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You guys are a bunch of Whiny little kids

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Post by ssjparris » October 2nd, 2011, 10:27 pm

have2fly wrote:
Why do you guy's think I work for the largest security company in the world and make around 75K a year?
Is that former Blackwater? Or now called "Xe services"?

Yesterday I went out with my girlfriend. The more I go out, the more expensive the clubs are - the more I notice total and complete degradation of social interaction. Guys act retarded and SO SO SO needy! Girls act EXTREMELY stuck up and untouchable! Some girl was running around flashing her underwear and guys were literally chasing her. My girlfriend, who was of course VERY hot looking for being a former model, was hit on NON-STOP, even when I was next to her! Men in America are pathetic!

Ratio in the club as always around 70% guys and 30% girls and around half of those girls came up with boyfriends (including me, but that's better than being one of the loser guys). Women talk to women, they hang out together and show NO INTEREST in meeting any MEN!

On the other hand, my girl (she is a former Go-Go dancer too) was dancing all night long, there was a circle of guys who surrounded her and watched her a whole night clapping hands and shaking my hand telling me I am a lucky guy! LOL! But I don't even care much, I know I can get much hotter girl from FSU any time I want. Those guys DON'T KNOW THAT or don't even bother to find out!

WHY WHY People bother to even go out in the USA??? It makes absolutely no logical, financial and emotional SENSE!
The Club scene is horrible. i only went twice in my life. THAT IS IT. because i had very bad experiences there with the women. they were not very nice to me. they'd leave in the middle of dancing with them on the dance floor. or i would try and talk to a group of women at a table. they'd tell me they have to go to the batthroom. They came out and sat at a table next to me. it was just crap.

i have yet to understand why so many guys just want to go and watch. knowing full well the girls are going to reject them anyways.

so i never bothered going ever again.

i am beginning to notice who to approach now and who NOT to approach in L.A. ( one of the toughest cities for dating genuine women ). I finally get numbers here in L.A. ( can you believe it ) but even the foriegn girls are getting very very sick here in the head. so its tough until its time for me to leave.

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Post by NorthAmericanguy » October 2nd, 2011, 10:57 pm

polya wrote:
NorthAmericanguy wrote:
ssjparris wrote:
have2fly wrote:This guy is full of shit!

On a side note, I was on a sex forum for guys who pick up pros on the street and some guy started a thread about what you just typed. A bung of guys chimed in and made the thread a good read because they posted their accounts of how they noticed that having a healthy sexual life in this country is almost imposable for the average Joe being that American men can have only one wife, prostitution is illegal, and that to illegally or legally (in Nevada) pay for sexual favors is egregiously overpriced so they don't even bother.

One guy basically said he was convinced that men can't have sex in America. None of them even posted the hint of going abroad for sexual purposes.
Can you give me the link of this forum - I'd like to read it as it will be a shock to see guys actually tell the truth & not just lie to each-other about all the "great sex" they have "every night"

Give me a few days, I got to track it down... It was a link inside a link inside another sex forum.

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Post by fox » October 14th, 2011, 3:23 am

I have not read all the replies, the guy is a troll. Why are you wasting your time with him? :roll:

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