lets get one fact clear here. And that is that feminism has been , from day one, about enslaving men.

It is not about "pro-freedom", it is about "anti-man".

If you doubt this just google "white feather campaign". ... orld-war-i
How to deal with newbies that talk much but do little.

Pics or it didn't happen.


Cool story, bro.

Problem solved.

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Post by djfourmoney » April 11th, 2011, 4:06 pm

Grunt wrote:Lets get one fact clear here. And that is that feminism has been , from day one, about enslaving men.

It is not about "pro-freedom", it is about "anti-man".

If you doubt this just google "white feather campaign". ... orld-war-i
Wow never heard about the White Feather Campaign! Making men out to be cowards for staying behind? Women using masculinity as a tool against them? As I have always said, don't concern yourself with petty street crime that's nothing compared with smart people do. See the Bank Bail Out...

There was never a White Feather campaign after 9/11 but there was a call to arms by mostly thunder headed White Men who would question your manhood if you didn't want to enlist. When people didn't have the full story before going in and common sense told you what's in Iraq??? I didn't forget we propped up Iraq in the 1970's during the Iran-Iraq War. What so all of sudden Sadam goes rouge on us? Big deal, still no reason to wreck the country and send 4,000 lives to their doom. Nevermind the countless wounded and nobody ever talks about the likely millions of Iraqis dead/missing/displaced.

But the women here are lost (in a storm - Chub Rock) and feed into the system that tries to destroy Men. Ask Europe how this is working out. They haven't needed to go the route of just emasculating men, too many of them were killed off during WWI and WWII.

I hope more men get the signal.

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