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Plans For 2012 (New Year Resolutions)

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Plans For 2012 (New Year Resolutions)

Post by djfourmoney » December 25th, 2011, 7:59 pm

You could call it Purge, Prepare, Pursuit.

Purge was suppose to happen last year (and the year before) the problem was money. Now that I have had a source of income (if you wanna call it that) since Spring of 2011 I have earned roughly $2,400. But unless you keep track of every penny you spend, its a bit hard to keep track of. Since July of 2011 they have moved to using a Citibank Pre-paid debt card. While many have seen this as a bad thing because they need cash. I don't have much use for cash outside of taking the bus since I use change.

That money earned will be used for all the P's. The Purge is to get rid of all the paper accumulated since I think 2000. Everything I need should fit into ONE folder. Not sure I will take a step further and digitize all the documents, store the hard copies with my parents and have other copies "in the cloud". Part two of the purge is to get rid of old broken hardware, electronics, etc. Some on Ebay/Craigslist, others just tossed for e-recycle. Lastly my 12-inch record collection.... This will be hard to part with but not really. I haven't used them in years. The price of USB turntables had dropped to a level of affordability that I can now rip my collection whatever I can't find online. It will also allow me to get every song not currently on my hard drives on them. Vinyl has seen a resurgence in popularity the last few years and I might be able to profit from purging my records.

Preparation I will cover more extensively in a long delayed (but often mentioned) thread I will start that target being engaged by the end of 2012. I personally think 6-12 months is plenty of time and really shouldn't take longer. To this end, I will stack them deep. Currently three women on the roster and roughly 200-225 not contacted but added to a "favorites" list. I have the additional complication of a contact in South America who is begging me to come down to Argentina.

Lots of things to sort out.

Lastly Pursuit. I can realistically only afford to travel maybe twice in a 12 month period. The question becomes -

WOVO (Write One, Visit One)
WMVM (Write Many, Visit Many)
WMVA (Write Many, Visit A Few)

The WOVO involves a certain German woman and her trip to the US (tickets already purchases). WMVM and the others haven't put in motion yet.

As I have said that thread will be nice, I am just working on the layout and I am looking for a secure way of posting it (maybe via blog) where details and pictures can not be copy, pasted or saved to hard drive and deeper details I may just leave out or only post on a password protected blog and by vetting people looking for access.

But expect the mother of all Trip Reports....

Do any of you have plans/resolutions for 2012?

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