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America Girls Learn To Be Evil at a Young Age

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America Girls Learn To Be Evil at a Young Age

Post by TRADER1972 » April 21st, 2011, 7:17 pm

Here is a story I just got today. I know this type of stuff has happened before, but 11-12 year olds? This society is really collapsing very fast.

ISSAQUAH, Wash. - Like many 12-year-olds, Leslie Cote keeps track of her friends on Facebook. What she didn't realize is how they can quickly turn to enemies.

"They pretty much backstabbed me because I trusted them," she said.

When Leslie logged on last month she discovered someone was posing as her, posting sexually explicit photos and propositioning boys for sex.

"It made me feel really bad like people would think I was disgusting," said the Issaquah Middle School 6th grader.

At one point the suspects even started instant messaging boys -- arranging dates where lewd sex acts were to be performed.

"It was unbelievable," said Leslie's stepfather, Jon Knight. "They were asking boys if they want to have oral sex, giving out the phone number and address of where Leslie lives for the boys to come over."

Adding to the family's frustrations was the attitude of police who came to investigate.

"The officer pretty much wanted to dismiss it and didn't feel it warranted a report because they're just kids," said knight.

Those "kids" all ended up in court on Tuesday. After years of run-ins at school, on the playground and now the Internet, Leslie was granted a temporary restraining order against the two girls she used to call friends. King County prosecutors are considering charges against the two for cyberstalking.

Leslie's mother, Tara Cote', has little sympathy.

"I feel bad for the parents. They have to take care of this. But, I mean...take control of your kid," she said.

Prosecutors say it is tough to get a cyberstalking charge to stick because there has to be a pattern of harassment over the Internet. A one-time incident like this usually doesn't constitute a crime. There are, however, other charges that families can pursue, such as "computer trespass" that are easier to prove.

"They have to learn there are real people who have real feelings who are hurt by their actions," said Cote'.

What do you think about this?

What are the most egregious examples you know of American girls beginning to act evil at a young age?

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Post by ssjparris » April 21st, 2011, 8:04 pm

okay yes i agree to this. the women here in america are very very evil. i have noticed this myself. they are negative women. nothing more than that !!!!.

They are very dangerous to be around as a man. let alone a woman. they seek to get you into trouble so they can get attention. i talked to a iranian female friend. she told me all the women want to do this. they want to find some excuse ( or make up one) to get a man in trouble for attention. they want money too. which is very dangerous as well.

Put it this way...they want to trap you into something for some evil gain. the women in america are THE predators. NOT the men. they prey upon your innocence and they prey upon your money !!!.

I feel for this little girl in 6th grade. women young and old can be truly venomous. no wonder why they like bad boys. like attracts like. killer lovin', criminal lovin', thug lovin', asshole jerk lovin' ladies.

almost all american women are anti-life. very evil. even the "positive ones" still want to trap you and get you into trouble. like this poor girl here. almost ready to launch my online business and ready to role. because next year sometime. i am OUT. and i am coming back to change america. bring it back to the way it was in the 50's but better.

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Post by TRADER1972 » April 22nd, 2011, 8:43 am


Thanks for the feedback.

Good luck to your business efforts, I myself am trying to get back into my own business very soon also.

I am confused. You say you are out then coming back?

How do you propose to bring America back to the 50's?

I think the only thing going back to the 50's are wages!

Are you aware that men wages have been essentially flat from 20-38 years. depending on which source you use.

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