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America is the Best Country/American Men Are the Best!

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America is the Best Country/American Men Are the Best!

Post by Fenix » June 28th, 2011, 8:23 pm

Part I - America is the greatest country in the world
Did a committee or the UN have a cup of coffee and some Dunkaroos and decide America was the greatest country in the world? The thing that jacks me off is when Americans have the balls and ovaries to say that America is the greatest nation on Earth or the greatest country in the world, but they haven't even stepped foot outside of the country. Have you traveled to the other 200/300+ countries on Earth? I hate American arrogance. f**k me gently with a chainsaw! They say it with such conviction like what they are saying is fact. Haven't even been to more than 5 states, but America is so great. God damn media brainwashing motherfuckers. I have never really been patrioitic (no shit, Frankenstein?) and I hate blind patriotism and blind nationalism. It is okay to love your country, but you proclaim your country is the best in the world and you can't even find your home state on a map? Come the f**k on...

Press "Next" to proceed to Part II...

Part II - American men are the best in the world
How did American men become the best in the world for foreign women? I never understood this. This is like the whole "America is the greatest country in the world" thing. Did 100 countries create a panel and they all voted that American men were the best? How are we the best when we have a 50%+ divorce rate? Many men here are unfaithful, but foreign women say we are the most faithful and loyal? Loyal? Like how a lot of single mothers are "raising" their kids. How come every woman I talk to online or in real life, they have a damn kid? And the kid is usually fatherless. I am not blaming the the men for this. I am just saying that so much for that loyalty. I want to know how American men are so great. Many American men I meet are douchebag Cinderellas.

Total ass gremlins that have no idea how to treat a woman or anyone. Some of the American men are worse than the American women sometimes. "All men are dogs!" This is not said for shits and giggles and sunshine and lollipops. It has some truth to it. Then good men like me that get lumped in that cesspool of dogs and I am automatically like the other men because you allowed him to be his punching bag. "Mama didn't say knock you out, you did!" I am automatically a cheater. I am automatically a liar. Women choose these wankers and they blame every other man they meet. Lovely! Not only the asswipes of American men, the manginas, the p***y whipped punks, the simps, etc. ruin this too. Some guy I was recommended on YouTube travels to a new location in South America because "it is not infested with manginas." Then the real men that want to treat the women with respect are wimps (nice guy) or a real man that is nice, but doesn't take yours or anyone's shit is pretty much left out in the dugout. The nice guy with balls can get a few RBIs, but he can barely get home runs in the season.

American men are basically 65% manginas, 25% ass clowns and the rest are the good men. Wow, I went on a rampage! I haven't talked like this in ages, so sue me. Changing to conclusion in 3...2...1...

Please, could someone explain to me how America is always #1 for everything in the world? I don't get this. I want to read an article one day and someone says that Iranian men are the best husbands or something. Have a different outcome.

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Post by FreeYourMind » June 28th, 2011, 8:52 pm

That's how the U.S. media creates and fortifies the super-patriotism most Americans have. The most kneejerk super-patriots generally have never even been to another country. The U.S. system is ingenious in that it creates of facade of free-wheeling criticism, but the criticism is always kept within a very narrow range. Challenge of the system itself is strictly forbidden.

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