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Feds attack unconvetional sperm donor

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Feds attack unconvetional sperm donor

Postby C.J. » Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:58 am

AKA the Feds don't believe in "free love"...
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This is a direct attack on sexual freedom. You're not allowed to have sex, unless it's with a woman who has taken everything you have(and you have to literally work hard and BEG for that). And you can't pay for it either, unless WE know about it. Otherwise, it's illegal. You also can't fulfill your fertility needs anywhere else, but our satanic medical channels.

That's what their rules are currently.

These rules are unnecessary to most people(as common sense rules the natural world). But they're in place for a reason. The satanists use sexual energy for black magic rituals. They've corrupted love with money in the western world. They're now doing this to sexual relations. Sexual energy coupled with money = power for them. They print all the money in the west, thus control of the financial world. Putting sexual relations into strict parameters means they can direct your energies where THEY want them to be and punish you otherwise.

Doing anything outside the box is BAD for them, so they're making it BAD for you by creating these laws. At the same time, creating demonic imprints to corrupt ALL natural human practices which best align you with the divine, as humans are sexual in nature. This is why having sex is so criminal/dangerous in the west and in some cases abroad. Not only can you be jailed for it, but you can lose your financial freedom AND lose face to millions of people you don't even know, thus losing many romantic prospects as well as sexual. That's the tip of the iceberg.

These people are just downright EVIL. And no one will fight them? I won't rant about it, as I know most people are just too weak to make a good life for themselves, much less take the fight to their enemies so the point is moot. But I want to pose a question to you all - how low do you want them to go?
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Postby Grunt » Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:48 pm

Dude is gonna get nailed with a child support suit sooner or later, so he should consider himself lucky.
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Cool story, bro.

Problem solved.
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