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American women...I'll give you a chance

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Post by E_Irizarry » February 5th, 2012, 3:58 am


You're right. I should give up trying to drop my intellectual spiel on them. I will save that anger for another form. :O)
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Post by OTB » February 6th, 2012, 12:53 am

OTB, I think Erik has the best solution here and I am going to concur with him on this one.
I see where you're coming from J and others have suggested the same thing. However, I am a God-fearing man of faith. I don't live that way. I'm looking for a wife. But I know what you, Erik Heaven and E_Irizarry are saying. In a nutshell, they're just not worth getting deeply involved with. I do see that. Especially here in the Northeast. The choice of women in the part of the country SUCK!!! I can't stand these women anymore. Black, white, Hispanic, and some Asian women.They just lack class and that feminine wholesomeness that is so attractive.But from time to time I might see a decent looking girl who doesn't seem like the ordinary such as the chick at my job. I'll play this one by ear. I don't see her all the time. I know dating someone you work with can turn out to be disastrous but I'll feel it out. I know nothing about her. Let's say she has a child. It's a done deal. No reason to go any further. If she doesn't, I'm not going to worry about getting her pregnant and what if she press charges against for this reasons and what if this happens or that happens. That to me is thinking way too much about something that most likely will not happen. Especially getting her pregnant. It's just unnecessary over-thinking.
I say that because I want to relay my own first hand experience with that as well. I lived and I learned. The reality is AW simply aren't LTR/marriage material because of the social climate and values that have been fostered and perpetuated from the Western feminazi/mangina culture and agenda. The whole idea of relationship "equality" is a false paradigm. We as a society need to get back in touch with, and accept each gender and the strengths they bring to the table, and how they compliment, not how they equal each other because they simply do not. This is why foreign women are better. They understand their place, and respect male authority. Our leadership is valued and thus flourishes with this dynamic because it is healthy and natural. And, there is an exchange of mutual benefits and expectations for the assumed roles of her submission to you and as master of her domain. Shelter, frequent sex, companionship and loyalty for starters.
I totally agree brother. We are definitely on the same page. I think submissiveness to a man these days is like committing a crime.
Please tell me what straight male in his right mind wouldn't get sexually aroused by a woman submitting to him and hearing her moan and scream in pleasure as he f***s her doggy style with authoritative, dominating fervor?
My man! You know this is true. We talked about that during our rendezvous in LA.

Thanks for the input J.

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Post by hillsboro » February 6th, 2012, 12:34 pm

spoken like a true winner with regards to your first post, otb.. you pretty much answered your post. you will pursue the girl and you hav to learn from your own experience that.... lets face it... its not gonna work at the end of the day. but if your anything like me, hard headed, then you will hav to learn for yourself that this wolf in sheeps clothing is just that.. bottom line is that it seems you are highly educated/experienced with american woman so as long as you dont get hurt or trapped then you hav to do what you hav to do. Good luck and i wish i had your good thinking before i got married to my x... i should of just took it for a ride and ended it when it was appropriate but i was way to co dependent to do that back in the day... seems like your not.. do u baby

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Post by chanta76 » February 6th, 2012, 9:05 pm


I think I'm the minority one here who will say go for it. I don't think all American women are bad. I just think the guys who come to this forum are special group. Plus being over seas I realize women are women for the most part. There are some differences regarding culture and you can make an argument that certain women overseas are more feminine ...but it's a overall women are women.

I say go ahead and date..but make it a goal to find a decent local women. Since you live in NJ it's not to far from NYC where there is lots of diversity . Don't settle and have fun in the dating scene. Work on your goals to live overseas along with dating local women.

I don't understand some of the men on this's like they have this immediate bias towards ALL american women.

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@ chanta76

Post by The_Hero_of_Men » February 6th, 2012, 9:55 pm

With all due respect, so what if we have an immediate bias toward all American women? Messing with an American woman is like playing Russian Roulette; however, instead of 1 bullet in the chamber, it's like playing Russian roulette with 5 bullets in the chamber, creating a 1 in 6 chance for victory-- which means you have a 5 in 6 chance of blowing your head off. In other words, IT'S NOT WORTH THE RISK.

For instance, would you fly on a plane if it only had a 1 in 6 chance of not having any kind of mechanical failure? Furthermore, would you be willing to drive a car that only had a 1 in 6 chance of getting you to your desired destination safely? I sure wouldn't. You're asking OTB to play Russian Roulette with 5 of the chambers loaded just because one of them is empty. Sorry bro, that won't fly. Yes, there may be some good American women out ther, but the thing is, they are TOO FEW in number (and most of the good ones are already snatched up early on), while the bad ones are FAR TOO NUMEROUS. It's like trying to find a golden needle (good AWs) in numerous dirty haystacks (bad AWs). OTB, remember this: In America, behind every hot girl, there's a man... who got tired of dealing with her crap. Don't mess with American women, dude. Please stay the course. It's for your own good.
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Post by manly5000 » February 6th, 2012, 10:06 pm

Damn right I have an immediate bias against ALL American women. They've never, ever given me a single reason to have anything but.

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