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Air Force Reserve - worth it?

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Air Force Reserve - worth it?

Post by momus » April 30th, 2011, 6:41 pm

hello forum,

I was thinking of joing the Air Force Reserve, I did some research on internet and it seems to be a good idea. I wanted to hear some opinions in favor of and against joining it - I wouldn't want to jump on it without checking out all the edges and curves, as it is a long term and serious commitment, I understand (a weekend a month, two weeks a year, for min. 8 years).

Well, I am a 27 year old male, have a graduate degree and a full time employment. Single, have no family, and no other commitments in life at this time. All I want from being in the Reserves is accrue some retirements benefits and travel.

thank you

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Post by ErikHeaven » April 30th, 2011, 7:44 pm

Great idea i say go for it. You should go in as a officer. The life is better as you get to stay in hotels and eat better food than the rest of the services. I say go for it and you might wont to think about going active.
I know people in the Air Reserves and life for them is a blast.

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Post by zboy1 » April 30th, 2011, 7:58 pm

If you are going to join the military, I would recommend you go in as an officer as Erik has recommended. When I was in the Air Force I enjoyed my time in the military. I was independent for the first time in my life and got to see the world. I didn't like some of the soldiers though, especially some of the officers and senior NCOs. That is why I got out. If you have a full time job though, why would you be interested in the military? I know its the Air Force Reserves instead of active duty, but why would you risk your life and career to be in the reserves? You have a graduate degree and if you can find a job, you would make some good money. An even better idea in my opinion is to look for work outside of the United States, since the economy is so awful right now. I would also worry about America getting involved in even more wars in the Middle East. God forbid war with Iran or North Korea. Then the military soldiers are really screwed! You never know because this countries foreign policy is dangerous and unpredictable. I think you should take into consideration our government's foreign policy before you decide to join.

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Post by dreamer82 » April 30th, 2011, 8:16 pm

I second zboy. There's a good chance that "Seeing the world" might be getting stuck in the Middle East and possible losing your job, even your life. IF you work full-time and have a good job, take vacations overseas alone or as part of a group. I admit I don't know much about the Reserves but I have a feeling they can send you where they want at any time. I would never want to be part of the US military. Their budget is growing over 1 Trillion yet government cuts school budgets laying off teachers. Just wait till they turn it on US citizens.

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Post by Raja » April 30th, 2011, 8:44 pm

Is it me or is this a strange question for a first post to this forum?

That said the USA is a nation at war. If you are not prepared to fight stay out. The recruiter may promise anything but in 1944,1950 and 2004 men were snatched from their safe billets and dropped onto the front to make up for combat losses and glitches in the training system. At the moment Congress is forcing the USAF to drop troop strength so the Army and Marine Corp can be beefed up. Getting commissioned as an Air Force officer is not as easy as showing your degrees

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Post by CheezeRaider » April 30th, 2011, 9:50 pm

If I look back now, knowing what I know of the military. I would have joined the Air Force instead of the Army, when I was a young man. So if you had to join, AF is the way to go. AF life style is soooo much better. Them AF pansies :lol: are pampered like princess compare to other branches of services. And yes i agree, getting promoted pass AF Captain is a beast

HOWEVER, reservist are more deployable then active components. If you look at the tempo of the US military actives that are transparant, you'll be deployed often. Usuallly for 12 months at a time every 2 to 3 year cycle.

Sure, the law says you'll still have a job when you come back after each deplyements, but most likely it wont be the same job. Think about it from your Employee's position. How can he/she promote you, or give you important jobs within the company which are vital to your career advancement when your boss cant reley on you being there because of military commitments. They'll put you where you are easily replaceable. (Because damn it, Bosses have bills to pay and company to run) They know your commitment to the AF is priority over their business. Because Law says so, and you'll both goto jail if you don't reply to your Recall letter from the AF (short of real medical reason, if so why are you in the AF) And if you'r self employeed ( there are exception) you can kiss your business good by. After a year of absent, you wont have a business when you return

I was Active, then went reserve. Got fed up with the Reservist Bull shit. so went Active again. I'm done with the military now. to old for this shit. And no. I'm not disgruntal. I actually had fun during Active duty, even thought it suck ass at time. If you gonna go, go all they way, not half ass Reservist. Atleast as full timer, you get pension in 20 year with full medical ( then you can live of and travel on your pension. As a reservist, you only get medical while on clock, and don't get paid till 65.) Also there are shit load of retired military in PI living like king on there usually 1800 to 3000 US Dollar average, depending on their rank at 20 year + plus retirement. ( I think it's 1.5% more per each year after 20 in service year.) PI has so many US vets that they even have a VA medical center for your medical needs and other services.

Also, dont get married while in the military. stick to boozing and wenching untill you get out. Personally, from my experiences 75% of military wives will play while husband is away. So think of your subordinate as your children (love them with all your heart). TBH, good portion of them are children. Right out of highschool mostly. help them to become a better adult. Then once you are fully retired and recieving a fat pension income, then go find your self a 18 or 19 year bombshell from a 3rd world or developing nation. Then you will have joined the exclusive club of "Dirty Old Man" :lol: Even though other may insult you as thus, it's a honorary title others bestow on to you out jealous or respect (or both) for your success. :lol:

my 2 cents

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