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CNN article that confirms much of what HA says

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CNN article that confirms much of what HA says

Postby steve55 » December 8th, 2011, 12:49 am

Im going to add this link and the key points to the research section of Happier Abroad

Main Key points that backs up what Happier Abroad says:

1)The quote below seems to reflect that the French/Europeans have CULTURE, are more refined, intellectual, and have more depth (Americans are lacking in this department).

"I would attend at least two dinner parties a week when I was there... and I wouldn't really (know a lot about) the guests. I wouldn't know what they did for a living, but yet I would know the best book they read recently or the most interesting film they saw or the art exhibit that they went to. They loved to discuss these areas of life"

2) The quote below (from an american woman) seems to confirm the differences with how the woman in their culture always present themselves nicely and feminine like in public

"Look presentable always - Madame Chic wouldn't even go to the corner store to get a baguette without applying lipstick and tying a scarf around her neck, Scott recalled. Looking presentable was a way of honoring the people she came in contact with everyday.

"This isn't to be confused with being high maintenance," Scott said."

3) Below is a quote that reminds us of the mind numbing breast tube obsession that American haven

"They never sat in front of the television with a box of pizza and zoned out, never"


"She attributes this paradox to lots of walking, little TV watching and no snacking"

4) Quote below reflects how hurried and rushed Americans always are

""Paris taught me not how to just exist, but to thrive and make every small moment meaningful."
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