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Sexual revolution

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Sexual revolution

Postby Banano » Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:27 am

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Re: Sexual revolution

Postby odbo » Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:35 am

"This system worked pretty well in achieving equilibrium with respect to SMV (sexual market value)."

"The Sexual Revolution harms attractive women, and unattractive men. It benefits unattractive women, and attractive men."

Banano wrote:

There's some good points and humor in that article, but I can't stand when people pretend we are dealing with a nature environment. Saying the sexual revolution causes the bottom 80% of men to be f***ed assumes that there is some kind of natural selection at work and the previous social norms we had were artificial.

It's not simply that naturally good looking guys get all the women and the rest are f***ed. The media decides what's good looking. Media indoctrinated women are dysfunctional beyond belief, they are victims of brainwashing and plenty of guys have no self-respect and are ready to do anything to get laid. Social-engineers can herd society where they want by dangling p***y as a prize for conformity. If you don't act like a degenerate it will make courting women much more difficult.

A man could be very handsome and super smart, but if he doesn't act and dress a certain way then most women will not reciprocate. Men shouldn't need to act like clowns and homosexuals just to get attention from women. There are a lot of requisites in the US dating game and in fact a lot of positive traits (like intelligence) work against you. The whole country is one big mental ward. Take conclusions you draw about yourself while living here with a grain of salt.

See this thread on douchebags for examples of how f***ed up the situation is: ... hp?t=12539)
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