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Science: bullshit or bullshit?

Discuss and talk about any general topic.

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The shit we're fed is..

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Science: bullshit or bullshit?

Postby odbo » Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:13 am

This topic inspired me to think about this. Just how much of what is passed off as science to us, complete and utter bullshit? Please posts any concepts and examples of horseshit you can think of!

I'll get the ball rolling..

-Co2 caused global warming (one of the biggest cons in history)

-HIV (no relation to Aids)

-Second-hand smoke (are you f***ing kidding me!?)

-Airbags (they killed more people than they saved, but who cares right? SAFETY is #1 in this feminized nanny state!)

-Butter, cheese, eggs and milk will KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY via deadly CHOLESTEROL! Fortunately margarine, canola oil, carcinogenic cholesterol pills and other "health" foods like soy came in to save the day!

-Water fluoridation (nothing spells health like rat poison in the water supply!)

-Re-enactment shows like Seconds From Disaster and Air Crash Investigation and similar bullshit which are pure propaganda. These are even more useful for filling people's minds with nonsense than Hollywood fiction films like Titanic, because these can claim the "SCIENCE" angle while at the same time having no official affiliation with investigators or obligation to portray the actual facts. Not that they would anyway (ex: 9/11 Commission Report).

-Menstruation is 100% normal. (Losing blood is NOT what nature intended. But we've evolved past that with creations like petrochemical tampons!)

Some sources:
- ... tty-meats/
- ... 8052062759

Most of these go without saying. It's about critical, or clear thinking. You either get it or you don't.
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Postby well-informed » Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:37 am

The only bullshitter here is YOU. Yeah you Linux, you sit there in front of your computer and you act like you're the messiah every single day here.

Aah listen to me guys, everything we've been told is a lie, bla, bla, bla, bla. That's all you do, YOU BITCH AND COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE. Whoever disagrees with you is called sheep and asleep by your dumbass.

Keep talking you faggot. Stay in the f***ing imaginary bubble that you've made for yourself. I'm the sure the elite love paranoid idiots like you.

If the water is that contaminated then DON'T drink it. Simple as that, but since you're a hypocrite you STILL drink the very same water you're crying about. How do i know that, because it's FREAKING WATER you need it to live and to replenish the whole body, you dumbfuck.

I'm sure getting hit on the dashboard of your car with your cranium is much much more safer. Bravo for your stupidity. I'm sure the airbags in the car have bricks inside them lol

In the bible go to (well-informed 6:14) it says "SHUT THE f**k UP LINUX, YOU PIECE OF SHIT"
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Postby odbo » Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:45 am

What's up with your constantly negative tone bro? This forum doesn't need your verbal diarrhea. Why don't you make like a tree and go bitch about second-hand smoke at your job or something you dam cretin.
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Postby well-informed » Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:10 am

My brashfulness or aggressiveness comes out in like 5% of my posts, sometimes with Winston and you... that's it. I'll only do that if i feel that you need to be called out on something. Most of my posts here are questions and statements, and posters here know that.

Funny how i have "verbal diarrhea" and yet you spew the same rhetoric (that serves no purpose here in the forum) everyday. You keep whining about how the government uses scare-tactics with science to fool the masses. Linux you go out of your way everyday here, to show us new ways on how we can die if keep doing this, this or that. The same thing the media does.... you do it too, you hypocrite. And then you have the nerve to think you're shit don't stink.

Was everything i said in my last post not true Linux. Of course it was true because you didn't defend or argue my points at all, because wait for it .................... I'm Right :)

So the typical idiot like yourself, resorts to "ad-hominem" attacks because after all when the truth is hit smack-dab in your face, what can you really do. Nothing...

So keep drinking your contaminated water, you loath so much. I mean what choice do you have, you neanderthal (I can use fancy demeaning words too bitch !!!)
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Postby C.J. » Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:39 pm

I think odbo here is right on the money. It's just that I don't care much for being reminded of our Shitty States of America and the illuminated elite EVERYDAY. There's WAY too much info to think about in that regard, when there are much better goals to work toward.
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Postby Winston » Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:34 am

What do you mean menstruation is not normal? Every woman menstruates. If they didn't, there would be something wrong with them. What do you base that on?
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