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Some people are so passionate!

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Some people are so passionate!

Postby lookin4happiness » Fri Dec 16, 2011 1:55 pm

When I was staying in Nepal I met this character from Italy who was also studying at the same program I was. He was outspoken in class and was always blurting out answers and speaking very loudly. He was quick to introduce himself with a loud voice and much pride although he wasn't any extra ordinary specimen in terms of appearance. He was fairly short, I would say 5'5" or 5'6". Over the course of a couple of months we had coffee and food several times at a cafe known as flavors and got to know each other eventually becoming friends. It was one of the few western style cafe's in that area of Kathmandu that served different types of coffee/latte/expresso and different deserts as well as Pizza, pasta, steaks etc. When we would get together inevitably one of the things that was both our interest and something for which he seemed to have extraordinary fervor for was women.

It seems that this guy was just the opposite of me. I can be passionate but most of the time I find reasons to be more passive in my pursuit, justifying my behavior with various logical arguments. This Italian was %100 gung-ho to get women all day everyday. It seems that he was unusually obsessed about it. Or so it seemed from my perspective. He would go up and talk to random women and loudly introduce himself saying "I AM CHODRAK" "YOU ARE CUTE" or something along those lines. One girl was never enough for him because even when he did eventually get a girlfriend his enthusiasm for pursuing women did not lose any momentum. One time when I had a date of my own we randomly bumped into him while on a nice walk around the Stupa of Boudhanath. He of course interjected himself into our time together and decided to come with us to a local cafe for some food. At this point he completely stole the conversation with his loud mouth ways and at least temporarily caught the interest of the young woman... It was uncomfortable enough for me to get up and leave this restaurant- not wanting to see either of them again.

I still keep in touch with this Italian fellow for some reason or another. Although our style's may be different and besides the fact that people like this can be extremely difficult to deal with regularly, I thought that hanging out with someone like that may do me some good. Such people always challenge you to come out of your comfort zone, to roll with the punches, and to be open to new ways of interacting with the world. He was currently telling me that I should come back to Kathmandu so we can have more fun with girls. It seems that he has been doing pretty well over there for himself with multiple g/fs over the past few years. In Italy I think his situation was similiar to most of ours in America. However in Nepal many people react well to his up-front and direct personality.
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Postby Winston » Fri Dec 16, 2011 2:06 pm

I met a guy like that in Moscow. He said he was Greek-Italian. He hit on girls so fast and every second, that I felt like a slow turtle compared to him. lol. I had never seen anything like it. He was so shameless and devoid of inhibition.

He told me that US was the hardest place to hit on girls. He even did well in Warsaw, Poland, where women were very reserved and snobby.
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Postby publicduende » Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:27 pm

LOL I can see this Italian guy fits all the stereotypes: not extremely good looking yet extroverted and loud to the point of carelessness, cocky, keen to winning everybody's attention, obsessed about packing as many female action as one can possibly can in a single day, etc. I put that down to personality on one side, but also to the unspoken rule that many Italians abroad want to follow, which is that they have to somehow represent the stereotypical Italian and can play on those stereotypes to be accepted and have success in his interaction with people of different cultures. I have seen that happening with many, many Italians here in London, especially those who knew would only spend a short stint in London and oblivious of any long-term consequence of that conduct.

For those who spend more than a happy season abroad, this phase is usually limited in time. In my case I loved being a bit like the guy above, playing on the perceived advantage of being an Italian (including all of those "Italians do it better" chat up lines...). One just feels like having fun, the world being his playground, everybody being either a friend or a potential friend, and every girl eventually giving into his lusty avances. Soon enough though I realised that society is more complex that what you want it to be and I'd better using my "social energies" for something more productive towards my new life goals: finding more stable relationships, increase your acceptance in the workplace, etc.
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Postby lookin4happiness » Sat Dec 17, 2011 5:49 pm

Yeah Publicduende,
You described the man I am describing pretty well. I guess you are familiar with such conduct. Although these people will get women cause as you said women will just eventually give in to their lusty advances (that is exactly it) they will loose friends quickly because of their aggressive natures.
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