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Finding an easygoing girl.

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Finding an easygoing girl.

Post by tom » December 27th, 2011, 11:57 pm

I came across this site. This site talks about how different personalities interact, it is a theory of what is called intertype relations. The best kind of relation is called a dual. There are 15 other types of relationships that are not the greatest to major nightmares. You can read all about on the site.
Once you figure out what your personality type is you can go look for your match.
So I gave it a try.
There are a few problems with this I found.
There are test, that is the written/online ones but they are not all that reliable, that is the results are often wrong. This could send you down the rabbit hole of endless headaches, nothing will work right. You would be better off just trying random girls, which is not far from what I suggest to do.

So if you knew how to find your dual or ideal woman or really the cool chick that you really just get along with you would not be here right. You would not need to learn to be a PUA or what ever other crazy contortion that's preached to get a quality lay and enjoy life with a great woman. Finding your ideal is like learning language, if you are taught young its easy, but if not it becomes a major undertaking. Worse the odds are really against you because you will tend to keep doing the wrong things, you get stuck in a rut. Your have probably heard just be yourself is the best way to find someone, the problem is if you are trying to be something you are not.

This book called Where in the World Do I Belong,

Its not perfect but its a place to start. The book is out of print so you can look here too. ... rsonality/

Here is what you can do to learn how to get a good quality woman.
I would suggest going to a country were your dual is the social ideal. For me it is ESFP that would be places like the Philippines or Peru as I have had many positive encounters but there appear to be other good options too. If your going to fish in a barrel or a least a barrel with more fish that you want to catch right.

Going out of the country with the purpose of having a lot of interaction with women can help you make much social progress in a short time. The best way to find your dual is to interact with many women and yes you will make plenty of mistakes but that is how you will learn. Making so many mistakes in your regular job at home in the west would likely get you fired and a few sex harassment lawsuits to boot.

You can look at this too:
And this for fun: ... eartOfGold

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