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Coming back to America? Never!

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Post by momopi » February 19th, 2012, 6:06 pm

The_Adventurer wrote: Living very cheap was extremely important to me, starting out. It meant that I had finally escaped the rat race! I didn't have to work at all if I didn't want to. It is hard trying to make it as an independent comic artist or animator with the California cost of living. This often meant that projects got rushed out the door to make a quick buck, or it was back to the grind in a "real job". How is one to create some great masterpiece if they never have the time to sit and think of something great? When I first went to Philippines, I had time to think, plan or just rest if I so desired.
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Post by onezero4u » February 19th, 2012, 7:39 pm

congrats man i think alot of people here can empathize with your situation.

USA is soooo overated as far as freedom & friendliness goes....

i found it hard to connect socially and IMO the gender roles were grossly disturbing....(too much femenism, metro-sexualism, dykism, hoeism, ghettofication & player and slut culture.)

like you i actually prefer third world over first world. my experience is that they have less govt control in your life and a more human-centered culture rather than govt propagando agenda forced down your throat.

i find the less tv people watch as a community the better off they are friendliness-wise.
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Post by targetguy » February 20th, 2012, 12:12 am

8) the best time to go overseas is when a person can afford it. Most people i have seen are close to retirement . Lets face it most people from a lot of different countries are going to the us for jobs and a higher income then they have in their own country. For those that are from western industrialised coutries like canada japan europe i doubt if many would want to leave there and go to the us. Most i have seen consider retireing to the pi or thailand or places like that but not the us. As soon as the currency devalues more and a disaster happens in the us i expect to see a mass exodus because that is the only reason people will go here is the currency and jobs. the socallled freedom is nonexistant and becoming more like a stazi society daily. Depressed areas here have armed guards at the store like a lot of third world areas. ONe major differance here then overseas is the welfare state which will support all the divorced mothers with boyfrinds and the social security system which has millions on disability for many bogus reasons which doesnt exist in the third world. So for those that like that kind of system america is the leader in it with the possible exception of a few european countries.
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