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The Great Escape - I Need Your Help To Live My Life

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Post by tom » February 28th, 2012, 4:34 am

It might be your kind of place, you will have to live poor to start with as most every guy does. Rent a room or what ever it takes. Get a job wherever you can and work on your craft. The good news is there is a mountain of intentional millionaires there.
You may have heard of Tom Leykis, achieve your dream first, I know it is not easy, but when you are successful there will be no shortage of women, and you literally have the whole world to choose from. You want to be in that position where you can choose what you really enjoy.
The benefits of success

The financial risk of signing a one sided contract with a woman ... -results=8

You probably already know this stuff, just focus on making yourself a great success and don't let anyone derail that.

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Re: The Great Escape - I Need Your Help To Live My Life

Post by All_That_Is_Man » March 3rd, 2012, 7:37 pm

Well, I think it's time for a status update to let everyone know what is going on with my current situation. Great news, everyone! Income tax return arrives next week, and I'm looking at a nice, sizeable $1700.00 extra spending money in my pocket! On top of that, I have been taking care of business and selling my art as well as most of that junk that would otherwise be tons of luggage for me to carry!
All_That_Is_Man wrote:Which brings me to my next dilemma - tons of luggage. Despite the sacrifices that I have made parting with most of my possessions (prized or otherwise), I still am one man with a whopping 8 bags worth of luggage! Granted, when I leave I intend to take everything I will need in my new life with me in one trip: clothes, important shoes (boot, work shoe, non-slip shoe, "good" shoe, running shoe), guitar/bass, keyboard, tools set, art supplies/projects, amplifier if possible, bedsheets/blankets, etc. How, after giving up 99% of everything that I have ever owned, do I still have so much, and how am I to travel/escape with so much baggage (literally!)?
Haha, I can't believe I actually wrote that above. Half of those things (highlighted in bold red) no longer mean squat to me, and (aside from the keyboard which hasn't gotten any bids yet) have all been effortlessly sold on eBay!
All_That_Is_Man wrote:My education level is BA in college. I actually received my Bachelor of Arts degree at a design and technology college about 4 years ago. I want to now teach English in a foreign country. From what I hear, some foreign countries will hire you as a teacher just for having any BA college degree. My field was not related to teaching, but this is what I want now! I hear that there are certain schools that actually pay you for the trip out there, they set you up with housing, and then they also pay you well to teach!... How can I start my journey teaching abroad!? I don't mind where I go, but housing, a job, and a paid ride to a foreign country will give me everything I want right now!... Any advice on this path is highly appreciated. I would seriously leave today if I could!
With my income tax return money, and the money I've earned from sales, and the money I already had to begin with, I'm more than certain that I can afford an English-teaching gig anywhere in the vast world, so long as the organization covers housing and airfare, at the very least. I still want to do this. What country? I haven't decided, and it doesn't matter!

So, as an up-to-date summary...

o I have roughly $2400 to my name.
o I still do not work and I have unemployment insurance until July/August 2012.
o How can my overbearing/controlling parents not ruin this for me?

Thank you all in advance! So far, 2012 has been a different year, but I need to stay focused on getting a profession and going abroad or else I could branch off on a tangent and end up moving backward like all of the other hopeless, oppressed sons of bitches in my hometown.
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Women are better than men at... getting fat." - me (02/24/2013)

Black women suck at life.

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