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Epic racist moment on a game show!

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Post by djfourmoney » May 11th, 2011, 3:30 am

E_Irizarry wrote:
djfourmoney wrote:
E_Irizarry wrote:
djfourmoney wrote:I don't wanna hear about Black People caught between being Latino and

Black (Irizarry)
Please expound and paraphrase in laymen terms.
Back when you said some Putas in the Bronx or whatever said speak English because your Black and not Latino, clearly a racist

statement by them. I can tell you women in Colombia would say "Wow this African-American speaks Spanish" Mucho Gusto! Then I believe

you said something about Black Women not accepting you or something.

The point I was making is that everybody of mixed races that's usually identified as Black as some problems with either race that

he's apart of, tis all I was saying nothing personal.

Wrong. I'm a Brazilian 3rd Generation American. Brazilians are so mixed that we don't do light-skinned, indigenous and all that

other dumb-ass categorical shit that Americans like to feel good about themselves on. Brasileiros são Brasileiros. BEcause of the

propaganda spread from America around the world outside of Brazil, I am interpreted by the ADHD/ADD/American lazy-analytical figment

of what they think I really am, which they think is Black whereas I'm not Black at all. (e.g. "Damn it. I don't feel like analyzing

what he is. He looks Black therefore he is." or the classic one that really pisses me the f**k off, "One drop of Black = 110 percent

Black" (What type of lazy dumb oppressive classification shit is that???!! - Dont' even say "Well the White American man did that so

he can stay on top - I am just tired of hearing about White America. The only time I want to hear about them is when I am putting on

my pokerface IN ORDER TO DEAL WITH THEM just to stack my money so I can leave The piece of shit America for good) When in reality, dude could be Puerto

Rican, Belizean, or Senegalese and we alll know damn well that Blacks ARE NOT the aforementioned and vice-versa. Cultures, phenotypes,

history, and work ethic are soooooooo different.

Why do you think that anything that "looks remotely Black" fights so god-damn hard to not be identified nor recognized as Black that

comes to America to make a living? Those people didn't come over just to still be at the lower rung of society. (e.g. Sri Lankans,

Indians, Dominicans, dark Thais, dark Pinoys, some Polynesians, some Samoans, honorable mention: even AFricans yup!!)

So that's why a Colombian woman would think that about me, but those are the ones that have been to ESL schools. The ones that

cannot speak English for shit, and never been to an Anglosphere country, they AUTOMATICALLY assume that I'm Brazilian. That's how

venomous America propaganda is!! Get it?

Do you realize the number of times putas/prostitutes in Spanish part of S. America (excluding Guyana, the Surinames, and Brazil)

wouldn't f**k me (even though the money was right for the session) just on the strength that they knew I was Brazilian without even

hearing a peep out of me because Brazilians have the assuming rep around S. America of loving to f**k and having AIDS (El SIDA in

Spanish)????? Oh most of the time, they were with it. But there were a few times, some of them were whispering thinking I didn't

understand, "Espero k no me elija" or the classic "Mira por alli. Creo k tenga El SIDA [porque parezca Brasileño]". (I hope he

doesn't pick me) or (Look there, I think he has AIDS because he's Brazilian)

Yet without fail, I have gone to Brazil, and when they ask what nationality I am or when I just straight on out say I'm American.

They don't believe it. Some of them become angry and say that I'm disrespecting fellow Brazilians by not claiming Brazil.

Great society. Viva Brasil.

At least if DJ Four Money were go to a Spanish-speaking S. American country, they might think you are American and may look at you


I'm not a mixed race; I'm Brazilian 3rd GEneration American. There.

Sorry dawg, I get you and I was watching Black In South America: Brazil - ... adise/224/

America is screwed up and it screwed up Black People in America and the media is compliant in the game.

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Post by djfourmoney » May 11th, 2011, 3:32 am

ladislav wrote:I think it was staged. To create controversy and to get some ratings up.

Now, as far as my view of black people in America, they also have a huge proportion of very warm, friendly and soulful people that one can be friends with. It has happened that I had more black people as friends than white people and also, quite a few Mexican American friends. These were really good and they protected me when chips were down.

Most whites are too busy and see everyone as competitors, most Asians are too busy studying.

But anyway, what does all this have to do with Happier Abroad?
Not much, not sure why it was posted. Then again it was Swinor or whatever and he constantly jumping on Winston's case so who knows.

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