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Last night I had a conversation... (((FIELD REPORT)))

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Last night I had a conversation... (((FIELD REPORT)))

Postby The_Hero_of_Men » January 27th, 2012, 6:40 pm

I figured, in the time that I have been on this site, that no matter how much I hear that American women are the lowest life forms on this planet, and especially horrible when it comes to dating, I won't know unless I go through it personally. I believe you guys, don't get me wrong. I have the mind and soul of a scientist, and like all men of science, no matter what he hears (even if it is true), he will have to test the waters out for himself, so he will know for sure. That is what I have been doing for the past month and a half: involving myself with an American female. I am just field reporting my experience.

The female in question is 31 years old, easily (at least) TWICE my weight, she has two children, and not only is she married, but her husband knows about me. This woman is also a total shrew. I know that you guys may ask, "If all of this is true, than what the HELL are you doing getting involved with someone like that?" To answer that question, read the beginning of my post. When she told me that she was married when we first started talking (this person had at least two other relationships prior to meeting me, WHILE she was married, that her spouse KNEW about), I asked myself (and I still do, to this day), "What kind of emasculated CHUMP will let his spouse go off and have a relationship with another man??" Name you, this person told me that she loved me RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! She also told me that she has cried over the failures of her previous two relationships on the shoulder of her spouse. I figure that, barring any mental defects, this guy must be a total chump (she says they have been together over 15 years; he is in his early 40s). If I got married and my spouse told me that she was in love with someone else, I would not only tell her to hit the road, I would personally pack her stuff myself, and throw it out on the front lawn, then tell her, "Go be with him, then." I have told her that (when I first told her that we were done) it's very likely that the reason that she can not keep a man is because she is such a bitch. I also wanted to tell her (and I don't know if I should say this) that the only reason that her spouse stuck with her this long is because he is an emasculated coward, and if he stuck with you this long, even with all you have put him through, then he deserves everything he got. This happened twice, because I decided that I could glean more data from this experience. I have also told her that if you love someone, you won't hurt them, in response to her saying that if you love someone, you will take whatever the other person dishes out to you.

Just last night, we were talking, then she eventually told me that she does not believe in Dinosaurs. I swear to you guys, I wanted to burst out laughing, and I almost did. I even asked her, "If dinosaurs are not real, then where did fossils come from?" She did not answer except to say that She has faith in God. She even asked me (when I mentioned fossil fuels and where they came from) if I were there. Hell no, I wasn't there, but I don't need to be there when archaeologists are finding dinosaur bones and other prehistoric fossils at least once EVERY ****ING YEAR! I also told her that there is plenty of archaeological and genetic/DNA evidence that proved that dinosaurs walked the Earth. What I did not tell her about is the The Coelacanth fish was thought to be extinct at the same time the dinosaurs died out, but the most recent live coelacanth discovery was found in 1999 around Indonesia. That's the problem with people like that: Anything that challenges their faith, they block it out "LA LA LA LA LA, I can't hear you" even if the evvidence proves the point of what they want to ignore. I have gotten enough data from my experience, and I will terminate this liasion today. When she told me that she did not believe in dinosaurs (especially when there is plenty of evidence that proves that they DID exist) and could not offer me a legitimate reason why she did not believe that dinosaurs existed (and back up her claim with hard evidence or anything other than blind faith), that was, as they say, "the straw that broke the camel's back", and I decided to terminate this liaison as soon as we speak again.
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Postby odbo » January 28th, 2012, 12:37 pm

The_Hero_of_Men wrote:she eventually told me that she does not believe in Dinosaurs. I swear to you guys, I wanted to burst out laughing, and I almost did.


The_Hero_of_Men wrote:I even asked her, "If dinosaurs are not real, then where did fossils come from?" She did not answer except to say that She has faith in God.

That was your 666th post, how fitting.
The_Hero_of_Men wrote:That's the problem with people like that: Anything that challenges their faith, they block it out "LA LA LA LA LA, I can't hear you" even if the evvidence proves the point of what they want to ignore.

I know exactly what you mean.

It's because when a sheeple has accepted a lie, to disarm its affect on oneself, the sheeple would have to admit they have been deceived. And that is one step too far, even with irrefutable evidence. For a sheeple can admit to themself of being physically defeated such as in a karate or boxing match, but never deceived, because the sheeple believes himself to be "smart." And since the lie was given to the sheeple in the form of "education", that makes it even more improbable that the sheeple will accept to having been deceived.

Because subconsciously the sheeple realizes that accepting the truth on this one issue will open up a whole can of worms. If the education system lied about dinosaurs, who knows what else have they lied about! Perhaps the entire 12-year curriculum was a lie! And that is a daunting realization the sheeple's fragile psyche might not be able to handle. The sheeple worries about self-preservation, not of his life vessel, the body and mind, but of his ego. So he will protect the lie come hell or high water.

Have you noticed how kids going to publics schools basically aren't taught anything? The average 18 year old now is less capable than an 8 year old was 50 years ago. These kids are semi-illterate, they can't write and can barely read. They don't know physics or chemistry, nor math or history. They don't know foreign languages and their English vocabulary consists of about 100 words. They learn very little if anything useful in 12 years of school.

But did you notice how well they know the different types of dinosaurs? Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, they have them all memorized. I'm not joking they know their dinos better than their Pokemon. Next time you're around kids aged 6-8, ask them yourself. Each one of them has a favorite.


Ever wonder why these same children aren't able to learn the periodic or multiplication tables but are able to memorize all those confusing dinosaur names? Why are they taught about this subject at such a young age? Seems kind of random and unimportant doesn't it? They aren't taught how to compose a letter or how to hold a debate, they aren't even taught about the animals living around them, but they are taught about dinosaurs.

It's because "the Communists" put this trash into the education system to make the gentiles lose faith in god.

Mission Accomplished.


Unsuspecting (brain-dead) parents help the process by buying their kids clothes and toys from their favorite dinosaur-based children's shows.


Image Image

Image Image


If you believe in dinosaurs or evolution or anything else you were taught in school for no other reason then it being on the curriculum and think you're any smarter than someone who puts blind faith in a religion you're sadly mistaken. Your religion is even less credible, for only a few generations have been fooled by it. She was taught something and you were taught something, neither of you really thought about it nor were you given any say in the matter. You know the truth the same way she knows it, through a medium. You belief rests on blindly trusting authorities and having your lies proven to be true through fiction (in this case namely Jurassic Park).

And who created that film? It was Steven Spielberg, the very same man who created Shindler's List, a very convincing story that was based on a novel, about a Holocaust that never happened. But that takes us back to the dilemma of a sheeple when faced with an obvious lie. To accept having been fooled and confront the lie, or to rage.




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