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George Sodini and The Contract Between the Sexes (blog)

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George Sodini and The Contract Between the Sexes (blog)

Post by NorthAmericanguy » January 16th, 2012, 3:11 am

Guys, if there is one thing I want to be known for around here, its that I bring quality MATERIAL/TOOLS to the table!

You will enjoy this read!

Snap shots of what's inside the link:

"For every nerdy, smelly, fat, or otherwise socially undesirable man out there, there is an equally unattractive woman walking around. (more than one actually because there are more women than men on the planet)

The problem is, our feminized society has given every woman the power to hold out for higher quality men than they deserve."

"The concept that men deserve sex from women runs counter to the fundamental concepts of game and the nature of human sexuality. Being a nice guy is not sufficient to get into a girl’s skirt – in fact, nice guys usually end up chasing the chicks away. Sodini spent his life expecting p***y to fall on his lap, and shock of shocks – it never did."

"Not too long ago, there existed an unwritten contract between men and women in America and the West at large. Men spent their years working at shitty jobs, working their asses off every day and shortening their lifespans, obeying the laws and generally staying on the straight and narrow, and in return, they had guaranteed access to women through the institution of marriage."

Have at it guys: ... the-sexes/

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Post by flyingmonkey9 » January 16th, 2012, 8:28 am

Be a gamebreaker!
The only thing worse than a man without options is a woman with them...

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Post by green1976 » January 16th, 2012, 11:41 am


This guy with the amount of money could have gone abroad and at least try something.
Nothing is assured by going outside where he was,but everything is lost where he is.

He knew that,tried many times without success finally succumbing making the headlines giving feminists and mangina another victory.

How many guys like him can't take anymore,commit suicide,kill or rape?
More than the statistic say giving the true cause of why they have crossed the line.

Does something will change coming from women or mangina?
Never it will happen.

His story is a testimony of what is needed not to be done to avoid a bad ending.
I've read already his blog just after the few days he went to the gym and shoot the women there.

Does his act make the situation better for all these guys out there? make even worst by giving the opponent a triumph putting these women as martyrs.

With all the money he had, i would already be far away f***ing and banging and taking a wife if i want in SEA.
Money can't buy everything but it help a lot.

I have no saving,i go when i can with the very small amount of money that i have.

Should i have waited to make serious saving,maybe i would move in 10 years and go just one month per year or maybe never.

Live now,plan smartly too but i'm not buying the live concept waiting to retire.

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